’80s supermodels then and now (19 Photos)

  • DannoTheManno88

    #7 Still would

  • Tim

    Cindy Crawford will be beautiful forever.

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #6 She was one of the hottest girls ever! Why did she marry that ugly ass rocker? Ugh.

  • JAW

    #7 They all filled out except Cindy Crawford. They probably got tired of years of dieting.

  • danno

    Seems like a very loose definition of "80's". Cheryl Teigs was much more the 70's. Herzigova definitely the 90's.

  • john

    #12 ….shwiiing!

  • zackgonick

    #1 #5 #9 and #12… yep.

  • CountZero

    14 years ago, my wife and I went through IVF. They had #7 Playboy issue there for me. I've always considered her my kids' step-mom.

  • Wolf

    #19 Carol Alt – who was her main?

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #8 favorite 80's movie! weird science.. is it bad that we'd still boink her?

  • Scott P

    #8 Kelly looks like she ate herself….

  • Fish

    #15. With the exception of that worthless First Class Bitch Pig Janice Dickinson, these Women all look great.

  • Fish

    Thanks for NOT including that Pig Cock Slurping Naomi Campbell. She never deserved to share the runway with the rest of them. Disgusting, NASTY Ho!!!!!!!

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  • martian

    nooo! you're forgetting number one model from the 80s: Renée Simonsen.
    this is unjustifiable. have you seen her lately? she's more beautiful than ever!

  • LBF 4 ever

    I can't believe that Kathy Ireland and Kelly LeBrock were my favs back then and how good Kathy still looks and how bad Kelly has gotten

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  • jakee308

    Time is not kind to the ladies.

    'course some of them could've laid off the Dom Perignon and the caviar.

    Just sayin'

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