• EquallyPointless

    It took me a few months to teach them how to do this…


    don't know what just happened there, but i'm catching flies ……..

  • josef889

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  • boring

    It was cool the first time I saw it, not so much the 50th time

  • Nicholas Rae Staal

    Fucking awesome, dubstep dance is kick ass!!

  • Dugan

    Why do they only swing their arms when they walk in slow-mo?

  • David

    Fuck yeah Dubstep.

  • Musiclover

    Holy poopburgerrs batman, thats Dubstep??? It was the most horrible noise Ive ever heard, move over acid metal and freestyle jazz, we have a new king.

  • Egon

    These guys are good. Really good. However, they've gotten more hype than they deserve, in my opinion.

  • adolph3321

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  • John

    What is with these ads at the bottom of the page that automatically start???! Probably the most annoying thing in the world and makes me not want to use the website. Fix this or you will lose a loyal Chiver. It's really making it hard to KCCO.

  • Nolander

    I choreographed that dance.

  • PussyWhistle

    So urban! They must have just taken a bite of McDonald's delicious McNuggets, now made with 100% all-white meat.

  • Eric


  • شات عراقنا


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