Newly Single Chivettes (39 Photos)

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  • Scott

    Thank god for attentions whores and lack of judgement

  • nice

    #22…you're doing it right

  • thenomadadventures

    #16 #6 #20 #21 #25 – someone, somewhere made a terrible,terrible mistake by letting you go….

    …oh to be single again….

  • baddbuzz

    #13 winner . .

  • Allen

    Chive, please find she's amazing, love cute girls wearing glasses

  • babaganush

    Bro don't even play with me, hook it up with the digits #39

  • Steven

    I have just added 39 things to my Xmas list.

  • Treeguy

    #23 Is no longer single she's gonna marry me

  • Cogger

    newly-ish single chiver and i would take any over the ex

  • just me

    #14 is fucking gorgeous, the rest are not bad.


    #'s 5 and #6 are absolutely gorgeous. This is a pointless thread if you don't know where they live though

    • Hannah

      #6 lives in SoCal

      • AMG_DROP

        Nooo wayyy?! What part of Socal?

  • MrN00DLE

    #39 i love you!

  • jOb

    #15 Gorgeous! :*

  • Matt Wilson

    Damn, ladies!! Why in gods name would anyone not want any of you?! Cheating on a perfect woman kind you?! Man, guys are morons! Hit me up, ladies!!

  • Foci

    #3 If he ever did you, then he did at least 2 good things.
    #16 and #33 Just amazing!

  • sparky68

    The guy that left #1….. must be gay! You will not be single long, you are beautiful.!!

  • @NoahEast

    #8 how in the world are you single? This makes zero sense.

  • Wally

    #16 is simply perfect.

  • Fed_fire_medic

    I don't understand, why a guy that has a beauitful women in his life (and is a chiver also) would want to trough all of that away! My wife left me for another man, I did everything for her! Good for me, I have the chive, bad for them, they know nothing about the chive!

  • Fed_fire_medic

    My wife left me for another man. We did not have the chive in our life, but I do now. I understand that you just need to KCCO. I will try my best to live by the code! My son will be a chiver soon also, Im sure of it! Thanks for all the days I was down, lifting me back up!

    A loyal, SC, Chiver!

  • Mikey Stermz

    #27 #3 #15 #16 I am far too poor to propose to all of you at once. Looks like I'll have to pick up another job! haha

  • 420Chillin

    #14 Who? Where? Why? Those eyes!

  • Jamie

    How do guys let girls like #21 #23 & #29 get away? baffling……

  • greg

    holy s@@@ #2 who in their right mind would dump you?

  • Allen

    #12Chive, please find she's amazing, love cute girls wearing glasses

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