• Timmy


    • GrofDeLord

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    • randomperson32

      Out of all the YT videos out there, u chose this one????? Thanks for nothing.

  • Roy

    45 seconds I'll never get back

    • G_Had

      It was your decision to watch it, stop complaining.

  • erick

    Come on people. Have a heart.

  • Fuck

    That was really stupid, honestly not even sure why that would be posted here.

    • JackDiesel

      You say why? Bob says why not?

    • MBNS

      So start your own site and post what you want. Problem solved. That was simple.

    • whale huntr

      ad revenue…….

  • Drew

    Cute baby none the less

  • Hands down

    Well I'm sure Tom Cruise is gonna sue now.

  • I.L.

    New Game – Put your baby in a safe harness and play like the arcade claw game.. whatever the baby grabs onto and pulls out from a prize pot the parent gets to keep.

  • Sethiroth

    was i the only one expecting something fucked up to happen?? This is not how i wanted to start my sunday

    • Razzle

      I was waiting for something stupid to happen too, you're not the only one

  • off2surf

    It could of been worse. At least we didnt have to watch that fucking kroll show ad.

    • Canucks_Rule

      i know. fucking annoying!!

  • Shazam

    Da fuq.

  • Visitohr

    This is all it takes to get on TheChive?

  • Daywalker

    Mi:6 meet CFS

  • SirChive

    hey bob how about you sit the next few rounds out.

  • Canucks_Rule

    not what i was expecting.

  • MacGuyver

    Fuck you Bob.

  • Tom

    Waste of my 45 sec.

  • JackBurton

    Bob should have his posting privileges revoked. Fucking stupid video.

  • Come on

    Some lazy shit CHIVE

  • Megan

    So he turned his baby into a claw machine? Unimpressed.

  • Ur MOM

    I seriously lost brain cells with that one, SMDH

  • rick

    the first sign the chive is going downhill. that was the LAMEST thing Ive ever seen SUPER lame

  • Chicago

    why is this on chive? this should not be on chive. pls correct.

  • Bobestradamus

    So cool!
    Said no one, ever.

  • Alberta Dirty

    Baaahahaha well played sir

  • Pedro Negro

    Shouldn't this be under "should definitely have children" listing?

    …or am I wrong in thinking it's fucked up to use kids like this in their most impressionable stages? Kids do funny enough stuff admit is without having to manufacture it due to boredom. Sorry Bob, love your work, not your best.

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