Recreating an iconic photo (2 Photos)

Here's a cool bit of history you don't see everyday. The first photo is the famous snapshot taken in NASA Mission Control after the successful splashdown of Apollo 13. The second photo is a reenactment photo taken by NASA's Damage Assessment Team after they cleared the last shuttle flight for reentry.

I was told about the photo when I visited the Johnson Space Center last Wednesday with my family, few have ever seen it. Thanks to Rachel Wiedermann (back right) for hawking it down for me and giving me the backstory:

As a form of geeky celebration, everybody dressed up as Gene Kranz, Apollo 13's famous Flight Director, to recreate the iconic image. Little did we know that Gene had caught wind of the proposed photo and liked the idea so much that he actually showed up! Gene was insightful and very funny. He stuck around to sign copies of the original photo and share little-known stories about the Apollo 13 mission. It was awesome.

  • Tyler


    Men were cut from a different cloth back then, man

    • Turd F.

      Miss those days. People didn't call each other "bro". There were no such thing as skinny jeans or ear gauges. Guys didn't have to stop watching the game on Sunday to "see what their fantasy team was doing". Men are pussies now.

      • ChefChiver

        I agreed with you on everything up until the fantasy thing…..If I can win money while watching my favorite team play, hell yea I'm going to check it out from time to time.

      • savagecabbage

        You sure are bro

      • @LosSaysSwag

        Who are you kidding? You're likely no older than 30.

        • Turd F.

          Good guess, I'm not. That doesn't mean I can't long for an era when men didn't act like fully-functioning vaginas.

          • GeoQuin4

            Oh, you mean a time when a man was proud to get his hands dirty turning a wrench to provide for his family rather than let his baby mama collect welfare while he saves up for those 22's on his Caprise? Yeah, I long for those days too.

            • mr_brojangles

              uhh…it's spelled Caprice

              • GeoQuin4

                My sincerest apologies.

                • mr_brojangles

                  Was kidding. Who cares.

          • nostalgic bullshit

            Yeah, I miss a bit of casual domestic violence and out-and-out xenophobia and racism too. Huzzah for the past.

            • mick0311

              Yeah, cause all that shit came to a stop. Moron.

          • @LosSaysSwag

            Long for it, sure. Miss it? That's like me missing Woodstock and the "free love" era and all those days I spent in my room listening to Hendrix, The Who and LZ.

            And let's not forget the positive evolution of society since then. Not to mention the lack of disco music and bell bottoms (do you really prefer those over skinny jeans, which were… virtually everyone's jeans in the 80s).

            Your "longing comment" reeks of hipster.

            • KRS1

              That's what nostalgia is all about: Remembering the good things, ignoring the bad.

              • @LosSaysSwag

                But how can you "remember" something you never experienced? That's the main point I'm making. He wasn't alive in the 70s. He's living for the stories of other men.

                • Shenanigans

                  Your screen name has 'swag' in it. Any point you try to make is null and void, because we all know deep down you're just a douche.

                  • @LosSaysSwag

                    Farva, is that you? Don't make me get the captain to pistol whip you.

                    Next you'll be telling me stories about John Denver and threatening to light my ass on fire. Run along.

            • Turd F.

              And where is this positive evolution hiding? It's sure as shit evaded me for the past 10 years or so.

            • Turd F.

              Ah, yes, of course. How positively we've evolved. Using a massively accessible method of sharing information and conversation to anonymously bash complete strangers without warrant.

              • @LosSaysSwag

                Which is what you're doing by anonymously bashing people that wear skinny jeans, have gauged ears and say "bro" by calling them pussies.

                Thanks for being a part of the problem.

      • rachelj

        thank you turd, beautifully stated

        • Caleb

          I believe I see the irony in that…

      • Macro

        You're my Internet hero for the day. Well said. And yes I am over 30.

  • Mr. T


  • michael


    good to know the old warhorse is still kicking ass

  • Dan

    Real men wear short sleeves with t-shirts.

  • MylesofStyles

    NASA celebrates with blunts. I knew it.

  • NobleChive

    A-fucking-merica. That is all.

  • boob_cuddler

    Thanks to your advertising, I can't see the photo.

  • DarthBile

    I just read Gene Kranz's book "Failure is not an Option." Very no-nonsense but gives you an idea how much stress these men were under. The average age for the men in the control room during the Apollo 11 landing? 27 years old.

    I wrote Gene a letter right after the read the book, and he sent me his autograph and a personalized letter telling me to "Aim High!"

    What a class gentleman!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – very neat.

  • 29er

    #2 I like the picture in the picture

  • Edge

    It is an honor to know that my father worked with some of the people in the first picture. Cape Canaveral had a special breed of men and women in the 1960's.

    • David

      Mission Control was at JSC in Houston. Both locations at a special breed back then. Those folks ask "What can I do for my country?"….. not the other way around as so many people today of all ages

  • MissVega84

    Great picture…makes me miss Mad Men 😉

  • Duaneoca

    it looks like the computer cabinets and chairs are the same between the pictures. I'm sure the computers inside have evolved over time, but it's interesting to note how little has changed over time. They sure made stuff to last in the 60's.

  • Shawn

    Gene's famous white vest in now in the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C.

  • boneman

    And note in the original pic that there is an old school (or in those days just "school") pencil sharpener attached to the desk at lower middle.
    America in the 60's: slide rule + pencil + THOSE DUDES = Moon landing.
    And every one of those men still drawing breath got a woody when Curiosity drew a dick first thing on Mars! NASA, hamstrung as ever, still rules.

  • HoustonCHIVES

    that's rad

  • izismile

    we never walked on the moon

    • Zor Prime

      You are right, we never walked on the moon. 14 brave men sort of hopped and skipped on the moon as the gravity is 1/8 of Earth's.

      • Guest

        It never Happenend…

      • Guest

        it was 12 men and gravity is 1/6 that of earths.

  • Wizatek

    To bad that with all this effort everyone fails to take the same pose like the original picture

  • Eder

    I always try and figure out how we will be judged by our children and their children when I read about our history. I hope we are not known by the division of our people and Justin Biebs.

  • guitarz333

    Makes me proud to be from Brevard County.

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