• theDtrain

    That's some amazing determination right there. I'd certainly be nervous coming up against someone that committed.

    And in a related thought, did this make anyone else think of the scene in 'Bloodsport' where Van Damme gets quicklime thrown in his eyes and has to fight blind?

  • Gloster

    This bloke….very cool. I've done Judo with blind players. Every time they hand me my arse on plate. Completely amazing.

  • JohnnyReb06

    BS. Wrestling is all about touch, and response to force. Sight has such little play that this is like praising an alligator because it can bite. Or fly. Flying alligators are some serious shit.

    • johnnyreboisafag

      almost like showing some one how to do a shoot or any move in wrestling would be damn near impossible

    • Gurudel

      I dont want to knock on this kid at all as that is great, and I wrestled all through highschool and in college, but blind wrestlers do have a slight advantage over their opponent in that when wrestling a blind person you MUST maintain contact with them the entire time, which causes you to have to wrestle their match and style vs your own. Either way, I am a huge advocate for wrestling and bravo to this kid for finding something he loves.

      • adMANistrator

        Yeah, that one hand you have to have contact with really is an advantage over being able to see your opponents feet, knees, other hand, mat boundaries, clock, points, coaches, etc. What? Your argument makes me seriously doubt you ever wrestled. Most of the time you are wrestling, even when standing, you are in contact anyway either with wrist control or tied up with the head.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.barnes1 Matthew Barnes

    Awesome video, great to see a fellow Mainer on the chive!

    • Bro DImaggio

      I second that

  • HilaryAdria

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  • docCM

    Johnny Reb06 By your comments its obvious that you have not wrestled at any high level of competition beyond middle school club. The fact that this kid is even on the mat is remarkable, maybe you should try living with a blindfold for one day, see how easy it is.

  • Canucks_Rule

    wow i feel useless. excuse me while i go eat a bag of chips.

  • steve

    "it was like in the movies" ??

    • Guest

      How did he know everyone in the gym was "giving a standing ovation"?

    • http://thechive.com Mac

      Ya…I think he is just squinting

  • Normal joe

    Every guy deserves to be apart of a team an play a sport…this kid turned his crutch into motivation….BAD ASS KCCO!!

  • touchsweetcan

    Good on him, using his disability as a strength like the blind recent masterchef winne Christina Ha. Only problem with this video is it cuts and paste's the audio worse than the sexual harrasment episode( hardline scene) of the simpsons. What's really being said…bum bum baaah?

  • CowboyChiver

    That's awesome bud, good for you! Keep it up!

  • Z-Doggy

    We have a blind school in my hometown and they regularly compete in wrestling against the other high schools in our area.

    The schools name is W. Ross Macdonald school for the blind. Google that with wrestling and you will find out various tournaments and matches they have competed at as a school.

  • Joe

    Not that uncommon.

  • Tyler

    The video is great. I've never personally wrestled a blind person before but some of my teammates at lighter weights did back in the day. It's just like the kid in my hometown conference who, at a young age lost part of his arm from the elbow down in a farm accident and placed 6th at the State competition–or the guy from ASU in 2011 who was born without his right leg and won the D1 national championship. It's so amazing what people can do

  • Sherlock

    I hate kids like this. I bet he never has to cut weight

  • Redwall

    THIS is wrassling.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.simmons.334 Rick Simmons


  • Isaac

    How does he know they stood up?

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