The timeless wisdom of Gary Busey (15 Photos)

  • noladev

    Or what a motorcycle accident and subsequent brain damage do to you. Gary is awesome, and has accomplished more with said brain damage than most people do with perfectly healthy minds. stop being a dick.

    • Tiber_Septim

      didn't know that, I stand corrected and I wasn't trying to be a dick

      • James Westfall

        I thought you were dead?

        • Bill57


      • Jen

        know what happens when you assume?

    • Two30

      Thank you, noladev, for restoring my faith in my fellow Chivers. Well, some of them anyway.

  • maxpain

    The man is too clever for me

  • Jeremy Russell Standish

    #14 Corona del Sol Aztec Soccer?

  • Kin Corn Karn

    I just read all of these in "Busey" voice.

  • Theresia

    Is he a Kardashian? I mean.. why is he famous.. for being stark raving mad?

  • GatOner

    Can anyone source #13?
    Could make a nice living room wall edition with the right picture…

  • Bumblis

    One time I pulled out on PCH with my Honda Elite 80CC scooter he swung up beside me in an old beat up navy Merc and started swirving and pound his hand on his own roof of the car and Yelled "HEY YOURE GOING TO SLOW" it was so strange…

  • ArtM60

    The World is your Pussy… FUCK IT!

  • So_english

    the hunchback from 300 ?

  • Eddo

    In the year 2–thousaaaaannd… People will make shrines of and study the 'teachings' of this man.

  • Mark S Man

    Umm, yeah, I started wearing a helmet. Don't want to be known for my "philosophy."

  • craig
  • MissHazel

    LOL (That's all I have)

  • Kevin

    Still one of the best cameos on Entourage. But yeah, he's bonkers.

  • Two30

    I expected more from The Chive and its viewers. The man has had a serious brain injury. Only one commentor seemed to know that fact. The fact that Trump and others enjoy pointing a camera at him just to see what " crazy stuff " Gary will say next. Well enjoy…

  • leroy rodcester

    lol i jus stopped by his place to see if he needed a ride. then this duck, comes running out from behind his house witha condom hangin out of its ass. then here comes gary running after the duck with his pants down…Gary Busey! i meant gary in shipping..ooops

  • Dyquen

    #3 Is funny as hell. Imma use that. #7, #8, #9, #10 All make sense. I guess it is true that insanity has some sanity mixed in there

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