I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I want that (35 Photos)

  • von Mises

    #12 According to Obama and the DHS, that is the home of a terrorist

    • Justin

      I know the owner of this home. Actually a very good guy. Does everything he can for those he cares about.

  • Rich1988

    #23 I'm English so that's the wrong flag but hay… I could watch that all day, god bless America!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – why george lucas will continue to be a rich bitch.

  • cjay

    #11 where do they sell these at ??? #12 love to have this for my door. #13 YES… MOAR… #23 I'd like to have a flag like that.

    • Wyatt

      #11 they are called "Ready to Rocktails".

  • Sonic

    Dude.. Because of this category and many others … Money could totally buy happiness..

  • Irish-Man

    #16 Even with this, I'd still suck. Love pool just terrible at it.

  • supajupa

    I sure wish you guys would post links or sources with these things. It's such a cock tease to find something amazing and want to look further into it only to google "sofa that turns into a dinning table" and get tons of garbage results.

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