Nailed It /nāld/ /it/
Phrase: 1) Completing a task with superior competence, style, or talent.
2) Expressing a thought to perfection, often to the amazement of others.
3) Describing an event or idea that is perfectly in line with other’s expectations or explained in such a way that there’s no better way to do it.

It takes someone that’s both clever and a bit of a smart alec to come up with nailed-it memes. Often, simple observation is the best way to come up with a nailed-it moment. For example, a meme of a “Buy American” hat with a close up of the tag that says “Made in China.” That’s a You-nailed-it moment if we’ve ever seen one.


Of course, a nailed-it moment doesn’t always have to be clever. They can merely be everyday moments that show how we are all alike. Celebrities are often looked at as larger-than-life people, and sometimes it is hard to imagine them as normal or even awkward. Our collection includes photos that show celebrities and others as they were before the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. While they may have nailed it on the big screen, these photos show they are just like the rest of us.


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