I want that (40 Photos)

  • ray


    • Kristen

      You've never touched one.

  • John

    #28, in case of zombies, bust out your toys? nah

    • Jen

      whoever got that for their kid is super awesome. i need one for my boy.

      • dutch

        your boy can have fun popping foam darts at zombies while they eat his brains. my son will learn how to properly use a firearm to protect himself

        • Jen

          i was referring to using it for play purposes. ive already got my apocalypse prepping in order, buddy.

        • Claude

          you are all kinds of stupd

    • Jon

      You have clearly never heard of Humans vs Zombies.

  • Du mas

    #2 your damn skippy!

    • Du mas

      You're *

    • MonkeyMadness

      Your damn skippy what?

  • Shiguy

    #7 How bout you just go pick you up one of those new things they call a laptop, or even an iPad….hmmmm

    • fucked

      no, this is designed for porn

  • Epitomizer

    #13 One of the few benefits from growing up near Chernobyl.

    • chivester

      would be great if they got brighter when sensing heat

    • Smitty

      Gives new definition to "Hot Zone."

  • JeanRussoJr

    #12 He's even got the stomach for it

  • Boulderevolution

    #31 Pizza Time!

    • G_Had

      Drugs are bad m'kay

      • Anonymous

        So I know the obvious use of such a glass piece but what kind of legal tobacco do people claim to smoke when purchasing one of these? I really dobt know and am actually curious.

        • TrueCaper

          A 20 year old stoner cashier doesn't ask for your back story when you're buy a bong, he just yells KOWABUNGA !

  • tv_paul

    #13 Trongerie

    • slip

      haha… nice

    • drewplp

      Can you find the G-spot now?!

      • Mikey D

        You thinking this would help someone find the G-spot tells me that you have no clue where it is.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    I like big butts and I can not lie

  • crustybubblechunks

    #14 Best bite ever

  • tv_paul

    #19 Great except get rid of the rabbit food in the middle .

    • Bhodi

      Finally a bacon bowl for my bacon!

    • Ming Peishi

      Why are greens rabbit food? You realize that some of the biggest mammals on earth eat the same thing, right?

      • Sleepy379

        And we eat those animals.

      • OmahaDude

        That's what my food eats.

      • Kristen

        Go eat a fuckin' cat, Ming.

        • fedf

          language young lady.

    • Bob

      try this: do it with biscuits, and fill them with chili… mmmm

  • Dick trickle

    I'd like to take #34 and spend a couple days on #40 with her

    • ninjaturtle

      I'd like to take #40 and spend a couple days on #34

      • salohcin

        Ohhhh. Beat me to it.

      • This guy

        #34 Melissa mendiny —> porn

        • Steve

          I just went from 6 to 12

  • chambes

    #6 is Shanghai, hence the smog

  • moondog

    #1 this guy should receive a nobel price for that

    • Scrooge McDuck

      Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog. Outstanding

    • deezus

      *piece price

      • 5280Blazin

        ^^^^ LOL dumbass

      • bifford

        peace – piece

        • TU_Joe

          It's prize guys….

  • slip

    #5 kind of a strange dorsal fin, but I'll still take it.

    • Jesus Christ

      Eww shit I didn't even notice that, I was too busy looking at her ass.

  • slip

    #23 YES…. WANT… very much

    • Zia

      such a $hit shirt

    • tv_paul

      I'd like to OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY, OLAY, this girl.

    • YNWA

      ManUre sucks

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Hell no!

      Those are shit seats!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #5 #23 #34
    Want doesn't even begin to define it…

  • jmonster

    I want that fox by the pool… #5 and for the love of god, find that amazing rack/face in #23

    • le' bla!

      glory glory man united!

  • beerich

    These things are too expensive

  • flybirdsfly

    #4 The amount of coordination required, is too damn high!!!

    • Courtesy Flush

      Not for a woman.

    • Kevin B.

      but it's hands free so she can continue to fix a sandwich…

    • skwlkd

      what happens when you get the dirt? hop?

    • Guest

      I wonder how many people land on their ass trying to use it.

  • Jonathan

    #34 is the most inviting thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

    • Jen

      "would you like to read this weird book about hair with me?"

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbcorey Jcore3


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  • dwc928s4


    • Courtesy Flush

      page maybe.

  • ChristHump

    My penis can be rather mischievous at times.

    • Bob

      well Christ, you know what you said a few millenia ago.
      "if thy hand offend thee, cut it off"

      your move.

      • ChristHump

        Nah, it's usually getting me into slippery situations but I come out ok.

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