GO PATS!!!

    • Connor

      YAAA GO PATS!!!

  • @jbvancamp

    Can't put your finger on put it in it..

    • Al Czervik

      I bet she was something before electricity

  • Stimpy


    • PLEASE

      For the love of god!!! BRING BACK THINGS THAT BOUNCE !!!

    • MattDamonFace

      With each bounce, a new FAP

    • Norbs

      I believe she has found the correct resonating frequency of boobs…

    • Sarge

      I like the part where her boobs bounce.

  • nodon

    She's going to need a piece of steak for that black eye.

  • momo19256

    the caption made that funny. 🙂 but i too was hypnotized.

  • Skevin

    Reminds me of Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura

    • Charles Ontiveros

      how so? im a jim carrey fan

  • greg

    Anyone who is against bringing back "Things that Bounce" should be tried for treason.

    • Canadastani

      Ahhhh. Boob gifs.

  • Jimmy

    Where did she put her furniture?

  • Johnny

    The only upside here is watching her tits bounce up and down.

    • ThunderKCCO

      really? the rest of us were all watching it for the artistic merit and quality of dance… we hardly noticed her excellent breasts bouncing up and down, honestly!!

  • jokerz4fun

    Sooooo much movement

  • Richy

    I found this very sexy.. Find!

  • Minha Lenha

    She's really good!!

  • kait

    Ladies and Gentlemen…we have Things That Bounce Tuesday…

    • jesus

      It´s the only thing that i see in that video!!!

  • Guest

    What's the name of the song?

    • SONGZ

      The songs, in order, are:
      Booty Swing- Parov Stelar
      Ragtime Cat – Parov Stelar

  • Giggity!

    I put my fingers on it.

  • Drizzey

    anyone have the song?

    • Rick

      Parov Stelar – Booty Swing

    • Ethan

      First song's booty swin, second one's the ragtime cat, both by Parov Stelar

  • The_Chive_Guy

    Find Her!!!

  • Everclear

    Boobs. ♥

  • Steve Grenier

    Must. Play again.

  • Kev

    Wow it IS mesmerizing… She moves amazingly and is cute. Must watch again…

  • lfgd1978

    I feel lazy today so imagine a dirty but witty comment about her bouncy b00bs

  • ron

    The shuffle. Started back in the 90's.

    LMFAO (to me) brought it more mainstream with their Party Rock Anthem a year or so ago.

    • Not Shuffle

      The Charleston; started before LMFAO was even a twinkle in their parent's eyes.

      • Steven

        For one the Charleston is not like shuffling. Sure there might be slight hints of it in there. But its a lot different
        And its not the running man either which is what your thinking of from the 90's
        And Redfoo, who started LMAFO with his nephew, is 37 years old..

        • Not Shuffle

          a slide step [shuffle] is just a drawn out Charleston step. All she is doing is either walking, half a basic or half of other steps/forms ie the front-back "shuffle" while alternating foot angles is based on 20's Charleston…. The "slight hints" are much much more than that

    • ron

      Look at the title of the post. This is NOT "Cute Girl Does the Charleston". It's the Melbourne Shuffle that's she's doing. It might use bits and pieces of the Charleston as well as other dances.
      Look it up. Hate to use Wikipedia as a source, but pretty much the truth here.

      Started in the 90's, and the same thing LMFAO uses. In fact, they had a contest and the winner got to be in the video. So all y'all can suck it.

      • tbjacobs

        Anyone who references LMFAO should Charleston off the edge of a cliff.

  • Sasquatch

    Mmm… that's nice. I can see that hula hoop girl messing this up. Well done though. Anyone know the song though? Must have.

    • Eugenio

      Not sure but it sounds a lot like "The Asteroids Galaxy Tour"

      • Harperres

        Booty swing-parov stelar

  • Cris

    I wanna see this again without the light from the window screwing with how clearly I can see her. ask her for moar! 🙂

    • VedHead77

      Without the light from behind, I think you would be able to see Pedobear hiding in the corner waiting for the song to end, with a bottle of chloroform and some rope.

    • Hip Noobster Photo

      No shit. Someone get some Kino Flo's and a decent camera in that room. Back light is for hipsters and noobs.

    • creatingmanu

      You´re welcome sir…

  • Sauers

    Girl goes hard! love the moves so much had to watch is twice.

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