80 days later, Hurricane Sandy destruction is still palpable (26 Photos)

  • Tiber_Septim

    #1 #13 #16 SOON! (not soon enough)

  • Danica SmashYA

    #26 and people say carnival rides are unsafe, looks like they only thing left standing

  • Diana


    • beotch

      No one FUCKIN' CARES! You bred snooki

      • Armada

        Actually…Snooki is from NY…

  • Baba Booey

    Nice to see that nobama has done so much for those areas affected. Guarantee if that happened in a foreign country, he would send a whole bunch of aid to help. Hope the area is able to recover with that numbnut's help

    • BSS

      You should stop watching Fox News for a while and learn what's really happening in the world.

      • Herb

        Maybe you should start.

      • mises

        oh really?! how is this post not what's really happening in the world? when this happened in new orleans six days into it they declared bush's presidency a failure and he was an enemy of the people and didn't care about blacks blah blah blah….with obama it's a non story. not a word. it has been a major disaster and we see evidence on a website that posts funny pictures.

        • Perkins Maxwell

          hmm, do you recall the part where the house republicans voted to DENY sandy aid for weeks? Don't forget that.

          I am a New York Democrat and I wish there had been far more done — there needs to be more coverage of it I agree. But it's as silly to blame it all on Obama as it was on Bush. To my mind, the main issues: What the House did was outright evil. And you have to remember, FAR more people live in the coastal regions of NY/CT/NJ than in the entire bloody state of Louisiana — probably than in all of Louisiana and Mississippi combined. So no wonder the damage is greater in scale (if not in intensity at the center).

          • Ryan

            I may be talking out of my ass here but wasn't the funding denied because there was a bunch of back door costs for fixing roofs at the Smithsonian and shit like that?

            • yup

              RYAN – You are exactly right. The crazy dems were trying to get in as much as possible!!

              • Red

                Ryan is correct. The fucking bill was loaded with pork. Pricks couldn't resist, they had to load it with more shit we cannot afford.

          • Ok

            Hahaha your bullshit has already been exposed so ill just laugh. Why do people feel the need to completely live their lives by the standards of one party? Both fucking suck and all of the people who run our government are puppets or out to make more money for themselves or both. Politics is nothing but gang warfare these days and its killing this country.

            Oh and what you said about Katrina compared to sandy is bullshit too. New Orleans alone suffered as much if not more damage than the whole area affected by sandy. It is also a major population center with millions of people living there.

            So what's worse to you? More people suffering a lot or a lot of people suffering more? Of coarse you're going to say your situation was worse and try to justify why your area recieved more help faster. But to those of us who weren't involved in either and can take an objective and unbiased view of both, Katrina was much worse and handled much worse too.

          • mises

            but i'm not blaming obama either. it's not the job of the president to solve any of this. im merely pointing out the double standard of the media. im not arguing that obama is at fault. of course there is more damage, yet i counted about 12 news shows thay kept repeating how much of a contrast between obama and bush. really? what exactly has this president done that is so much better that he deserves no criticism whatsoever?

        • John

          Our president was there the next day. Nuff said.

          • http://twitter.com/therealpaulyd3 @therealpaulyd3

            Right before the election. Since that Tuesday in November I highly doubt Obummer has even thought about NJ/NY and the other affected areas

            • URDumb

              Open your eyes and ears. He talks about them all the time. Please try to pay attention.

            • John

              Don't leave out my state of Connecticut. And you are very wrong.

          • Baba Booey

            That idot never misses a photo op or an opportunity to make himself look like the almighty savior. What a pos

            • JESSE

              POS= piece of shit

          • gs425

            Days before the election…how convenient. Not to mention the resources in law enforcement and other emergency services it takes to cater to that POS. that could have been used in immediate after effects of the storm. Bid deal….he did a photo op. The pictures above showed us how good that op did huh/

            Get your fucking head out of his ass you sycophant.

            • john

              "convenient" wow you are a loser

              • gs425

                Yes "convenient". Do you know what that means?

            • They took er jerbs..

              Yeah, and Mitt's rally to collect canned foods wasn't convenient at all. You hate Obama, no matter what he does you will continue to hate him. Just admit it.

          • mises

            so he was there the next day. and how much faster have things got done? what has been fixed so much better by him showing up? here we are 80 days later, is that really "nuff"? he also jumped right back on a plane and flew back to the campaign trail. shows whats more important i guess

    • saltygary

      Fa Fa Flunky you don't think their lack of progress has anything to do with congress not wanting to give them funding? They finally just signed it last week because they are also a bunch of bozo's like you. But you're right, Obama should have waived his magic wand, he is a worlock you know.

      • Derv

        Level 90?

    • Jesus Christ

      Wasn't it Boehner who didn't even let the aid bill get to the floor. Oh yeah it was. Wasn't it Governor Christy, a Republican, who blasted the Republicans in Congress for being worthless pieces of shit and praised Obama for trying? Oh yeah it was. Pay the fuck attention. it was all over the news, except Fox News, partisan fucks. The reasoning for Republicans had for blocking the bill was that they had to figure out where to cut spending first to make up for the money spent. But when Bush was President, there was no issue spending money without having to cut spending, they figured out where to cut later. It's a chess game played by the Republicans to make Obama look as bad as possible when it's not his fault. Don't you remember when Obama got elected for his first term and the Republicans claimed that their agenda for the next 4 years was to guarantee that Obama didn't get elected again, not trying to fix the economy. Get your head out of your ass. Taking care of your fellow man is far more important than bickering among themselves about who is the bigger asshats.

      • gs425

        Nice job of accepting being duped out of billions of dollars in the name of compassion. You're an idiot.

        • Jesus Christ

          Peace and love brother. Wouldn't you be pretty pissed if it took Congress over 60 days to get you the relief money you need so that you could rebuild and go back to your old life. It doesn't matter the amount of money we spend if it means helping out fellow Americans in a time if crisis. These people lost everything and you're more worried about spending a little money than being a good person. If something happens to you don't go complaining about not having the basic necessities.

          • gs425

            You're now confusing emotions with thinking. You're still an idiot.

            • Jesus Christ

              How do you suggest we help these people? We have to take a minor financial hit upfront which can be worked out later. In this case it is perfectly acceptable for emotions to effect the process of thinking. Here's how it works: "Wow we feel really bad that this happened to our fellow countrymen lets give them money and figure out how to pay for it later." Not, "Well it sucked that they lost everything but lets take our damn sweet time with our thumbs up our asses making useless calculations and then when we finally give them the money we can feel bad about what they are going through." Wake up, Congress is fucking with all of us for the sake of making more money for themselves.

              • gs425

                Excellent post on how the status quo works and your willingness to repeat it endlessly. After all, it's dupes like you that gave us a 16.3 trillion dollar debt.


                • Jesus Christ

                  Yup of course, how could I forget that I work in Congress and get to decide where all the spending and cuts go. Clearly it's the average Americans fault that we're in a huge hole, not the jag-offs that run the country.

                  • gs425

                    You keep voting for them don't you? Tell us, did you vote for "change" as well? My guess is you did. How did that work? Every passing comment you post makes you look like a bigger and bigger fool.

                    • Jesus Christ

                      I didn't vote for any of the people currently in office, nor did I vote for "change". Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. This argument is pointless, we have different views on how to proceed with relief aid and neither of us going to be swayed. I'm done.

                    • gs425

                      So you didn't vote at all or even worse, you voted libertarian? LOL….that just as good as voting for the incumbents.

                      Bigger and bigger…..

                    • Jesus Christ

                      I never said I didn't vote, I said I didn't vote for anyone currently in office.

                    • gs425

                      'OR" Jesus H Christ take a remedial reading class.

                    • Jesus Christ

                      Nice job changing your comment to have a comeback. :S

                    • gs425

                      What the hell are you talking about now?

                    • Jesus Christ

                      Direct quote from my email, compare to previous comment note the time stamp:
                      gs425 replied to your comment on 80 days later, 12:24 PM (55 minutes ago) Hurricane Sandy destruction is still palpable (26 Photos) / theCHIVE:

                      So you didn't vote? LOL….that just as good as voting for the incumbents.

                      Bigger and bigger…..
                      Go to comment

                      In reply to your comment:

                      I didn't vote for any of the people currently in office, nor did I vote for "change". Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. This argument is pointless, we have different views on how to proceed with relief aid and neither of us going to be swayed. I'm done.

                    • gs425

                      Umm, that was edited immediately afterI posted it and long BEFORE you replied.

                      BIgger and bigger the moron gets.

                    • Jesus Christ

                      Whatever this is fucking stupid. I'm done with you. Peace be with you.

                    • gs425

                      Stupid yes. I've already told you that you where numerous times, but yet you return.

                    • Idk

                      Not to get into a pocal debate, but part of the reason it took so long to get aid to those in need had a lot to do with misappropriations of relief funds. As others have said there were provisions in the original aid bill that ear marked money for things not even remotely related to sandy. It was stopped from passing by the hous because of said ear marks. Both sides of the coin are fatally flawed and corrupt and this "is vs them" gang warfare shit your both participating is doing exactly nothing to get us closer to fixing this country. But by all means, continue the pointless shit

                    • Jesus Christ

                      Agreed, I do this all the time when politics come up. Instead of agreeing to disagree, or coming to a unifying conclusion I keep at it. It's stupid I know but for some reason I can't help myself. 😐

                    • gs425

                      Please explain to us how fighting the waste is "participating is doing exactly nothing" Either you go with the status quo of wasteful spending or you fight against it.

                      The "pointless shit" you're watching is one of each POV. You can't have it both ways? Which is it?

            • mises

              well that's a liberal for ya. they're incapable of looking at page 2

      • Yum Yum Roll

        I wish the real Jesus was like you. I might actually have some faith then. It would be wonderful if people were more concerned with taking care of each other. I knew within seconds of seeing this post that it was going to rapidly devolve into political bickering and that the first stone would be thrown by an ignorant Obama hater. I'm not saying that you can't hate the man for whatever reason you see fit, that's your right. But have some common decency. What makes you think that a gallery of destruction where real human lives were ruined is the perfect place to make a political statement that nobody gives a shit about?

        • Jesus Christ


    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      Just so you're aware… there are areas of New Orleans that STILL look like this 8 years later.

      It took over 5 months for some areas to get power, considering I went home after my first semester in college for Christmas and my old neighborhood was still blacked out. FEMA's aid was a joke, especially for those in dire need. But hey, at least we got a bunch of MPs to patrol the area for the next year or so.

      Now, keep in mind, there was no dispute then in Congress about a bill to aid the gulf coast; there was just an overall lack of effort with people outside of the area (particularly north-easterners, how ironic) questioning whether the city was worth rebuilding due to its location and the frequency of hurricanes. The only person who notably pinned that solely on Bush was Kanye West. So essentially, you are Kanye West without the money, fame, or production talent (since that is undeniable while some will undoubtedly question his lyrical talent). Now please, as others have said, try not watching a news channel whose main agenda is to discredit and badmouth Obama. You may actually learn something.

      • Anonymous

        I'm not going to say thay Obama is the greatest person ever. But he's only the face of the country, it takes more than him to make decisions happen. He could come out tomorrow and say "every car in America should be painted pink" and that would just be his personal belief and preference but it wouldn't happen without the house and Senate agreeing with him. This government is fucked, it's not obama's fault.

        • gs425

          Apparently….nothing is Obamas fault. Loser.

          • Dj

            Well, the government being fucked isn't obamas fault. It's been this way for years and it only continues to get worse. But, that being said, Obama is still part of that fucked government and still has his fair share of the blame. If you don't think Obama hasn't fucked us everyday people as much as the rest of the government you don't know about the ndaa or h. R. 347. He could of vetoed both and helped preserve two of our rights outlined by the constitution (the right to assemble and the right to a fair trial) and instead he signed on the dotted line. Why you would ever try to blame anyone in politics and by then turn around and discount another's fault is beyond me. They're all equally as responsible since none of them are changing it.

            • Rich

              *Obama's, *could have or could've

          • Indeed

            Well, according to you and your ilk, everything is Obama's fault. Get over it…your Republicans ran the country into the ground with an illegal, unfinanced war, tax breaks for the wealthiest, and huge corporate giveaways. And now you are all of a sudden billing yourselves as stewards of responsible spending? Just go away.

        • mises

          ok then it wasn't bush's fault either then right?

      • Baba Booey

        Fema in general is a joke

    • CaptainInsano

      I knew some twit would post this garbage so that they could try to equate Obama to G.W. Bush's failures.. keep reaching, it only hurts arguments that conservatives have when people look uninformed like this. Further, it shows how straight-lined thinking is for people when they need to go full boar with either a liberal or conservative agenda. Take your panties off and do your homework before spewing garbage.

      • mises

        uh no, im making the argument that the media has a total double standard. you drone right along with them when you compare disaster under bush equals failure but same disaster under obama, well it' s not his fault! other mean republicans did it! not a reach you just have limited reading comprehension. try to keep up.

    • Bob Fungus

      I hadn't even gotten through the first picture when I wondered how long into the comments it would be before someone started into some political bullshit. Obviously, it didn't take long.

    • JerseyChivette

      Don't feed the troll. 😉

    • zackgonick

      A horrible tragedy occurs and people use this to preach why their political views are superior… this is what's wrong with the world.

      • mises

        i know it's horrible hearing the left talk about how the president is being treated unfairly. are you just as morally "outraged" when that happens you self righteous twit?

        • zackgonick

          Wow. An anonymous internet tough guy goes on the offensive with name calling. How original.

          I personally think both sides suck. For example: The Democrats should have focused on helping the people and leave the junk spending out of the bill. The Republicans should have allowed that bill to get voted on a long time ago by saying they'll pass it, but bring the wasteful spending to the American public's attention. I'd rather the North get their assistance early in a flawed bill than have them wait months longer in a perfect bill.
          I never said the President was or was not treated fairly. But I do think that most of us posting here should be too old to point the finger. Both sides have done incredibly stupid things over the years, and I think it's safe to say that many here didn't get outraged when their party did the exact same behavior years earlier.

          "self righteous twit"… grow up.

          • Blind loyalty

            Part of the "pork" was for fisheries in Alaska…not sure that a liberal put that in there. Republicans love pork as much as Dems…but only when they are asking for it.

            • zackgonick

              True. And I don't like that Republicans have turned pet projects into a bad word like pork. First of all, I live in South Carolina (heavily Republican state) and our state is trying to get Federal funding to deepen the harbor in Charleston so that the new mega sized cargo ships can pull into port. That is a "pork" project but at the end of the day it would help the state out a LOT, and I would bet money that because of that funding, it would also benefit logistics in the southeast.
              There is a big difference in the value of certain projects and I'm not opposed to funding if it's going to target something that's critical. Both sides put those in the budget but I'd like more openness on the value of why the federal government should help subsidize the cost.

  • lat297

    #23 Looks like Sandy caused $1m of improvements to the Starlight Hotel

  • stray

    billions of dollars to bail out criminal banks and to go running around the world sticking your nose in everyone elses business but the USA cant or wont even look after its own.

    • JerseyChivette

      Sandy Victims are now getting relief. The only ones who voted against relief for the Jersey Shore were House Republicans.

      • thedude325

        Yea because some sick ass individuals in congress decided it would be wise to load the bill with enormous amounts of pork. Of course, the mainstream media tends to leave out these important little details.

        • Indeed

          Actually, Sandy was added to a bill already including those items. Of course, Fox News tends to fabricate it's talking points so it's minions will run around and claim them as truths.

          • thedude325

            Sorry, still wrong. It makes no difference if it was added to a previous bill. It's dishonest to label something as relief aid and pass it along with strings attached. The Dems used the fact that the bill had so much unnecessary spending, knowing Republicans would not approve it, to blame the Republicans for not wanting to help Sandy victims. The media certainly didn't make any distinction. All they did was express false outrage at Republicans and further their false narrative that liberals are concerned with helping people and conservatives are not.

  • Curious

    Whats with all the cars lined up in #2-4?

    • Emmylou

      I second this question.

      • jimi

        Cars that are water damaged..

        • Curious

          Thanks 🙂

          • John

            What airport is that?

      • Austin

        I thought maybe it was the parking lot for the refugee center

    • Alumni72

      Probably 'abandoned' cars that were towed to clear roads for either evacuation or recovery work.
      Early on there were a few scams where people would find their card had been towed to supposedly clear the roads, when they had been left in their driveway (still there even after the storm was over) and had to pay out the nose to get them back, but that nonsense was slapped down pretty quickly.

      • Steve M

        Those are not abandoned cars, they are totaled/salt water flooded cars. The region lost nearly 250,000 vehicles during Sandy. Just a fraction of those cars are stored at the Calverton Airport in LI (source: http://www.wnyc.org/blogs/wnyc-news-blog/2013/jan… )

    • Bob25

      Stupid people. Thats why you pack up and GTFOut when there is a "Perfect Storm" a commin. Esp to an area that hasn't had a good storm come through in a few decades that isn't prepared, has no idea what to do, etc.

      Oh, and WTF. They had plenty of warning but made no attempt to seal off the subway entrances. I figured that out a week before the storm hit. Guess they just wanted the American people to pay for a single city's upgrade.
      If I burn down the local racetrack, you think the nation would rebuild it into a super speedway? Thanks taxpayers…

      • Tomt

        You do understand the meaning of the word historical, correct? Most people did leave, relatively few rescues after the storm hit.

        Sealing off the subway? lmao

      • Si1entStatic

        You live in Nebraska don't you…… A lot of people can't just stop their lives and move out.

        • Idk

          Ok, if you can't (or more likey just don't) pack your shit and get out of the way of a super storm, that's on you and you alone.

          What excuse can you possibly pull out of your ass that makes getting away from a big ass storm that's going to destroy things and make living there near impossible? You have to go to work? I don't think many businesses were open and I'd bet the employers were fairly understanding. If you didnt leave, that's because you were too stubborn to and you only caused yourself more suffering.

          Don't get me wrong, I'm not agreeing with what bob25 said. I'm just disagreeing with what you said. There are very few legitimate excuses that should prevent you from fleeing the impact area of a killer storm.

          • Mike

            I'm from Long Island……People on both coasts (and a couple MILES inland from both coasts DID evacuate).

            Nobody was killed and very few people were even injured. Property damage however was ASTROFUCKINGNOMICAL.

            The people who did evacuate didn't have the ability to simply pick up everything they fucking owned (including their homes themselves) and remove them from the danger zone.

            Add to that the fact that the storm surge from Sandy was 4 FEET higher than predicted…..When you live on a relatively flat island, an extra 4 feet of water moves the flood zone a LONG way further in from the coast. A lot of people lost property in areas where there was no flood damage expected.

            I'm not sure what part of this is hard for you to understand, though I'd have to simply assume you have absolutely no fucking idea what you're talking about.

    • http://twitter.com/reyetr @reyetr

      It's out in Calverton, Long island, they are storing them there and going to sell them to unsuspecting buyers. when they dry out. They will auction them off. Here is s story on the NY post, but if you google SANDY Cars, you will see there are tens of thousands. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/aparkalypse_no

  • Jim

    Nice use of "palpable". Triple letter word score.

  • Tami

    Need to hire the Japanese. Their cleanup process is second to none. Lookup pictures of the cleanup they did after the tsunami.

  • http://jerseyhurricanelawyer.com/2013/01/22/80-days-later-hurricane-sandy-destruction-is-still-palpable-thechive/ 80 days later, Hurricane Sandy destruction is still palpable : theCHIVE - JerseyHurricaneLawyer.com

    […] 80 days later, Hurricane Sandy destruction is still palpable : theCHIVE […]

  • ase

    You forgot to post pictures of what happened outside of America.

  • martytdx

    Just a few shots I took last weekend in Asbury Park: http://imgur.com/a/VcUOS

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #11 Survives Hurricane Sandy, still has the most fly rims in the hood.

  • Cloksin

    Everything still looks really bad because the devastation was tremendous. A lot of people who live on the barrier island weren't even allowed to go back to the islands until last week because of all the damage to the underground infrastructure that needed to be repaired, including sewer, water, gas and electric lines. I drive by one of the drop off locations for debris every single day and they've been adding thousands of cubic tons of debris. Hats off to all the volunteers who are working to help with the cleanup regardless of whether we get any money from the feds or not!

  • Samantha

    26 examples of where all that inauguration money SHOULD have gone…

    • Holden McGroin

      You hit the nail on the head.

    • Red

      And that comment is not just for the Dems, spending that kind of money for any second-term inauguration is an absolute joke. Just goes to show you how out of touch these criminals are.

  • blue_bronco

    Our govt at work.

  • Pro Death

    What happened is terrible but in all honesty how sorry can you feel for people that have 2 million dollar homes on the ocean and insufficient insurance?

    • Cloksin

      wow, you really are clueless, only about 1% of those homes are million dollar homes, the rest are owned by working class citizens, not too mention the devastation came a lot further inland, and destroyed homes no where near the water. As for insurance, people have adequate insurance, its just the insurance companies and FEMA are dicking people over when they try and file a claim.

    • rsjem1979

      You clearly don't understand the demographics of the area, so just stop. The overwhelming majority of people affected on the Jersey Shore, Staten Island and the Rockaways are working class people who live there year round.

      Try getting a clue before you open your stupid fat mouth.

      • Joe schmo

        How about you dont live so close to the ocean. That is the price you pay for living near the ocean. People dont learn from the mistakes. Move to Ny or PA if you want to be safe.

        • JerseyChivette

          Lmao I lived in PA. The Delaware River floods when it snows, when it drizzles, when the tides rise north without warning (when there isn't even any rain) it would wipe out homes businesses. You're an absolute idiot. Floods happen, disasters happen. It doesn't matter where you are you ignorant jackass.

    • E James

      I see the destruction that Sandy left behind everyday. I'm from Long Beach, NY and I have family from Breezy Point and the Rockaways. A good part of the community is made up of Cops and FD. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Hamburguler

    Cool story bro

  • Baba Booey

    Didnt realize there were so many bleeding heart libs on the chive

    • saltygary

      There isn't, chivers just don't like stupid fuckers like you.

    • inkstained

      It amazes me that you think feeling sympathy for others has anything to do with politics. Better to be a bleeding heart than heartless.

  • http://sandypropertyclaim.com/80-days-later-hurricane-sandy-destruction-is-still-palpable-thechive/ 80 days later, Hurricane Sandy destruction is still palpable : theCHIVE - SandyPropertyClaim.com

    […] 80 days later, Hurricane Sandy destruction is still palpable : theCHIVE […]

  • Si1entStatic

    I hope you and your kid get laughed at when you tell their show and tell class your career is to spam public comment boards and then wonder why Timmy's loyal chiver dad Tom decks you….

  • IrishWolfhound

    It amazes me how many Americans don't understand that you don't have to be a liberal to not be a cunt.

    • Commonsense

      If you want to condescend 300 million people, try to put a proper sentence together.

      • inkstained

        Take a good hard look at your own "sentence".

  • wadayagonnado


  • LeftFlasherOn

    Bush signed $10.5 billion in federal assistance 3 days after Katrina. It was all dedicated to disaster relief. Not the crap bill that is proposed for Sandy victims that includes billions for non-assistance projects, some in unaffected states. The Obama administration and all of congress should be ashamed for letting these people languish while waiting for pork barrel politics to play out. I'll give the House of Representatives a nod for questioning the money grab, and take it away for not proposing something viable.

    • sfb101


    • JP1

      Here Here!!!

    • Commonsense

      Yes,he waved his little signature on a piece of paper and ignored the situation after that..

      • Indeed

        Obama can't pass bills…that's Congress' job. The Senate did their job, House Republicans were the bottleneck.

    • JerseyChivette

      It was a one page bill! What pork?!

      Do you blindly follow everything Fox News tells you?

    • Indeed

      Wow, you really are disconnected from reality.

  • GeoQuin4

    I'm not so sure why this is such a big deal. One year after a tornado smashed Western Massachusetts, Springfield, MA and Monson, MA were still in shambles and to this day (1.5 yrs later), are still screwed. Then the same area was hit by a hurricane, then a massive October storm in 2011, and is still yet to recover from those. Missouri was smashed my a Tornado a couple of years ago and still looks worse than New Jersey… so why are we paying more attention to this?

    I don't want to make it like I'm dismissing the Sandy devastation, it is absolutely terrible… I just don't really understand why this gets so much attention.

    • Idk

      Because the people affected are much more vocal. I remember some older lady on a news clip I saw. She was from Statin island and she kept screaming "where's our help? You can't just leave us here to die" with that accent. They painted it as a tragic tale of a group of hapless and helpless people but they neglected to mention those people had advanced notice and chose to stay despite the governments best attempts at getting them to evacuate. That's on them and them alone and yet there they were on the news screaming about it.

      That's exactly why it's a bigger issue my friend.

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