One beautiful Marine Chivette (25 Photos)

Meet Alexa and those amazing eyes...

  • Seo

    Hot ! but here is more hot woman: 😀

  • Paul Hogan

    Simply Gorgeous

  • carlos1128

    i nand flbpeveri got a computer until i stumbled on to this.
    thanks michelle. btw can any one tell me what
    MILF are acronyms for?
    chive on

  • -06

    Why do people talk so much shit about woman in the Marines? I don't know about you but I personally don't like a 100% Sausage fest. Also who cares if she is a POG or Supply. If you really think about it without Supply we would't have alot of the Supply items we need day to day for everything. Also without POG's the Marines corps wouldn't work. There would be no pay, no comm, no food, nothing to wipe your dirty grunt ass with. Just saying.

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