A Chivette jumping on her bed (16 HQ Photos)

I received these photos last night from Maggie, one of our Minnesota Chivettes,

CHIVE, I came upon an amazing idea that can start a revolution: Pictures of cute girls jumping on beds. I submit to you my attempt as a start.

Beware my dog enjoys photobombing as many pictures as possible and also note this idea will work better with BIGGER boobs! But hey, I'm cute and i love to jump on my bed!



I think this should become a thing, ya’ know, for the greater good. Chivettes, feel free to submit your bed-bouncing exploits anytime.

  • Thyroid

    Lucky dog in these photos

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1359448189 Paweł Smołka

    AWESOME gallery!

  • sureman123


  • Titz McGee

    it's the thought that counts… She is kinda cute. But yeah. BIG B(.)(.)BS = BETTER

  • chive n' poop

    … any one notice that the pants kept changing

  • Gnarl_MantUSAk

    Were the 4 pants changes really necessary?

  • Smokey

    Lets see more Minnesota girls!!

  • Perv

    I prefer MAKING her bounce on the bed. Short fast little bounces ….

  • Deny

    A chocolate lab and a beautiful woman,what else could you want?

  • Maria

    I wish all ladies received compliments about their bosoms as well as I do, and wouldn't had to have needlessly stirred up controversy by "passing" a debatable "law" irritation sexuality. Sexual harassment the stupidest law ever passed that shouldnt still be in effect after it was passed tragically in nineteen seventy six.

  • usafcajun

    Cute!?!…your not cute…your gorgeous!

  • bubba louie

    I think we should all pitch in and get her a second bra … poor girl only has one. What does she do when it's in the wash?

  • MohawkJon

    Make it a gif and bring back things that bounce

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