• mxk001

    The question is not does he do magic or not. The question is: is it edited or an illusion?
    if it is not edited on the computer he is an amazing "magician" if not than he's got talent in editing.

  • IamwhoIam

    All the chicks in that restaurant want his dick now…

  • TheRealLomo

    Yellow magic.

  • Shoofly

    All he's amazing at is doing his tricks backwards in such a manner, that when the video is played backwards and spliced in with regular shots, he looks like he's doing it forwards. Oh, and good at CGI.

    • Rude

      You got it right!!!

  • Dudley

    he started the trick with a boner and now its not there?!

    • dudley

      or one could say is that a baguette in your pocket or are you happy to see me.

  • Canucks_Rule

    fuck u kris angel.

  • drvegapunk

    anybody know the first song played during the rubberband and origami trick?

  • Thianegao

    this is the gayest magician i've ever seen

  • Raul

    Now that's what I call a serious yeast infection.

  • Cyberfunker

    Only americans will eat a freshly pull out of my ass baguette without hesitation, and smile about it.

  • kryptonian

    There is some serious After Effects work being used here. Especially with the baguette trick. If this was a real trick with people and not actors. The angle he did the trick the people sitting on his left would see where the baguette is coming out from. A real magic would try and hide certain angles for example cigarette through a coin and David Blaine's levitation trick. The angle is very important not to expose how the trick is performed. The way he performed that trick, the people to the left the girl in the pink shirt would have seen where the baguette was coming out from. The camera position blind spots us from seeing what's happening. However a camera on a preset recorded movement. Where the computer controls the movement of the camera and can move the camera in the exact same positions, rotations and angles on a second recording. Plus a little bit of digital wobble. could allow masking of the sign behind to hide the baguette seemly appearing to come out of thin air from his hand.

    • kryptonian

      Forgot to add, somebody probably laying down on the floor near the metal table near him is pushing the baguette up to his hand. While the masked sign behind on a previous recording is used long enough to hide baguette coming from below.

  • Sergio

    Hey! I've done that baguette trick while drunk! Now that i think of it, it might have been my penis, instead of the baguette….

  • M47

    Amazing magician, still needs subtitles.

  • Arod529

    Legit or or not, I do know one thing. The red haired chick is cute. Debate solved.

  • dwah

    "Fart of Magic" anybody else see that in the beginning?

  • McBooberz27

    Damn Chinese Jedi Mind Tricks!!

  • Oak

    Oh hey, that's been down his shirt/pants for a while, let's have a taste to see if it's real!

  • olgreybush

    what an ugly sum bitch, he better be good at something because he would never get a chick any other way

  • Yomama

    Holy crap THAT WAS AWESOME!!

  • elcaballo23

    Damn I'd pay that weird looking chick to pull croissants out of her ass for me all day

  • dave

    old shit.. that's just how Jesus did it

  • kjw

    there is another one of his, changing money currency from one to another, pretty mind blowing. Though his face emotion give me a chill

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