Boy, that escalated quickly (45 Photos)

  • Adz


  • Tiber_Septim

    #17 now we're fucked

    • Yann

      This is photo shopped and i would say the spider is eating his meal.

      Just saying.

      • Dustin

        You don't say?

      • Endo

        Well if it were real, it'd be from Australia.

      • Kill it with Fire

        That's what they want you to think. Spiders have been messing around on Photoshop for years preparing for this. We've lost contain, the spiders are in charge now.

        • Pokes

          That's just great. Flying spiders who can use Photoshop?! Fuck!

          • Underbaker

            And here I was getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse, back to the drawing board.

    • Anomanom

      Fake, thank god. Otherwise i would probably never go outside again without a flamethrower.

  • DrummerWill

    #17 oh… oh no…

    • Tyler

      Kill it!!! Kill it with fire!!!!!!

    • lfsg

      the mayans knew it

    • Moistslophole

      Glad I only have to dodge these evil mutant bastards for another 13 days #17

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #4 Mad Max's newest car left a lot to be desired

    • Underbaker

      Herby's cousin, Hank the Hate Bug.

  • passwordistaco

    #40 Some messed up shit everybody should be paying attention to. Water is more important than gas.

    • Anjin-San

      You know what?
      this isn't photoshopped.
      This old lady lives close to a natural gas drilling rig,
      and her water pipes are full of gas by consequence.
      She has to sllep with all windows open to avoid her hous to explode.
      No bullshit

    • Daniel Aaron Evans

      This isn't fake. I remember seeing it on TV a couple months back.

      • transparent

        I saw it to but I don't remember it being from a drilling rig.

    • Topgunn601

      Impossible no way gas got in the water pipes in her home from a drilling rig!!!!! Possible she has a water well that became contaminated but highly doubtful it was caused by a drilling rig!!!


      • transparent

        I saw it on TV, she is on a well.

      • Blanco


        • asdasd

          yep. it's from "fracking" look it up.

          • KyleHeier

            It's actually due to methane that is common is the majority of water wells. Also, it is not "Fracking"… it is referred to as "Fracing".

            • John

              It's fracking dumbass.

              • KyleHeier

                try again

                • Captain Obvious

                  Hey Kyle, lets sound this out. If it were actually called "fracing" don't you think the pronunciation would sound a little like "racing" with an f at the front. Well, the actual word is pronounced with a "ck" or even "cc" sound because it does come from the word fracturing. So let's not get too far ahead of yourself correcting other people and do a little more research or maybe use a little more common sense.

                  • KyleHeier

                    Well, I suppose that would be true if the English language did not have an exception here or there… for example, Corps is pronounced KOR, Pneumonia, well, you get the point. Bottom line, while the media, and everyone who is not within the industry may call it fracking… it does not make it so. It is Fracing. So if you wish to throw the research card my way, I will hand it back to you and ask you to do the same.

                  • somepeople

                    stop trying to sound smart you giant retard

    • Super Fat Bob

      Shale gas drilling causing this :

      • shoestring

        Fracking a shallow gas well CAN cause it. But it is rare. Doesn't happen if the companies involved are not donkeys.

      • lucid_eye

        BULLSHIT!!!! It made a great news story that had everyone riveted. However Shale fracking has nothing to do this phenomenon. If there wasn't any fracking or drilling within a thousand miles this would still happen. If you live off well water on a shale bed you will end up with natural gas in your water well. The gas seeps up through the cracks in the rock. This is simply an anti gas/oil propaganda campaign.

        • working_donkey

          And that there, @lucid_eye, is truth and science. Thank you for a voice of sanity and reason.

        • 5eagles

          Well said lucid_eye.
          gas in well water is very common in a lot of places around the world. Look at town names from back in the day (WAY before fracking and such)…Sulphur Springs is a good example. (TX, CO, take your pick, lots of states have town names like this or similar). This is because there was gas in the water…

          • Reality

            Yes, we'll said lucid eye. "The gas seeps up through the cracks in the rocks." And hydraulic fracturing increases the amount of cracks in rocks. Some of these houses have had gas in their water prior to a drilling company moving into their area, some have not, and I'm sure that the levels of gas in water increasing to the point where you can light the water on fire has NOTHING to do with this process.

            • Reality

              One more thing. I love how you can be absolutely sure that hydraulic fracturing does not cause any increased levels of natural gas in well water. Are you an expert on this topic?

              • lucid_eye

                Actually as a geologist, I can say that I am.

            • lucid_eye

              The average natural gas well in shale plays, such as the Marcellus shale play which is where this picture was taken, is around 5000 feet. Ground water in this area of the country are usually from 100-200 feet deep. Unless the the well casing is improperly installed this is not an issue. And if the casing was improperly installed you would have much larger problems than what you see in the picture.

      • MylesofStyles

        Thanks Bob you fat frack.

    • bigD

      This was somewhere around Denver a few years ago. I remember it from the news.

      • ThePfab

        Northeast, actually.

        • Ryan

          Antarctica or Cuba is what I heard.

          • TakeMyWifePlease

            In Soviet Russia…

            • comnakr

              …water lights you on fire!

              • comnakr

                …water sets you on fire!

          • Read a book

            It happens in many places. Look at the size of the Marcellus shale deposit.

    • what

      it is real. what the news didn't say is that these people were paid for their home to relocate and told by the drilling company this could happen and they didn't leave but they sure did cash that check

    • Dax

      And if you saw the follow up report it showed this entire area has methane deposits all over that have allowed these families to do this for years from private water wells. The reason they are making a deal of it now?….they get on tv and part of huge lawsuits that end with the methane discovery. People will do anything for money. Natural gas could potentially save our nation and its being bastardized by the gd hippie community. We're importing oil from the Middle East at a rate of 1 million dollars per minute. Good thing Jim from The Office made a movie making it even worse. This country sometimes…….

      • PiratesFan

        Preach brother.

    • Tyler

      Natural gas is dangerous because of fracking. Wind power turbines are too noisy and kill birds. Coal is too dirty. Oil wells are too volatile and can spill. Nuclear is to dangerous. Solar isn't cost effective for the size of the panels. Until we can power the nation on giggles and farts I think we need to educate ourselves a little better on our options.

    • JP1983

      You obviously know nothing about fracking or the natural gas/petroleum industry. Fracking didn't cause this, as fracking occurs, on average, a mile below the surface. Water wells are rarely more than 1,000ft below the surface. Secondly, the instances where the water wells are contaminated comes from the well casing being installed improperly, which has NOTHING to do with fracking, and could occur with any well being drilled. This particular picture was taken in an area already notorious for having lots of methane seeping into the well water system from below the well, and had been doing so long before the area became a hotbed for drilling. However, the media chose to turn this into a smear campaign against the oil & gas industry, and thus you have a bunch of misinformed people who know nothing more about the drilling/extraction process than what they saw on a biased 1-hr Shockumentary.

      • MylesofStyles


      • PiratesFan

        Damn straight.

    • Kevrhutch

      I saw this on the news as well

    • mashplum

      What can we learn from this photo and all the replies? This is fake or it is real. This is in CO or PA. This is new or 40 years old. This is a natural phenomenon or it is caused by drilling. The drilling is for oil or natural gas. It is called "fracking" or "fracing." It can cause contaminated water or it can't. The woman took money from the drilling company who did this to her or she took money from a documentary filmmaker to lie. In other words – we learn nothing because someone is lying. Instead of adding more "facts" let me ask some questions. Who benefits from this confusion over fracking? If events far below the surface can't affect us, how can we feel earthquakes? Do you think geologist who work for petroleum companies are more or less reliable than doctors who work for tobacco companies?

  • MonkeyMadness

    #6 Peek a boo… I see you!

    • working_donkey

      Flesh Light gone horribly awry?

      • MonkeyMadness

        lol this is what happened when you don't douche your flesh light. 😛

    • Anomanom

      Some silent hill shit going on there.

  • roger

    #40 cleveland tap water

  • Cosmo

    #45 wtf is this shit about?

    • Richard

      I was hoping you could tell me. :/

      • Hughhh

        Is it a Lana Del Ray thing?

    • crazydog

      I don't get it…

    • H-Town

      My guess is it had something to do with having the shits. But who knows

    • Capt. Oblivious

      Brought to you by Brian Redban

    • Travioso

      I don't get it either

    • Big Poppa

      David Lynch ad for Olive garden?

    • Der'

      When someone recommends O.G for dinner, I make animal noises.

    • Guest

      Ricky Bobby make out scene? Didn't think it was at Olive Garden. That's the best I got.

  • G_Had
    • @Trollfric


  • teslawasrobbed

    #9 Lucky you weren't sent to Guantanamo, what with all those paranoid teachers these days.

  • lat297

    #17 I don't think fire's gonna do it – we need a new planet….

    • RockabillyRev

      I, for one, welcome our new flying spider overlords

    • Dave

      I'm going to have to bone up on my skeet shooting.

      • JKC

        they will have guns too! I mean really, if they are going to be fictitious about shit, why not go all out. they probably even have an army waiting in some secret cave we havent found yet. Spider tanks, spider planes. f the north koreans they are smaller in stature..we will be first on the menu for sure.

  • Visitohr

    #1 Is that Arnold? Back to da choppa!

    • Jay

      For some reason I laughed way too hard at this comment. Thank you for that.

    • MylesofStyles


      • amirza2

        I laughed harder at this than anything else today. Thank you!!! Made my day.

  • D.Strawberry

    #43 Holy shit someone ordered something from skymall

  • oo0o00ooo0o

    #19 Those boobs sexilated quickly.

    • Claude

      its a buffet!

  • Jezza67

    #27 can not end well.

  • Secretly hate my job

    Holy shit #33 is funny. Damn you pregnancy scares.

  • gclark

    #14 turn off the light and walk the fuck away.

    • Jed

      Since it's a shadow, turning off the light will indeed make the 'spider' disappear.

      • Erm

        Turn off the light? The shadow is coming from the sunlight. Not sure how the bulb would cast a shadow if it was on…

      • Erm

        And I now realize that's just the knob on the top of the lamp shade, my bad. But still think its sunlight

    • weelin

      I suppose I am blind but I don't see a spider, or whatever else I am supposed to see in this picture… a little help please.

      • Underbaker

        There is no spider, however the Sun is casting a shadow of the lamp shade wire harness that resembles one on the lamp shade itself.

    • Dave086

      Looks like a spider, but would guess its the bulb and frame of the lampshade

  • Hanx

    I've done that. Takes more time to set up than it does to take down again.

  • Mattchu

    #3 I'm tell'n ya Peter, dogs can't look up.

    • 0331

      Good reference.

  • janco

    #41 My childhood is up in flames! RIP arcade!

    • Dave

      That was the place they discovered the flying spider.

  • That Guy

    #24 You must have cooked it the length of time the instructions on the box say to cook it. Set timer, walk away= timer dinging, come back to this.

    • Topgunn601

      Went burned the rest of that do doobie huh???

    • eddy

      broil vs bake?

      • 1911

        I can't believe it's not delivery!

  • GeorgiaRosa

    #5 ROFL He must have been jumping quite hard to get himself stuck in the ceiling like that..;))

    • OK Chiver

      Trust me you don't have to jump…..

      • GeorgiaRosa

        ya don't say, he wouldn't have just fell through a floor or something, fancy that, me making a silly joke…lol, back to school for me..

  • lionsol

    As a father of 3, I'd like to say that #9 is inspired.
    New babies are great but for the first 3-6 months, it can be as scary as hell.
    I give you an A+.

  • lionsol

    #17 Nuke the planet from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    Oh wait…

  • Petar

    #17 is fake.

    • Ravel

      WHAT?! No…it couldn't! Take your filthy lies elsewhere, sir.

    • Ale

      Of course it is. Otherwise we wouldn't be here talking about it. We'd been finding another planet.
      …wouldn't we?

    • Chiver

      Thank you captain obvious

    • MonkeyMadness

      Your mom is fake!

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