• Guest

    Kill the Malaysian prime minister?

    • Murph

      How can we expect the children to learn how to read, if they can't even fit inside the building?!

      • Chaosd

        wtf, did I miss something?

      • Matt

        What is this, a center for ants?

    • Coffizzle

      That Hansel, he is so hot right now

    • Spelling Police

      I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

    • Eric

      I feel like i'm takin crazy pills!

    • tv_paul

      Put a cork in it, Zane!

    • thedude325


    • Yeahhh


    • peter

      i can derelick my own balls

    • Hansolo

      *Cough* Pop, I think I have the black lung. *Cough*

    • jemain454

      just before I looked at the receipt saying $5283, I didn't believe that…my… neighbour woz like actually bringing home money in their spare time online.. there uncle started doing this for only six months and resently paid for the morgage on there apartment and bourt a top of the range Lotus Elise. this is where I went, http://ace60.cℴm

    • Chris Cardinal

      Obey my dog!

    • theDtrain

      I've never even *been* to Mount Vesuvius!

  • nick


    • Jo0ntang

      No wow!! there was no butter

  • l550

    You can actually pause the iphone and money trick he does and see him pull the folded bill out from the back of the phone. AMAZING!

    • Gradaddy

      there's an app for that

    • Nicnac

      You had to pause the video to figure that out?

    • Dan

      Granted, but can you pause at the part when the 100 dollars turns into oragami?

  • jeff

    he…she?… It is good! well played

  • qwerty

    It was up his ass. i know it.

  • @LosSaysSwag

    How is he so skinny when he can bake with his bare hands?

  • clay

    what is this a center for ANTS!?

    It has to be atleast. . . . . . 3 times this big..

    He's absolutely right!

  • freezer11

    When he pulls the baguette out you can see he has two shirts on and he pulls it out of his shirt.

    • Spelling Police

      You're so full of shit.

    • Faced

      It's a scarf.

    • Dave

      If you look closely at the video, at the very beginning that he starts to pull out the baguette you can see a gap between his hand and his shirt where the background is peeking through. Not sure if I explained that well but just look closely. It doesn't appear to be coming from there.. Even if it is, the angle its coming out at would be awkward if its in his shirt.

    • catmoustache

      But still, where'd the lighter fluid come from? -Gob

  • Happy

    Look Momma, it's the Devil.

  • CallMeMaybe

    Burn the witch! Shhhhuuuunnnn!

  • moses

    That's some terrible editing.

    • Eli

      What and where did they go wrong with the editing?

  • Kevin

    I have the weirdest boner right now

    • Flyguy

      Check, it may be a baguette in your pants

  • Faced

    The amazing part is that he did all that with his eyes closed! Oh…wait, no.

  • Lolasaurus

    Perceception and deception, he was hiding the frog bread in his jacket… And wearing black hides alot of things.

    • Shepard Wong

      That's what OJ said! HA!

  • ooffa

    Why are these young magicians so effeminate. Link the damn bands and be done with it. Make the bread appear and move on. With all the hand waving he looks like the Queen in a parade.

    • johnnyboy

      It's all about substance and making a spectacle, you dunce. He is suppose to be doing magic, not be some breading dispensing machine. "hurdur here's some bread, bye now…"

    • @LosSaysSwag

      Obviously you've never seen a magic show. The pageantry has a purpose.

  • Luimi_

    The can probably be used to cure hunger in many countries..

  • explorataur

    If that shits real then he's asian jesus

    • James

      Jesus was from Jerusalem, which is in Asia.

  • YUhuhuhuh

    Image the crazy things he can do with his cock

    • ColaChiver

      He's asian…..So not much.

      • wdh

        i know.. you like the big ones for that loose backside.. try some clenches

  • rainwulf

    Actually looks like a bit of fakeness there as he pulls the bread out. Done in post? It looks like he is drawing out of a bag.
    In fact at the bottom of the screen you can see the red sign bottom isnt one line but slightly out of alignment.
    Post and actors.

    • Hahahah

      bingo… watch the bottom of his arm, the rubber bands, and the edges…. its post production trickery.

      BURN HIM!!!!!

    • Eugene Umptyscruch

      just after he pulls the bread out and is displaying it, keep your eyes on his right (our left) leg. He has no torso. Bad editing!!!!

      • Eugene Umptyscrunch

        it happens at 5:04

  • TubularTom

    Kid creeps me out almost as much as David Blaine creeps me out.

    • Static

      yeah, but david blane is actually good.

  • Mike

    Holy (Boom… <– mind blown) duuuuuuuu……

  • Fontaner

    LOL look at the red on the counter as it flickers to different colors about ten times when he pulls out the baguette. What a bunch of crap. Too funny.

    • trick finder

      exactly what I thought too, you can see the pixels flickering at the back of his hand/the red counter.

  • Phil

    The jacket extra hole was exposed with the frog bread trick. I want my money back!

    • Ike

      Not to mention, when he shifts his weight around 5:07, his jacket on his left hip falls in nearly a foot.

  • Wilby

    Get the hell out of here, I wouldn't eat that shit

    • ColaChiver

      Especially with all the weird shit asians are in to….

      • wdh

        like your mom perhaps? giggity o rahhh~

  • shadowsintheclouds

    People impressed by recordings of magic performed in front of "real crowds" are very very dumb people.

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