Get low, get dirty, and have yourself a good time (40 Photos)

  • Saj

    1st BOOM

  • Tiber_Septim

    #3 and #18 kate upton looks like a good time

    • ^etcrr


      • lucid_eye

        Kate mother fucking Upton for president

    • Mack

      #3 Dancing Bear?

  • Santa

    #34 lamest plot for a porn

    • rick t

      since when does porn have a good plot?…any one know her name?

      • old#7

        Kristina rose

      • KCooperCO

        Definitely Kristina

    • gclark

      If the pants dont fit, then get naked and fuck? Seems like a perfect plot for porn.

    • Dale Gribble

      this is a better plot than twilight

    • Mr. Pink

      Can anybody else tell a porn star by just looking seeing her ass? Don't judge me..

    • Steve

      The guy in the video is Voodoo. If that helps.

  • matthew

    #34 name that porn

    • Master Debater

      Huge ass vs. tight jeans Kristina rose

      • ColaChiver

        …All the time in the world and that's the name you came up with……

        • guy

          That is actually the name of that porn

          • TomTheCameraGuy

            lol fail ColaChiver

        • Master Debater

          I don't come up with the name I just share with fellow chivers. But good effort on trying to have a smart ass comment. EPIC FAIL!!!

    • Notknowing

      She has an epic toilet.

    • Mike

      If you name it, it means you watched it – WHY?

      • Master Debater

        Yeah I watched it, you've never watched porn?! Fag

  • Kcruz09

    #34 You're doing it wrong.

  • N8orius

    Laughed so hard, I woke my neighbor!

    • uh oh

      You spelled 'masturbated' wrong.

      • Llort

        "I laughed so hard, I masturbated my neighbor!" ??

  • Tim

    So the horse mask is still a thing, eh?

    • gclark

      I love the horsemask shit, Im getting one for halloween next year.

      • Jed

        I will no longer be a thing by then

        • Jed

          I clearly meant "it" =/

      • fucked

        You must be a Yankees fan who lives in Phoenix

    • KAFman

      Driving down the road on Kandahar Airfield…

      When suddenly, a bus goes, dude hanging out the window holding a Cavalry flag and wearing a horse mask.

      This fucking place will make you go nuts. I'm pretty sure it really happened.

      • Blue 42 SET ...

        How's the shit pond holding up?

    • Oh YeaKoolAid

      Just like the girl with a mustache thing. So last year.

  • Daniel Aaron Evans

    #18 can we please just see her completely topless? Or are we going to have to wait until she's 40 & has to do playboy to give her career a boost?

    • STR
      • @DanielEvans24

        That looks incredibly photoshopped. But nice try.

      • TomTheCameraGuy

        Just by the url you can tell it's fake….

      • El_Hefe

        say that last part 10 times fast


      WoW!! Exclusive images <3:*<3:*<3

    • stiffbiff

      Good enough,

  • Dom

    That's so…beautiful

  • Danny

    #19 Downtown Kelowna BC! Kudos to whoever submitted that.

    • MrSusan20

      no, kudos to the genius troll in charge of marketing downtown construction to make it look like that whole dept is pedo on the side.

  • Secretly hate my job

    Gotta love the socks in #8

  • SuperiorTo8

    #4 I'm going to some weird version of hell for laughing at that

    • MonkeyMadness

      I thought it was Duck Dynasty

    • Swaff

      i will be joining you

    • anonymous

      Not cool chive. Not cool. Take this down.

      • Gimletmike

        If we can not laugh at the powerful; we cannot laugh at anything.

  • Mani

    #34 hahaha

  • Guest

    34 just might be jada Stevens.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    #34 BwAhAHAHAHhahahAHhAhaa!!!

  • Prometheus

    this isn't my bedroom

    • strayacunt

      you should probably put your dick away then

  • onekelevra

    #29 Well, he'll find a head in the same

  • Foxy

    #34 need to be oiled !

  • TylerDerpen

    #18 #34 I'd buy that for a dollar

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #26 Is probably the most wtf thing i've ever seen.

  • crazydog

    #29 put your junk in that box!!!

  • K-1

    #8: Poor choice of words…
    #34: This was so interesting to watch, over and over again! =P

  • J_ny

    #30 bad girls bend at the waist!

    • Skipper

      haha – fuck ya that so sexy i wanna…. HOLY SHIT LOBSTER HAND!

  • p1ll

    #8 you are doing it wrong , but the Bacon socks gives you a free pass #25 future Player

  • Takingbackcider

    #29 Going by the way they're dressed, It's a present for the other guy…

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