Hot Right Now: The weekend is in sight, now we just DGAF (42 Photos)

The first time Chivettes have come out to play (63 Photos)

  • SoTxOil1

    From a Rockport Chiver need MOAR #45

  • Todd

    #21 and #43 I could handle both of you…together!

  • boobguy

    #4 #8 #11 #12 great (O)(O)'s

  • geoff

    #28 Hottest ever on the chive

  • Ava

    #27 Holy sh!t you're gorgeous! And I'm a girl 😉

  • Quick Rick

    #4 is exactly my kind of women. Please MOAR!!! And thanks to all the AB Chivettes for their courage, keep them coming :).

  • Jeff


  • t money

    this girl seems confident. Confident girls are sexy

  • @Jnash06

    5&50 MOAR PLEASE!!!!

  • Scott

    #32, Yes, we accept Zombie-fied Chivettes as well. Welcome and please deter from eating our brains.

  • erw311

    #17 #40 #50 – So fit – So phat and Nipples!

  • CaChivette

    Some of the women that are posted on there have a less than ideal face but a tiny body or large boobs. It's unfortunate that THAT is all it takes. I'm a loyal Chivette for a long time now, but I have no luck with getting put on the Chive.

    • Cierra

      Hey CaChivette, #53 here! fully clothed in my pic girl, and im definitely not the owner of a large rack lol. So go on and submit some pictures of your bad self. 🙂 KCCO

  • Marco

    #42 – Cute as hell! Gorgeous brown eyes…

  • raskal

    know what rhymes with MOAR? #4 Looking good!!

  • Shane

    #45! Iv lived in Corpus and feel like i never saw women that good looking!

  • MasterBlaster

    Wow I guess The Chive is everywhere. Even my hometown. Very nice #45 keep it up. From a fellow corpus christian 🙂

  • Dale

    #5#37#43 I may be in love with all of you!

  • Testicles maximus

    #50 … Moar PLS.

  • MartyNW

    #40 there is no way she is a 1st timer. Mother of Moar

  • Sammy316

    #1 DailyGrace?

  • volleychiver

    #6 Is mind-numbingly hot! #28 is phenomenal as well. And #40 is deliciously squishy 🙂

  • volleychiver

    #4 is SUPER dreamy too

  • Dman

    Oh my God, I NEED #28. Please………MOAR of her.

  • Rocketman

    #40 #62 Welcome…and I hope we get MOAR!

  • Capt Obvious

    #40 doggystyle much?

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