Archives for December 22nd, 2012

That’s right, we heard your feedback loud and clear and with 50 lbs of duck tape, we have finally fixed the animated gifs to, well, animate on the iOS app. Make sure to download the latest version of the app or click HERE to download theCHIVE iPhone app.


  • Animated gifs work
  • Captions show up
  • If you hold your finger on a photo, the advertisement magically disappears
  • Brand new KCCO Wallpapers

GIFS will work on Android devices in a week or so. If you have an Android device and you downloaded our most recent release, you may notice some crashing due to the new animated gifs so we are redeploying a new version that temporary disables the gifs that fixes this issue. We are really sorry about this glitch. Like I said, give us about a week to get the gifs working on Android. We love you non-Apple people just as much, I promise.

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