Get low, get dirty, and have yourself a good time (40 Photos)

  • larry

    #39. Stop claiming false head aches then!!!

  • EvilDungbeetle

    #14 You want context?
    Judge Dredd and Fergie are flying a Mark IV Lawmaster escaping from other Judges flying slightly more functional Mark IV Lawmasters. Fergie is scared out of his mind and Dredd is tired of his shit. You're welcome.

  • grumpy

    #5 – God, Chive, wasn't using this a dozen freaking times last year enough?

  • zack

    Cant stop LOLing @ #26

  • Pants

    #31 Read it in his voice too O_O

  • uradufus

    #26 Had a dog like that once….had to have it put to sleep

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