• Ahh


  • Anonymous

    a jewish guy on tv? that's unheard of.

    • Jewbacca

      What you mean by that, bro?

      • MylesofStyles

        I believe he had his Sarcasmator activated.

    • Garrett

      Why can't he just be a guy? Does it matter who or what he is? Chive card revoked.

  • NNF

    The trouble with the world today it seems to me
    Is coffee in a cardboard cup

    PS – no one will get this, but if you do, you will win one free internet.

    • Rich1988

      Isn't that a line from Homeland? I know it from somewhere

    • Oltimey


      Pfft…Internets lvl 5…..

      • NNF

        ^Still didn't get the reference. Two lvls back.

    • VTChivette

      I was totally with you! I don't understand why he talks – I would just make his sing all the time.

  • coldfusion167

    IS he grabbing her boob at the end while he's singing!?!?

    • Buckeye

      No he's grabbing her elbow.

  • Very Cool

    I'm now a lifelong Mandy Patikin fan.

    • Very Cool

      Patinkin too. I like him too.

  • Cgyachilles

    That's awesome

  • Edward

    You killed my father prepare to die

    • zackgonick

      Someone was gonna say it.

      • MonkeyMadness

        He sure has aged since then. 😛

        • NcouthYouth

          quarter of a century will have that effect…

  • Dotson

    Deep down inside, Saul is still a haji.

  • 16inchzipper

    Weird, my Princess Bride comment was automatically deleted by the administrator.

  • Ari214

    He's awesome. "To hell with me, he's having a baby!" Loved him as Gideon in Criminal Minds and he's awesome now in Homeland.

  • Gerbil

    A man with his priorities in order. Awesome to see. Chive on newsman.

  • its_BACON

    From interview to instant drunk party, YAY BABIES!!!

  • Shay

    Mandy Patinkin is certifiable!

    • just saying

      not a big Patinkin fan…I think he's full of himself and as for his singing…jeeesh!

  • stevedampman

    I'm about to give that female anchor a baby

    • Let 'em all in

      Is that the same as an "anchor baby"?

  • socalmarti

    I f*cking love Mandy Patinkin!!! Ever since he was on Dead like Me… such an awesome soul!

    • Art

      Ruuuuube! That man MADE Dead Like Me! So amazing!

      • Ari214

        That show was pretty good! Too bad it didn't last.

  • xoxo


  • beasty

    So cool, love his reaction. And he moved to my home town of Charlotte. What's not to love

  • jasonreiss

    good man.

  • Ballsy Llama

    His name is Inego Montoya. you killed his father, prepare to die

  • johnq

    that was cool of Mandy Patinkin not to act like a dick and be happy for the guy.

  • Relic

    Bitch let go of my arm!

  • thrillho

    Homeland is the SHIT

  • jewsmusher

    I agree… they hot.

  • Canucks_Rule

    u NEVER walk out on saul.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jp.tyra JP Tyra

    I thought that my home was my castle
    With no one scrutinizing me
    No pigs, no lying bitch, no hassle
    Y'all are bruatlizing me
    Can't a man not drink his beer in silence?
    Can't a man not crudely lie and scream?
    Can't a man not control his bitch with violence?
    Y'all are brutalizing me
    Y'all are brutalizing me.

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