• Billy Zane

    Super cute. She already did a better job than the replacement refs. Go Niners!

    • kellykels

      Go niners!!

    • White Devil

      Had nothing to do with replacement refs, and the Whiners suck

      • Smh

        It actually does, ya know, they do place the football where they want…

  • sfb101


  • Mr.ha

    Now children sit down daddy has to explain something…Bringing angry fans too a whole new level!

  • roads

    didnt matter…that hit by clowney solved the problem

    • Guest

      Almost decapitated him!! Never have I witnessed a hit so hard

      • Marcus

        Your kidding right?
        The hit wasn't as big as it looked
        Hitting a guy a foot shorter helmet to helmet will make it look worse
        The RB wasn't even hurt

  • Brent

    That's cute!
    Clowney made up for this refs mistake on this one!!

  • Yuppp

    I hope my kids turn out that cool.

  • Josh

    And then there was Clowney and all things were right again…

  • JTW

    Wow parents are great, I could only make it through about 30 seconds of that voice, but his (her?) parents love him (her?) all day long.

    • Guest


    • SnakemanDan85


    • Guest

      I agree JTW.. Kid needs to learn how to speak

    • Marcus

      Current white trash teaching future white trash

  • John R

    I think we've found the next John Madden

  • JackDiesel

    That was a worse call than any replacement ref made in the NFL. However, it led to the best play I've seen in my life.

    • Marcus

      This wasn't the nfl

  • rlp

    Who ever hosts these videos sucks! They almost never play.

  • Afrika

    And you wonder why your daughter only likes black meat.

  • 87eddiemac

    This is actually video of Vincent Smith a day after the Clowney hit. It's being filmed by his neurologist to document his baseline mental functions for the rest of his life.

    • Marcus

      He had no concussion
      Hit looked worse than it was since he is so short

  • Jink

    Love the kids sarcastic laugh at the end. Lol

  • Marcus

    Was an exciting game
    Was an aweful call as we're many in that game
    The refs were high a cool level at best

  • Dres

    Sounds like every other female side-line reporter.

  • Canucks_Rule

    teach these kids about 4th and inches please.

  • Juju Bee

    This was annoying and stupid. Stop wasting my time with lame crap.

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