• Guest

    His wide dies in july 2007 and Olympics were 2008, but still very emotional moment. He hold his wife pic in the podium. And first thing when he got back home, he went to his wife grave tell her that he won…

  • KyleGamgee

    Crying? Yep, me too.

  • Vaello

    Proves that love is a Powerful thing

  • WeightLifter

    He also changed his nationality from Austrian to his wive's of German. I cant even tell you how hard it is to jump 10kg over a PR, not to mention come to a complete stop and stand up out of the bottom of that clean and smash the jerk. One of the greatest feats ever.

  • DumpTruckPanda

    He has gone through a lot with his wife's death and also he deals with diabetes too. Truly a man of heart.
    Heart will give you the edge.

  • phydor

    anyone else cringing and waiting for his arms to pop off or his legs to fold the wrong way?

  • Canucks_Rule


  • Tony M.

    Glad to see the Chive showing some positivie Olympic Weightlifting moments from a pic of the German Women's lifter in a post recently to the pic of the 70's lifter jumping in the air to this. A sport where usually the only publicity is when a lifter drops a weight on themselves (unfortuneately that did happen to Steiner this past summer and he was not able to finish). No matter how many times I watch this vid it's just as good as the first time. Thank you Chive!

  • K-1


  • hjro

    damn allergies

  • Flavius

    damn you chive, i can't ce crying at work

  • andulamb

    I can't resist nitpicking. Steiner's wife died in July of 2007. He won his gold medal in August of 2008. His wife died 13 months earlier, not one month earlier. It doesn't take anything away from his victory. It just means that it didn't come right on the heels of losing his wife.

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