Recreating an iconic photo (2 Photos)

Here's a cool bit of history you don't see everyday. The first photo is the famous snapshot taken in NASA Mission Control after the successful splashdown of Apollo 13. The second photo is a reenactment photo taken by NASA's Damage Assessment Team after they cleared the last shuttle flight for reentry.

I was told about the photo when I visited the Johnson Space Center last Wednesday with my family, few have ever seen it. Thanks to Rachel Wiedermann (back right) for hawking it down for me and giving me the backstory:

As a form of geeky celebration, everybody dressed up as Gene Kranz, Apollo 13's famous Flight Director, to recreate the iconic image. Little did we know that Gene had caught wind of the proposed photo and liked the idea so much that he actually showed up! Gene was insightful and very funny. He stuck around to sign copies of the original photo and share little-known stories about the Apollo 13 mission. It was awesome.

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