• Dahlton

    aaaaaaaand I'm crying.

  • Houston

    Wow. I never thought weight lifting would make me cry. Well played, Chive.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    How to bring it home, Matthias! Well done.

  • SVSumm

    Fucking saw dust.

  • Sean

    Brilliant. Seems a bit saw-dusty in here, what the hell?

  • Mac

    Great, now I'm all emotional and shit. I'm going back to the FLBP post to cheer me up. Thanks chive for making me cry!

  • FuBaR

    Honestly didnt think it was going to be that emotional….but damn…in-fuckin-spirational

  • Dan

    I'm a bodybuilder (amatuer, no roids) and I have the utmost respect for powerlifters (used to be one). What this man does is incredible. I can't even squat that weight and he put it up over his head. You can see in his eyes the emotion, the sheer will and determination. Well done Sir! Very inspirational video! I'm sorry for your loss and hope you will be able to find closure in losing your wife. Peace my friend.

    • Verbal_Kint

      Amen. Having done some oly lifting, the though of putting that much weight up doesn't even fucking compute… That is truly explosive power. Truly inspirational and touching story.

    • Bill

      then as a bodybuilder, you should know that he is a weight lifter, not power lifter

      • chappy

        power lifters are the ones who were taught that form means absolutely nothing early on in their lives… that's why their ROM is like 6 inches on a squat

      • LIKE A BOSS

        Wow, way to get the point Bill! The gold in pretentious douching is yours!

  • Oltimey

    Who the hell keeps cutting onions in here?!??!?!

  • dumb dumb

    onions…sand….nope…i am crying.

  • Nate Dizzle


  • David

    That is truly inspirational. This must have meant everything to him. Also does anyone know the name of that song? I heard it a couple months ago on another video and couldn't remember what it was from.

  • Yo Yo Ma

    In before someone says something about onions or sawdust. What? Everyone has said it already? Fine

  • Flawrida

    My God I got a hernia just watching that. Good man.

  • John C Holmes

    Germans can show emotion? You learn something new everyday…

  • SmokeyTheBear

    Never thought someone lifting would bring a tear to my eye…wow

    • MylesofStyles

      I have to admit that it had the same effect on me…Although the tear was manly as shit.

  • usbsucks

    Well this sure turned into an emotional poop.

  • Sheesh

    I remember this story, FROM FOUR YEARS AGO.

    • Simon

      Do something good. I dare you.

    • Mr T, as in T-Rex

      Some of us may not have known the story, so chill the fuck out, dude… aka KCCO. Good on the Chive for keeping it going.

  • twoedges

    chive is reaching for material today… long weekend, boys?

  • bigcityreem

    The triumphant music did me in.

    • usafe

      I agree, what was that from?

  • FoolOfATook

    I lost it when he lost it. Very inspirational story.

  • Tiger

    Wow so much emotion. Teared up.

  • Savage308

    threw my hands in the air rocky style! effing awesome!

    • tbz

      So Did I… What a champion

  • chvr Jo

    Damn lump in my throat….that was fucking awesome

  • ron

    Yes, I was going to post the same thing, you beat me to it.

    While the wife dying is certainly sad, when it happens over a year before the Olympics…. not quite the same story in my mind.

    • goon

      I'm sure they'll survive.

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