Try and round it down to one: Choose your Ride (74 Photos)

  • Frosterson

    #8 or #57 please.

    • Notknowing

      As much as I love the 67' SS Camaro, this is the ugliest paint job I've ever seen. Whats worse? It's got the dreaded aluminum slots. Nostalgia is cool, but this ain't.

      • Derrick

        agreed. hideous. But hey, i don't have to drive it.


      Exclusive PHOTOS just

  • DrBoogie_R32

    #57 and #58 would be my choice.

    • curious george

      FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily

      • Josh

        '69 GT500 is a thing of pure beauty.

        • dan005

          You guys realize thats not a real GT500, right? This kinda of car is referred to as "Clone" or "tribute". Thats a run of the mill 1st generation mustang with GT500 badging, paint job and modified lighting. Real GT's are all Fastbacks meaning they have the "sloped" back window rather than the shoe box style of most 1st generation mustangs. Good looking Msutang…but not a real Shelby Gt.

          • Nathan

            actually that is either a california or a high country special. Someone ruined it by putting the gt500 on there

    • dom

      notch back for the lost

      • dan005

        Thank you, notch back was the term i was looking for instead of shoe box even though it still applies.

  • Dan

    1st…… #59 Saleen S7

  • Marc


  • AnyoneForCoffee



    And also #73

  • ston

    #52 because I used to own one ….on Gran Turismo 1

    • Joe

      I have loved the GTR34 since GT 2.

  • lol

    the difference between european cars and americans cars is mindblowing

    • Jimbo

      Yeah, the Yanks never learned what class meant.

      • Earic

        Yeah, we were too busy having balls.

      • bob

        yea, eurotrash is in a class of its own, we dont mix with that shit.

  • M.O.T.

    #22 Helen Flanagan, is that you?

    • penguin slayer

      rosie huntington-whiteley

  • erikhart

    I choose #20!!!

    • whos.mike

      And I choose you #52, now fight.

  • epic391


  • Tiber_Septim

    #57 #58 GT 500 that's the one for me pure mustang classic that can be driven everyday

  • J. D. Rage

    #4 #21 #34 #63 will do just fine

  • neil

    #63 would be my first choice, but when she said no I'd move on to #9

  • YouMom

    #4 hands down!!! Got to love a Rat Rod. If you can't build it, don't buy it!!

    • Red

      Me too, I love Rat Rods. So cool.

  • Dan

    At first I was like #16 but then I was like #47

  • Logan

    #4 #60 #63

    Holy shit I want them all

  • Kennedy Coggins

    Its between the ford a model rat rod in 4 or the Indian scout in 10

  • Speaks

    It was #16 all day long… But that was until I saw #73

    • Speaks

      #6… Not #16

      • Donovan

        #16 for sure, McLaren F1,
        #19 the McLaren Mp4-12C would be my next choice, Then maybe the FFR GTM or the GTR

  • decielito

    I take the legendary Shelby Daytona! #47

  • AlabamaHighTest


  • jim

    #52 no contest

  • benbobbins

    #10 You had me at hello. Didn't even look at the rest.

  • Cheese

    #63 Ancilla Tilia Always nice!

  • doug

    none of the above…..

    Needed a picture of a 1947 Power Wagon……

  • Stephen Davidson

    #4 and I'll have no problem getting #73

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