Oh Sh!t (31 Photos)

  • chive city 4

    Chive is the best! Great post. Keep up the great work

    • This guy

      Hope you get all that brown off your nose before you eat dinner

      • meh

        better then a FIRST! Guy

  • Frog


    • Chivacy Please

      #5 Shopped….the deer has no shadow

      • the sun

        pretty sure its there. look where i put the shadow of the fender

  • crustybubblechunks

    #4 Looks like those Duke boys are at it again

    • trotterman

      Once they had kids, a Grand Wagoneer was the obvious choice.

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      Now, the Griffing boys better grow some wings, or start flapping their arms. – Mr. Waylon Jennings

    • Stinky Dog


  • Superman

    #20 Thor arrives.

    • Chris

      The Vid for this is great, it blows a big man hole cover up in the air at the front of the plane.
      Happened at Perth Airport last year.

    • Innocent_Bystander

      And he's mad they made him ride Coach, even though he paid for Executive.

  • #1paulafan

    Oh Paula I need moar, my body aches for your wityy troll knowledge don't deny me my one pleasure in life.

    • Ass

      Suck my cock you homo.

    • Oltimey

      Its like Bettlejuice….Just say her name three times in a row and BOOM….There she is….

      • #1paulafan

        Paula Paula Paula …

  • sfb101

    #10 #27 Too much Taco Bell.

    • gmen

      im at the pizza hut! im at the taco bell! im at the combination pizza hut and taco bell!!!

  • Kool-aid man

    #16 Oh yeah!

  • slip

    #23 dude just squeeze the rear brake and you'll be right back on

    • El Pato

      one does not simply squeeze the rear brake when one's feet or off the pegs…

      • jeff

        you do when you have it relocated to a lever on the handlebars…

      • slip

        you do on this bike, but whatever

    • donalbaine

      Rear brake is on the right side foot peg. Jussayin'.

      • Big Joe

        Not on a stunt bike.

        • Jen

          dude, guys, like shut up. i know everything about bikes.

  • The Minotaur

    #1 has been on before, and each time I think this might be 'shopped.

    • TheVanityScore

      tom delonge in the first date video

      • TheVanityScore

        boomer is back….

    • amigoville

      only just noticed the harness was breaking. always thought this was on oh sh!t cause he's super creepy

    • Jen

      sexy face.

    • pixelogre

      Looks like Drew Peterson, or atleast rob Lowe from the Drew Peterson movie. yup creepy

    • maria

      I thought it was oh shit! because it looks like he has a toupee that is about to fly off

  • PB&J

    #6 In Russia, face break hammer!

  • tv_paul

    #6 STOP…….Hammer Time.

  • The claw

    #14 looks pretty fake to me

  • J-Walk

    I could watch #14 all day!

  • Z_b

    #31 dude got awesome reflexes!

    • jesus

      its strange how that bike didnt roll over, it just stop right there like there was no speed…strange

      • Mike Hunt

        Jesus, I know science is not your forte; borrow a page from Newton, man go forward, bike go backward.

  • nodon

    #6 – I can imagine how just about every other pic came about, but this? Gotta be Russia.

  • El Pato

    *are off the pegs*

  • Trav1121

    #26 Reminds me of Dumb and Dumber. Gotta watch that movie again. Haha

  • fgbsgb

    That sea lion looks like maaawwwwwfuckin dinosawrrrrr

  • MylesofStyles

    #7 You would think that they would have produced some world class sprinters by now…

    • Hrdwood

      they've tried but during practice they always come in dead last…

      • Mac

        Wow, you sir, are a cunt.

    • Jon

      It's always funny when a website can trivialize and mock people who are living in constant fear of dying from a missile.

      • that guy

        They should move

        • Jon

          that's about what I'd expect from that guy.

    • Ozy

      Proof that the izralie's are only targeting "terrorists"….

  • tv_paul

    #1 In the year 2025, Ryan Reynold's will sustain fatal injuries in a bizarre Para-Gliding accident. On his death-bed he will still defend the Green Lantern movie as being Oscar worthy..

    • Fatty

      This is one of the best comments I've ever read.

  • Schnizz56

    #7 brought to you courtesy of the red, white & blue

    • gbw

      by way of isreal

      • sam

        looks like syria

    • Jon

      You are actually glorifying this image? You're proud of a picture of innocent people being bombed? What's wrong with you? Would you think this if it was a picture of a bomb about to hit your neighborhood, or if one of those people were a family member? Seriously…what's wrong with some of you?

      • Jason

        Dude it's a shopped pic. I loaded those bombs for years and you can see in the picture that the tail fins are not extended. When the bomb drops away from a plane the fins extend from the back and provide better guidance capabilities (although it is the front fins that "steer" the bomb.) Plus, the bomb would be falling so fast that you wouldn't have time to react to it much less get a picture with the bomb only slightly blurry.

        • whatever

          Or you or your your camera survive it to post to the internet…


    #27 Guy looks like he could be a ginger and with a fire bush like that he is the ginger king!

  • blah face

    #27 Nice fire crotch bro

  • John Jones

    #24 is from the snowboarding movie The art of flight.

    • Erik

      And he lands it.

      • Evan

        Nooo, he doesn't quite pull that one off

    • Tyler

      Great Movie and show!!!. Those with Netflix… Watch It!!

    • Lookatme

      T. Rice!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wisti

    #31 the parents of that child should be punched in the throat repeatedly until their windpipe collapses

    • genie

      thumbs-up to the rider though, that guy has cheetah reflexes.

      • Wilmah

        I would kept going, maybe even jump on the kid for momentum.

    • Simply Joe

      This is why we need fences on the boarder….of the race track

    • Auhnold

      Looks like it is straight out of RAD Racing.

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