Behind the scenes at theCHIVE (40 HQ Photos)

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  • yeatone

    #8 – John,amazing Shirt ~ "I'm Drunk Magician". any for sale?

  • Sean

    I a little sad theirs no 2013 chivette calendar 😢

  • creatingmanu

    #22 …Its killing me! Why there´s an Argentinian flag (my home country) in Mac´s desk!?!?! Love it!!!

  • Kevrhutch

    I would love to get in and out of her burger!

  • NOLA

    Abita Beer and Pat O's in one post! nice!

  • Otto

    #14 take Mac off the photo, he is ruin it! lol

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Can I have a job please? I'll even be a custodian.

  • Sirwally

    #30 damn MOAR

  • mattythegooch

    #4 – with all the vagina in that place, you'd think it would be a bit tidier……………

  • Jack

    Do the guys live in the office?

  • waltgator


  • jhento

    #35 thanks fam!

  • daveonwheels

    I call the BIGGEST BULLSHIT i have EVER called

  • luvmyeChive

    Hey Chive is there a new calendar for 2013?

  • chivegamer

    #32 Mmmmm, In-N-Out… Do want!

  • PhayzR

    Wow…. and I thought it was tough being a Video Game Tester!
    I pity you gentlemen…

  • chivegamer

    #17 Michelle Jenneke… Do want as well!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – if one thing could make mac smile.

    #15 – damn u john… damn u.

  • TED

    who is #1#

  • zgl

    the girl wearing black in #5 looks smoking. is she the same girl in #21? moar please.

    • zgl

      who is/are this/these girl(s)?

  • M_i_k_e_B

    That is LeeAnna Vamp in both #5 and #21

  • DethPwny

    #14…The elusive Mac Faulkner smile…Keep doing God's work fellas!!!

  • JCDenton

    I don't understand how you guys hide your boners, I wouldn't be able to walk.

  • Bob

    I thought I had a great job. I get to shoot guns, blow shit up, jump from airplanes. I now officially hate you guys. KCCO..

    • daveonwheels

      I get to "shoot guns"(?), blow shit up, jump from airplanes If you talk like that…no you don't.

  • ciames

    #40 This is why I am part of the chive!!

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