I don’t even know what’s right anymore (36 Photos)

  • maf



    • aaa


  • Sick350Z

    Wow!! That's fucked up!

    • Sick350Z


  • Wisti

    #35 it's like she's melting

  • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

    #12 what did the five fingers say to the penis?!!!

    • tv_paul

      Let's make this brief

    • beasty

      Ummm…. I got you covered, we'll have this taken care of in a few shakes.

    • Rooster

      "So now you call me a jerk?"

    • guest


  • whyme1973

    #17 Your future is now.
    #35 Everything is right about that.

    • Guy

      I keep waiting for #35 to turn out to be a guy, but thank Jebus, it's just the refresher 🙂

  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ teslawasrobbed

    #34 I don't think you can top that.

    • Chris

      Yeah, it's the only logical solution I can think of.

    • Eddie Murphy

      Put a black man in your butt. Put some sand in your butt. Put a lever in your butt. Justin Beiber in your butt…

      • Eddie Murphy

        Old School Eddie Murphy song for those interested and before I get trolled….. http://www.airmp3.me/download/Eddie-Murphy/Boogie

        • bob

          "I got some iiiiiiice cream,
          I got some iiiiiiice cream,
          and you aint goooooot none,
          cuz you on welllllfrare."

          lol, once upon a time Eddie Murphy was funny as shit

          • 6655321

            And G.I. Joe goes into the cave from whence they came.

    • Mike Hunt

      So that's why Domino's tastes like shit

  • jugger-nuggss

    Thanks for #32…ill never sleep again. Oh wait #35, I'm ok now

    • Cassells

      Still won't be able to sleep to #35 … be awake too preoccupied with my right hand

      • jugger-nuggss

        Too true, sir

    • Professor Squeegee

      Yana Yatskovskaya, she's popping up everywhere these days and its about damn time.

      • Skagen

        You sir, win the internet!

  • 617Chiver

    #2 so Gollum was a patent troll (nasty creatures they are) trying to keep the recipe safe…I knew it all along.

    • LawStudent

      +1 for knowing what a patent troll was. Made me LoL while in class.

  • tralfaz

    #17 Casual Friday is getting out of control.

  • tv_paul

    #34 Tell her you're just trying to feed your gerbil – Richard Gere

    • tralfaz

      …for a second there I thought the gerbil's name was Richard Gere, that would be a cool name for a gerbil.

    • Verbal_Kint


  • NP1972


  • Ken Khan


    • poop sausage

      black people have twix for fingers? what?

    • BabyTinkle


    • Mike Hunt

      A Snickers on the dick would be the next logical picture

  • Ken Khan


  • Ken Khan


  • Ken Khan


  • Ken Khan


  • Darrell

    #7 #17 #34

    ….and that's enough internet for me today, thanks

  • Ken Khan

    you cracker ass white boy honkey

    • UhHuh


      • Billy

        Muffin stuffer.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #24 I never have anything clever to say … just like this sign 😦

  • lucid_eye

    #32 I kept waiting for the loop to restart, because it seemed like it was zooming it in, damn that would cause someone on acid to drop dead.

    • NorCal420

      got pretty close with just coffee o_O

    • Forty Creek

      Ya, thanks for the seizure.

  • lost in time

    #9 your a no class outfit. go suck a rope

    • Jawbone


      • Mike Hunt

        Their it is!

    • The Joe

      This guy needs a grammar…

  • The_Dood
    • Rooster

      "My chains hit my chest when I'm banging of the dashboard"

      Sexy video and song.

    • Eeik5150

      I love you man!

    • Awesome

      You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar

    • G_Had

      Thanks, I knew I've seen this before! You guys should really consider following Alexander Tikhomirov on tumblr (atikhomirov), all of his work is effin' amazing.

    • Canucks_Rule

      thank u dood.

  • Ken Khan

    wow!! i can write, you cracker ass white boy honkey. a straight up evil thing to say, but i can't use the word ra*ist in a innocent sentence without administration approval?? even just writing the single word r*cist gets the comment rejected. the guys at the Chive should just cut their balls off.

    • dude

      ssssssshhhhhhhhhh…..quiet please

    • Freal

      Honestly, who gets offended by "cracker ass white boy honkey?" It's like you're barely trying.

      • Mike Hunt

        Yeah I'd laugh at that. But tell me I like Justin Bieber and I will fucking stab you!

    • Yerp


    • Yuppp

      What are you trying to prove?

    • Sim

      Never go full retard

    • Old Maid

      Whoa Ken. That's enough for today little guy. Posting is hard, so take a break. Maybe play with your toys for a bit?

    • Guest

      Talk to the mexcillente guy

  • Jawbone

    He's probably really gobbling peters and making up stories about where the money is really coming from.

    • tv_paul

      Realie? And tell me more about this bean fellow who's been doing all this work. He sounds like a real go getter.

  • matt

    is #25 available to purchase as a shirt?

    • Chiver90

      Mexicellent go home f*ck I hate them

      • Forty Creek

        Now in Canada 2. Thanks allot.

        • Guest

          Keep them off thechive start thecilantro dude looks like he just pulled his thumb out of his ass

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