Redneck innovation will always get the job done (31 Photos)

  • Eli

    #6 "come at me bro"

    • MissVega84

      this is NOT Redneck. This is Awesome 😀

      • Engineer

        Not that awesome. The blue 40mm rounds are practice rounds, although still will rip through a house the explosion is nothing to gawk at. I make these for a living.

        • B-to-the-H

          Will it kill people if you shoot it at them? Will it kill zombies? If they both answers are yes then it's still awesome.

        • Donovan

          I shoot those for a living.

          • MylesofStyles

            I live for a shooting.

        • Jonathan O'Connell

          ya the blue "nube tube" rounds are nothing special, then again why would you practice with real rounds? that's a waste. But those 50 cal and M249 rounds started a fire with there being tracer rounds mixed in. If you can't kill someone with one of those practice rounds, you surely will kill them with that 50 cal…

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #26 You know, you could have just bought a shitty S-10 for a lot less effort

  • Prophetable

    #12, #29

  • amartinez117

    #13 still better than dre beats

  • lat297

    #19 seems legit.

  • The Bandit

    #8 …nobody would steal this car anyway

  • touchmybigbird

    Most of this is just science, I know it's boring. But it's a part of my life.

    • Wisti

      You have very low respect for science 😦 This is just fiddling around 'til something works…

      • touchmybigbird

        Ohh I'm sorry I forgot the "" to show that maybe it's been said in a tv show or movie

      • ps86

        also pretty sure Wisti upped his own comment – very classy

        • nuked

          You can't. Nice try.

    • FunKiller

      This is more 'engineering' than science…..but nice try.

  • johnshaft

    Lose the video advertisements.

  • Ryan Brown

    #27 bring on the undead!

  • Tron

    Is number 4 mike o'malley from global guts?? #4

  • jafff

    I heart penis

  • ashhippo

    #10 Must be an idiot if he still has Comcast after all this time.

    • Jillian 34DD

      it's dish – same thing only crappier

  • mike

    #6 game of thrones……he wins

  • kittygato

    #4 – not so much the fire starter, but the TV in the background… really?

    • ps86

      if ur gonna do it, do it right

  • Dibo

    #6 Only problem I see with this throne is the inability to smoke a cigar without turning my pants brown

  • Bassmint_ Stile

    #14 is acually pretty awesome

  • blouez

    and they keep on saying "the south shall rise again"? LOL

    • Turd Ferguson

      maybe if they buy enough Viagra for everyone…

  • misschris

    #7 Looks more comfortable than a regular swing

  • JTW

    Rednecks are our only protection against the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

    • George Zip


  • S-8-N

    #12 Nothing shows unprofessionalism in your craftsmanship more than wrinkles in your duct tape.

  • Craigery

    #4 "Hey guys, I got an idear! Let's drag the 60" TV outside, and then sit like 20 feet away from it so it's like watching a 20" TV!"

  • chron247

    #9 Did anyone see what happened to my lawn mower?

  • Ahhh Yeahhh

    #8 I have seen something close to this. When I was in South Africa I saw a guy chain his car to a light post from the front axle. It was awesome.

  • George Zip

    #10 (and a few other horror stories I've heard) is why I will always spring for a brand-new cable box remote from Amazon rather than take the cable company's one.

  • April

    #5Wait! Why is that redneck?They don't drink imported beer!!

    • CanucksRule


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