Signs full of ‘WTF’ (30 Photos)

  • Matt

    Ahhh get him and im first

  • Rick

    Wouldn't it be easier if more things were labeled like this 😉

    • grebis

      things like grape nuts, that contain no grapes and no nuts, go figure…

    • crustybubblechunks

      Ooh! A piece of candy

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 alien killer zombies? When did they invade and where do we sign up?

    • asdfg

      wait… are the zombies killing the aliens?

  • RealZoo

    #20 Yes, yes I will!!!

    • Danbo

      I live about an hour's drive from there… I'd certainly oblige her 🙂

  • Dyquen

    #15??? A sign for where its ok for target practice bukake shots at planes?

    • Underbaker

      I want to know what the sign to the left is with the bewbs on it?

    • jpd01

      This is Chinese slang for ejaculation. Da fei ji like comparing shooting one off to a fighter jet streaking into the distance.

      • Tbag

        How does that make any sense?

  • Not impressed

    Nothing stands out

  • Chiver4Life

    #8 Specific.

    • JarJarToy

      Finally meesa been outta work since the clone wars!!!

  • Rainbow

    #1 is the neon that's above my bed warning the dudes what I have going on.

    • this guy says

      how loose is this gorilla? i hope its as loose as Paris Hilton

    • trotterman

      Why should the dudes worry, unless you're planning to use it on them?

    • TheVanityScore


  • DerJöe

    #22 you probably should use rubber sheets for that one

    • craigg

      I submitted this photo probably two years ago, better late than never…thanks chive lol. This is at a Target btw

      • ...

        I think they've actually used it a few times if I recall correctly

    • Willy

      Short for standard

  • imdowngetme

    Who's the chick with the a simple man tshirt?

  • Jimmy_Recard

    I think I'm missing something in #12

    • Underbaker

      They are being considerate and showing you where you can get Women and Snacks.

      • ...

        I thought it was a woman making snacks (kitchen) joke but maybe I read to much into it.

  • tralfaz

    #22 You're gonna get pink eye for sure.

  • Choad

    #5 Must've gone looking for the brown chicken.

    • Garret

      Now I'm gonna be singing that all day.

  • Alan Garcia

    #1 did they ever find that gorilla that escaped from the zoo and punched you in the eye

    • Underbaker

      I heard he became a rock star…

  • Silverstone

    #27 Could be! I'd love to see anybody prove the sign is, in fact, wrong.

    • DickFister

      Wallace, Idaho. The small mining town of fewer than 2,000 people does have some bragging rights: Used to boast more millionaires per capita than any city in the U.S. And up until about 20 years ago, it also boasted more brothels or "butt huts" (5) per capita than any city in the U.S.

  • AnItalianChiver

    #15 dat iphone…

  • emmylou

    #28 I live fairly near that and it gets me in fits of giggles every time.

  • badsentinel

    #30 is classic

  • tv_paul

    #6 They should try 1 – 877 – Kars 4 Kids.

  • FarmBoy

    #9 in America we have "Made In China." In Canada you have, "Made In U.S.A." Canada, still our bitches.

    • CanadianMedic

      Yah cause we don't allow products with lead paint it makes us your bitches. Go finish your Big Mac and head off to dialysis for your diabetes.

      • Crazy_Jake

        Its is fucked up how everything you pick up in America say Made in China. Pisses me off that finding things MADE IN AMERICA should be so damn hard.

      • FarmBoy

        It's a joke, lighten up, eh. One, the last time I had a Big Mac was about 5 years ago. Why buy a burger, when you can kill a white-tail and make a burger out of that. Two, my great-grandmother, and now my grandmother have gone through dialysis, so please don't go there.

        • CanadianMedic

          I was also kidding that's the problem with posting you can't tell the inflection or tone and I'm sorry about your relatives struggles I transport ppl to dialysis every day. So I can understand their pain/suffering It was supposed to be an Americans are all fat joke making a mockery of the stereotype sorry if it offended you in a personal level wasn't my intention. KCCO brother!

  • sayin

    #29 officially time to retire this photo…you burned it out chive

  • halfsmoke00

    #11 A sign you could post anywhere.


    #24 832? Go figure thats here in Houston…

  • 3PleasantGentlemen

    #22 I'd still hit it.

  • inkstained

    Saw one the other day. "Who is Mike Hunt?"

    Was about to Google "Mike Hunt".


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