• Dan

    id fuck her…..but word at the base is she tucks her sack back

  • Doug

    I'm a medic in the Army…you are by far the most beautiful medic I've ever seen. Maybe we can refresh some skills together.!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Good choice John. Such an easy-on-the-eyes beauty. #17

    What kinda software are you developing?

  • Jack

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  • Joe

    Simply stunning

  • brian

    i love to see a fellow service member as the chivette of the week you are absolutely gorgeous keep doin wat u do kcco

  • DoucheBasher13

    You are the reason Marines love Air Force women!!!! You have the face of an Angel!!!! Thank you for Serving and Posting!!!

    — Marine Corps Veteran & Loyal Chiver KCCO

  • Proud2Serve

    Never saw anything as gorgeous as you during my time in the service. Thank you for your service:)

  • Chad

    I went to high school with her…trust me, she's even hotter in person, and don't be discouraged, she's just as sweet and nice as she makes it look in her description! Plus she knows the best burgers in town is in-n-out! I still have the apron clip she gave me. Hahaha

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