I want… but do I need? (33 Photos)

  • Danica SmashYA

    #25 hells yes!

    • Lloyd_Xmas

      Need to build one of these at my family's cottage . . . we've got the topography for it!

    • kikass

      The slide is cool, but the swamp they're sliding into is the kind of watering hole most people avoid. Gross.

      • Jerkinstein

        ^^Not a Southerner^^

    • GrofDeLord

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    • Mike

      Seems irresponsible, I like it!

  • Porkins

    Really Chive? I don't think I've ever complained about a picture, but with all that is going on in this country about mass shootings, gun control and limiting the number of bullets a gun carry, you post this #2.

    • Fellow

      Heaven forbid they stand up for their second amendment. Liberal piece of trash.

      • saltygary

        Magazine size has no connection to the 2nd amendment. No matter where you stand on the issue, the 2nd amendment only implies that you have the right to arm yourself. The government could take away all modern weapons and only make pre-1900 guns available and it still would not infringe one that right.

        • bman

          So by not allowing a citizen to own a certain type of gun your not infringing on his right to bear arms?

          Honestly that type of logic is flawed.

          Same logic can be applied to any of our rights.


          Your not allowed to say this or that per this law. Your not allowed to video tape this or that per this law. Your not allowed to post this on the web per this law.

          Just wait till that starts happening, than what. Think about it, as they are already messing around with the idea of changing the way we can access and use the internet.

          If this where in regards to the 1st amendment would your logic still work?

          Those that don't own guns do not understand. Once you do you'll get it.

          • Spelling Police

            Please. I beg of you. Go back to school and learn the difference between "your" and "you're."

            • CowboyChiver

              The entire purpose of The 2nd Amendment is to protect The People from tyranny. In it's original context The People are to be armed to the extent that they can effectively defend and overcome a tyrannical government. It was written in the language of the time to be straightforward and concise. Do not let your fear of what you do not understand shape your perspective on the issue, it was written for your protection as well.

              • Not British.

                I thought it was to protect you from the British?

                ps: they are not coming.

                • alex

                  No, It was not.

                  • gordberg

                    Yanks are effin C.R.A.Z.Y.!!!!!

              • OZEd

                Please just be honest and say you only use the "protect myself from a tyrannical government" line as cover for lack of any modern day alternative. Because if you and your ilk honestly believe a democratic government is just going to decide one day to slaughter its people – especially in a country that markets itself as "leader of the free world", then you all need to be checked into the nearest asylum. And you honestly believe that if all of a sudden this despotic government decides to set the army on its people, a few hillbillies with assault rifles is going to stop it?

                • Smack

                  I seem to remember Hitler originally being democratically elected before declaring himself der fuhrer and turning on the ovens, or Pol Pot in Cambodia before the glorious purge (i.e. killing fields). Hell, even Saddam had elections.

                  You see, democracy is NOT a guarantee of liberty as the mob or, in most cases, the mob's democratically elected representative can decide that he/she's been imbued by "the will of the people' to take away the rights of some for the benefit of others. You only need to look to Venezuela to see this: Chavez is democratically elected to take away the property rights of some for the benefit of his backers.

                  Of course, the real irony of history is that the first order of business for any would be despot is to ensure that the people over which he intends to rule are disarmed so that the risk of crushing dissent by whatever means necessary does not start a popular rebellion among a population able to defend itself. The sorrow of the purges of the 20th century were always…always predicated upon disarmament of the populace.

                  But hey, it only happened in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa and led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of civilians, but it can't happen here right…right?

                  • OZEd

                    yep, in fact I'm sure Obama is sitting in the white house thinking to himself "damn, if only these hillbillies didn't have their guns, the slaughter could begin!" get a f**king grip. you're all f**king lunatics if you honestly believe that's going to happen. that or paranoid schizophrenics

          • Kiro

            When mentioning the second amendment, please take the time to actually read and maybe even think about it. The very first words right off the bat are " A well REGULATED militia…" so maybe just maybe, the law is meant to give us the right to bear arms, as long as it fall under some form of REGULATION. This is all most Americans are asking for.

            • TChrisB

              "to bring order, method, or uniformity to" – that's the definition of "regulated" that the founders were using when they wrote that. They didn't believe in reams of government regulations, fer chrissake. They wanted the people to be orderly, methodical, and to know what they were doing when it came time to defend themselves. Gotta have the tools to practice with to make that happen. Hence: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

              • OZEd

                yep, and no one could ever say there's no one in america with access to guns that isn't orderly

            • ThePatriot

              there was a supreme court ruling that said the 2nd amendment extends to citizens rights to own guns in a private manner also anyone 18 and over in a state that owns a firearm is considered to be in an unorganized militia.

          • saltygary

            Read what "Cowboy Chiver" wrote below and I will add to it.

            Have you ever heard of a regulation or a law? These are what place limits on our rights. So for instance as a part of your Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, you are allowed to take a shit in your house but there are laws that prevent you from shitting in the middle of the road. The forefathers did not want to create a constitution and bill of rights that was all encompassing, it is a framework. They did not want to have to write "people should not take shits in the middle of the road". So the framework allows for the state and federal government to create these laws especially for the time when someone does shit in the road and lawmakers say "wow I really didn't expect anyone to do such a thing, we should probably create a law to help curb it from happening again".

            So for gun rights and other technological advances, the forefathers knew the world was going to be way different then it was back then so lawmakers will use constitution as a guidline and create new gun control regulations. So if they do decide to ban large capacity magazines, it will be written into law and our constitution will then allow us to challange that law. With tons of money and court appeals it would eventually make it to the Supreme Court where they would probably state that the 2nd amendment is not connected to bullet magazines. Scalia will vote in favor of gun control, just watch.

          • boywonder513

            So citizens not being able to own weapons grade plutonium is an infringement of the 2nd amendment in your eyes?

            There has to be some restriction, otherwise there could be wealthy private citizens arming themselves with things far above what any person might need.

            • whyme1973

              Once you open a discussion about "needs", you should tread lightly. You don't want to have the government use that open door to regulate the rest of your needs. You don't need a nice car, you don't need a large house, you don't need to have the ability to voice your opinion. When you let others in a privileged class start determining needs when all the while they enjoy all the luxuries they deny the common citizen, you have given up all of your freedoms that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were put in place to protect. The lack of education, mainly history, of our current generation makes me sad.

              • Thror

                I just thought of a few more! You don't need a large soda, you don't need a burger, you don't need _bacon_. Why not ban my lunch? They didn't know 225 years ago that these things would be determined to be bad for us. And yet, in most civilized places in America, I can get all those things peacefully (yet).

                God, it's so easy to give up freedoms that you don't exercise personally, isn't it? I've never needed protection from unjust search and seizure (4th), nor have I ever needed a jury of my peers to judge me for my crimes (6th). I could probably do without those. And I've never needed an abortion, which is the, uh… which amendment is that again?

            • bman

              Plutonium itself is not a weapon. Theoretically US owns Nukes, therefor yes everyone in the US owns a nuke. That is if this were still a republic.

              And you think the wealthy of the US don't already own things they should not? Ever heard of private military.

              In the USA you can own a tank. You just have to be able to afford it and go through all the leaps and bounds to get one, but you can. I used the tank example only because that nitwit keeps throwing it around on CNN.

              There is a restriction already in place over select fire weapons. Yet gangs in the drug cartels still get those? How? If you can't buy a fully automatic AK47 at Walmart, how the hell did some punk drug runner get one in LA?

              The new system of restrictions does not fix problems. It only restricts those that obey the law. If they wanted to change something they would work on the existing laws and possibly creating a better screening process for getting guns.

          • Leeks

            It is illegal to yell fire in a crowded theater.

            Snuff films, and child porn are both illegal. That applies to both video taping, and posting online.

            You might want to revisit your own logic. Just because we have rights to things, does not mean those things are always completely unregulated.

            I am however indifferent to the posting of the picture being complained about.

          • TallMichael

            Although I appreciate your logical argument, it isn't quite accurate. The 1st Amendment does have regulation. For example: You cannot incite violence, you can't say you plan to kill the president, you can't threaten someone (called assault), there regulations on political campaigns, network television cannot use certain words, etc.

            We as a collective people decide how we want to interpret the Constitution. The Constitution is a 235 year-old document. It doesn't always apply to the modern world very well. Back then, firearms were flintlock and took 25 seconds to load. They were not very accurate. Things are different. We can regulate however we deem necessary as long as it doesn't completely violate the Constitution (which is still up to us to decide).

            • I Killed Stalin

              Negative 100 internet points for using the word "collective" (and for knocking the Constitution). Your means and ends are showing, comrade…

        • Steve

          The 2nd amendment was written to give us the right and means to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. If the government still used pre-1900 guns then thats all we would need to have. It would be unrealistic to think we could defend ourselves with weapons vastly inferior to those carried by our government. The 2nd amendment didn't say we could bear arms "as long as they were only certain ones" now did it ?

          • hamtime

            It's not the "government" that Americans need to protect themselves from, its fellow Americans.

            On the other hand, it's awesome that you will defend your right to bear arms, but no-one seems to mind that your government gets to listen in on you – Yay Patriot Act!

            You're all about freedom to have the capacity to kill each other with the most advanced weaponry possible, but you don't care that your government has legalized listening in on you. That's real freedom.

            • whyme1973

              As if there wasn't an outcry about that.

          • saltygary

            You should read what Justice Scalia believes that the intention of the 2nd Amendment is. He feels it's the right to bear a hand held weapon and it is up to interpretation what that means. Things like a rocket launcher that can take down a plane is hand held, so that is a weapon that can be regulated. He believes in the originality of the constitution so if you are concerned about gun control you better play close attention with what he says.

            Now for tyranny, the 2nd amendment has no relation to the prevention as such. It was originally designed so a standing militia can be used to repel foreign invaders or for a being to protect themselves and their property. The design of the constitution is what prevents tyranny. With it's checks and balances and separations of powers. Amendments contained within the Bill of Right can be overwritten anytime so you don't want that to be the safe-wall against such things.

            • CowboyChiver

              This is just untrue. I suggest you read some of the writings of the founders if you truly wish to discover the meaning and purpose of The 2nd Amendment – and the rest of The Bill of Rights for that matter. What you discover would probably alarm you far more than The 2nd Amendment supporters of today. We are not reckless, immoral, dangerous freedom-fighters. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would scare the soft and protected Americans of today half to death with the principles they stood for.

              • onethirdjewman

                Every aspect of the world is completely different from what it was in the time of George Washington and Co. Sure, they wanted to ensure the people's right to bear arms, but that was in a time when "arms" meant a single shot, muzzled-loaded fire arm, not weapons that can easily wipe out dozens of people in a matter of minutes.

                You need to stop your idolization of the opinions of people who lived over two hundred years ago. Yes, they were great for their time. But base your arguments on premises that matter in the real world today, not on vaguely worded statements from another era. Basing your argument for the right to bear high-capacity fire arms on the fore fathers is like a modern doctor basing his/her knowledge of medicine on scientific knowledge from centuries ago. It's ludicrous.

                • hamtime

                  well said.

        • Doug

          The government could take away all modern means of communicating and only make pre-1900 parchments and quills available and it still would not infringe on your first adamant rights either.

        • Thror

          That's the definition of "infringe", actually.

          We could restrict freedom of the _press_ to printed words, as well, and censor the shit out news organisations on TV, radio, and the internet. And by the same logic, not be infringing on the "press".

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        You have runaway gun crime and your answer is to have more guns.

        Because the olde Wild West, when everyone also had a gun, was a chilled-out place, wasn't it.

        And I bet bar fights, street fights and road rage will all be resolved calmly when at least one of the belligerents has a gun.

        And having armed guards outside every school, cinema, shopping complex etc. is such a wonderful society to live in.

        Guns are outlawed in the UK, a country 0f 60m – 18 people died from shootings in the entire country, all year.

        In London, a city the size of NYC, 6 (SIX!) people were shot dead last year.

        And the American solution is "More guns"?!

        The world laughs at America. Just to let you know.

        • Luke

          At the end of the day, the 2nd amendment was intended to defend the citizenship against tyrannical leaders. At the time it was written, it was the King of England. Now, those leaders could come from within. I'm not saying it is likely, but it is possible that a rebellion could occur in the United States. For that reason, I will exercise my right to bear arms, up to and including an assault rifle, to defend myself, my family, and my friends.

          • Mattthew

            And owning an assault rifle enables you to be on par with the firepower of the U.S. military if civil insurrection should occur? At the time of the writing of the Second Amendment, every person could be theoretically armed on an almost equal basis, with the possible exception of maybe a cannon. Today, an assault rifle seems pretty pitiful against a stand-off F-22 firing at you over the horizon. I think that you would lose the contest and the pilot would be ack having breakfast while you are an unhappy smoldering ruin. So, now will you insist citizens be allowed surface to air missiles as well? Should citizens have the right to own equivalent hardware to the military in order to be on equal footing in case a corrupt government needs to be held in check? Also at the time of the writing of the Second Amendment, the Continental Army was not a permanent entity but was created prior to conflict and disbanded afterwards. States supplied their militias to make up the army. We not longer have that form of military structure in that we have a continual, in-place set of armed services.

            • onethirdjewman

              Thank you for pointing this out. I didn't realize that so much of the Chive was crazy right-wing-based, but it's good to know there are some sane people on here.

              • DrFunkenstein

                For real.

              • Anon

                Just because people are defending their 2nd Amendment right doesn't make them crazy right-wind, fucktard…I have liberal friends that are all about their 2nd Amendment right and own guns, so you need to expand your horizons and look around before making absurd accusations.

            • bman

              Your logic is flawed. You think if they were to start confiscating firearms and a civil war broke out the members of our military will willingly jump in their planes and go bomb those that are fighting for a right? You think in a civil war those fighting for their rights will not gain access to other weapons?

        • jmartintx80


          If it isn't guns, it's knives. If it isn't knives, it's clubs. If a person wants to kill someone badly enough, they will do it with whatever they can get their hands on, and the more primitive the tool, the more violent and brutal the murder.

          Taking away another persons most effective defense against that kind of violence does not make you a more compassionate person and it certainly does not make the potential victim any safer.

          • OZEd

            the more primitive the tool, the more violent and brutal the murder… fact!
            what a silly thing to say. so you reckon if old mate in sandy hook had a "club" he would have managed what he did? what about the bloke in the cinema? how about the myriad of other massacres the place has had? "oh we should ban cars then cause they kill people", yeah they're definitely designed for the sole purpose of killing. just accept the facts, either guns are the issue or americans are the issue

        • NebraskaGuy

          You say only six people were shot last year? So what, no other murders by other methods? It's NOT the weapon, it's the person! They just found other ways to kill, that's all!
          As for America – this is why we have the 2nd Amendment:
          t's a known fact that human nature is driven to power and control. The Founding Fathers recognized this more than anyone else in history because they paid the price with their own blood! That's why they drafted the US Constitution. The greater the power, the greater the chances for corruption. It was fresh in their minds and they knew it was only a matter of time before complacency and forgetfulness would absorb the American people. You might think of those words in the 2nd Amendment as a vision of what was to come. They knew it couldn't last forever, and it hasn't. We've come to that pinnacle point where the people are finally taking action against a corrupt and tyrannical government. Our forefathers would be proud that we haven't lain down as sheep to slaughter, but will stand against our own government the same as we did against Great Britain. The God given right to the live beyond the yoke of any who would enslave us is just alive as it ever was, and our right to keep and bear arms against any who would say otherwise, will NOT be infringed!
          As for you in the U.K, well you must trust your government pretty well – we here in the states DO NOT!

          • OZEd


        • nick

          the world laughs at america?? oh my god our feelings are so hurt. They can laugh all they want you jackass but you know what? We're still economically, socially, militarily, and politically the top country collectively. Not saying our shit doesnt stink sometimes. So shut the fuck up

    • What everyone thinks

      Quit being dumb.

    • Scott

      I am sorry but yes I want this. 'Merica

    • Devin DeMamp

      shut the fuck up dude, yeah all the shootings are bad, but come on this thing is bad ass.

    • B.H. Obama

      Don't be so sensitive.

    • Da Nig nagga

      I'm pro guns, but y'all rednecks that argue with rage and get over defensive, is what lessons our credential to bear arms.

      • FarmBoy

        Really it's the rednecks that lessens the credential? Not the gang/drug-related people who get guns illegally and do most of the shootings that people complain about?

        • Jason

          As far as I know, it's the nerdy weak white suburban kids that get all the news media. I haven't seen many gang on gang shooting all over the news and across the mass media ever…

          • Drew

            That's because gang-bangers killing each other happens so often that the news has become desensitized to it. That, and they're killing other gang-bangers which I'm all for. Less sh_theads for my taxes to pay to feed and house. When a wimpy white kid rolls into a mall or school and shoots up the place because "they got picked on" tends to raise more interest than useless pieces of trash shooting each other out in the 'hoods.

    • White Devil

      Stop being such a pussy Porkins, it's a fucking picture.

    • C-J

      You don't like it? That's why you got shot at the Death Star.

    • nick828

      It's people like you that make everything worse. God forbid people start being accountable for their actions. Blame the psychos who kill and not the tool they use to to kill.

    • ...

      Move to Canada Porkins.

    • JAMIE

      I bet you have never shot a gun in your lif. Im sick of all these freaking hippy tree hugging loving liberals . The people bitching about gun control are the ones who know nothing about guns. Please clips that hold 10 bullets, really? Do you know how long it takes to change a clip? It takes about 5 seconds. So tell me what happens when the sick bad guy has about 10 clips?

      • Denloq
        • Iceman2509

          Yes. It is annoying when people call a mag a clip.
          I actually think Jamie is wrong, it takes less than two seconds to change mags, maybe less time if you are good.

      • Jason

        I understand your argument, I partially agree with it too, but 5 seconds with 10 clips is just under a minute. That's a decent amount of time for kids/anyone to get away. If it were my kid/loved one, I'd want her to have that time to escape.

    • Gurudel

      Cry me a fucking river. How about all the people that die to over consumption of alcohol? How about you go bitch about all the pictures of people drinking. Pussy.

      • boywonder513

        Alchohol is a person doing something to themselves. If they want to drink, they have every right to. Guns are used to shoot other things, and most recently used on humans. I'm pro-gun, but the picture did seem a pit much when we think about all the prolific gun violence we've had over the last few months.

        • Drew

          Alcohol is a person doing something to themselves, as they have a right to as you stated. However, it is not a right once they hop in a car, drive while drunk, and kill a family. Maybe we should take away all vehicles because people can't be trusted to not drive drunk. Blame everyone and not the arseholes who decided to break the law. Much like certain whackos with guns decide to break the law. People need to be held accountable for their actions. I'm just thankful the whacko decided to blow his own brains out before the taxpayers had to support his jail sentence for the rest of his life.

        • whyme1973

          The only thing "prolific" is the selective media over coverage and a certain, uneducated part of American society getting outraged at a tool rather than at the psycho that committed the crime.

          • Luke

            Amen… People need to look deeper into what is, and is not, reported on the evening News

          • OZEd

            you realise it's not just "liberal america" that thinks people like alex jones are crazy right? it's pretty much the entire world

    • Yes.

      Very glad to see the overwhelming response from fellow chivers/chivettes in regards to this comment..

      Ps: liberal.

    • bman

      Only thing I can say is for a website based in California I am GLAD the Chive supports the 2nd. Besides the Chive is close enough to LA to actually need this. Shame they are in a neutered state and will only get ten rounds to protect themselves against the drug cartels of LA and their select fire AK47's.

      Shootings happen everyday, the media only chooses which stories they want to play. Criminals will not give up their guns no matter what laws are put in place.

      Keep it up guys, please do not stop posting weapon related posts here!!!

      • Jesse

        And people say that my 33 round magazines causes balancing issues. I couldn't imagine holding that thing level.

    • nader2016

      grow up you bitch

    • bigyawns

      fucking hipster

    • heywood jablowme

      I say give every man, woman, child and illegal immigrant in the united states a couple thousand guns each and let the retarded fucks annihilate each other. The rest of the world needs the parking space.

    • huskerzfan4life

      Geez Porkins, Chill out, I think every home in Merica should own one of these, Iamgine how helpless you would feel if they did!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Gimme Gimme Gimme

    • brian

      2 days ago 5 people broke it in a house. armed with illegally owned handguns. they hit a women over the head with a lamp. she was rushes to the hospital. so if she had a gun with only seven bullets she would only be able to miss 2x. that's only if they didnt run after the first shot. all do respect so porkins and all other liberals this topic your 150% wrong.

      • MylesofStyles

        I'm going to agree with you or disagree with you, as soon as I decipher whatever the fuck it was you were trying to say.

        • OZEd

          hey Myles can you give me a heads up when you figure it out. i think what bri bri was trying to say is that we should ban lamps. but I'm not sure, so i just chucked mine out the window anyway. unfortunately it hit 5 people trying to break into my house. it killed them all. oh the ironing is delicious

    • E.N.

      This gun or magazine hasn't hurt anyone, how is the picture insensitive? People, not inanimate objects, need to be held accountable for their actions.

    • Unarmed/Unharmed

      Please, Chive…how 'bout you make a positive stand and STOP posting pics of/about guns (of any kind) – regardless of the 2nd amendment, it is SO CLEAR that guns are a MAJOR problem.
      Btw, I am a Canadian and guns are a problem here, too (and everywhere).

      • 01110100

        Go back to Canada dumbass.

        • Steel Jaguar

          It would be logical to assume he is in Canada while posting this.

          • sandy astroglide

            Don't go confusing him with your "logic" and "facts".

      • bman

        I left my gun unattended once at home with the door open while I used the bathroom in the other room to see what it would do.

        I must have a well behaved gun as it didn't go and shoot anyone, even with the door open, it did not once move an inch.

        Even better, I once told all of my guns the secret of opening my safe if ever they got locked in it. Again not a single one decided to go out on its own and do something stupid. Maybe it is just my guns?

        America is gaining a sense of Hoplophobia from media sources and entertainment sources.

        The gun itself is never the problem. The criminal with the gun is. It is illegal to kill someone in the USA. How many folks that obey the law have killed someone? Why should those people be judged differently for owning a certain type of gun?

        • OZEd

          wow, deep

      • whyme1973

        Did the pic hurt? Did you rush to the hospital for immediate attention? You mean to tell me that with all the regulation they have on guns in Canada, that there is still gun gun problem? I don't suppose the the problem would be with criminals that don't obey the law in the first place? We need a law making it unlawful to disobey the law. I'm sure that would fix it..

    • hamtime

      The response on this is incredible. I agree that Porkins is a little whinny, but holy crap you people are incredibly stupid.

      Only in ‘merica can an ordinary citizen legally walk up and down the street with an assault rifle right outside the building in which the country’s elected leader is holding a speech. Good old ‘merica – where kids get semi automatic weapons from home to bring to school.

      That’s good 2nd amendment stuff right there. Straight out of 1791 – you better arm yourself in case your government comes to get ya! How ’bout you guys bring yourself into the 21st century? A little contemporary thought on this, George Orwell was off by just a little bit – your government is listening to you and they can outgun you. In this day, the 2nd amendment is as laughable as Canada trying to float a navy to protect its waters against US naval traffic.

      • 01110100

        Hamtime guaranteed you are an ignorant hipster. Try looking at some actual statistics on gun violence and the weapons used. Only a very small percentage of the time is it actually an assault rifle. Most gun violence that occurs with a rifle is a hunting rifle not an assault rifle. Stop sucking down everything CNN tells like you need it to live. By the way it appears to be turning out that 4 handguns were used in CT. The assault rifle was found in the trunk of his car.

        • hamtime

          Oh good – he didn't use the assault rifle. Faith in humanity restored.
          I guess the 2nd amendment is OK after all.

          • 01110100

            You are the true idiot here hamtime. What would banning guns accomplish? If crazy people want to mass murder they will find a way. There is always explosives, knives, etc…. For fuck sake he could have used a chain saw! Are we going to ban chain saws because some crazy bastard goes on a rampage with one? If you really want to get down to it the largest mass murder happened in a school back in the early 1900s. Weapon of choice… a stick of dynamite.

            • hamtime

              A chain saw? You're going to compare an assault rifle to a chain saw??

              • 01110100

                Reading comprehension has managed to elude you…

                • hamtime

                  Not really – I was avoiding the rest of your argument.
                  Sure – if someone is unbalanced they will find a way to do harm. I agree, but why allow them access to weapons that are intended to do maximal harm with minimal effort. There's a reason why many chemicals and biohazards are banned substances, but by your logic we should just allow free access to things like sarin and anthrax. The chemicals / bacteria can be used in research and the crazies are just going to get their hands on other bad stuff anyway.

                  And the other argument that the criminals will get them anyway – Yes, of course they will. But more people are killed by their own guns in their own homes … oh, wait, that's probably just a CNN statistic (my bad). Look up Dahlberg et al. American Journal of Epidemiology, 160 (10), p. 929-936, 2004 for starters.

                  I hate to invoke Darwinism, but y'know …

      • Daniel

        Pretty sure it's still the 21st century in Lybia too but they seem to need guns. The second amendment is about protecting life, likelyhood, and keeping the government scared of its people (instead of the other way around). The second amendment is as timeless as the first one. And don't say that the founding fathers didn't know that there would be an andvancement in weapons technology. At the time they wrote this they knew that before guns there were bows and before bows there were sticks. Madison only died a few years before the first breech loading rifle. They absolutely knew that someday there would be even bigger, faster, more dangerous things. The point was to make sure that both sides had them.

        • hamtime

          That's an excellent example – Libya. I stand corrected.

          The US is one short step away from becoming just like Libya and so you should all go out and arm yourselves to the teeth with advanced weaponry. That way your elected government will be scared of you and they won't dare mess with your rights and freedom.

          Good luck!

          • Daniel

            The point is to avoid the US ever becoming like Libya. Gaddafi obviously was not afraid of the people he ruled over… And if you're so concerned about people dying post comments about smoking, McDonalds, cars, alchohal, ect.

            • hamtime

              It would be funny – except I think you're serious

              • Anonymous

                This was a cute read. Gun violence is actually down. It was just the high profile sandy hook shooting that redlined the argument. Personally I feel like the NRA couldve stopped all of this by now with the money they can throw at washington but it has been free advertising for ever gun dealer ever.

      • TWS

        "To conquer a nation, one must first disarm its citizens" – Adolf Hitler

        I'd rather have a gun to protect myself from a crazy, unbalanced, lunatic that is about to kill everyone in the surrounding area then not have one and then listen to the Govt. and media say that we need to limit access to guns. Sure, we can't overpower the government, but it takes 1 shot to take down a gunmen, 50 shots to take down a couple dozen of innocent bystanders.

        • Why?

          "but it takes 1 shot to take down a gunmen, 50 shots to take down a couple dozen of innocent bystanders" – hence the proposed ban on assault rifles.

    • Killer Carton

      Need #2 and all but the screens in #26 for Porkins.

    • Steve

      And instead of placing blame on the deranged individuals doing the mass shootings , you choose to blame an inanimate object which cannot do anything unless someone is controlling it? Really ?

      • hamtime

        Why don't you at least make it harder for the "deranged individual" to buy an assault rifle … maybe even make it illegal to own one?

        Who the hell needs an assault rifle or an automatic weapon unless they're going to war?? If you need to spray gun fire at an animal when you hunt, I would argue that it takes the sport out of it … and that you're not much of a hunter.

        • @hamtime


          shot a deer with an AR-15 two weeks ago. Pulled the trigger one time.

          • hamtime

            I'm sure your intent was to provide and argument against mine. You obviously don't need an AR-15. – and when I hunt, I don't either.

    • Porkins

      This post went exactly the way I thought it would. As of this comment, there have been 37 replies of the 112 comments or about 1/3 of the comments have been dedicated to this image. I have been called names, and one could even argue I have been threatened with violence. This is NOT KCCO! Or at least what I think is KCCO. I come to this site to see Chivettes, awesome pictures and laugh. I get why people think the Brigade is an awesome site, but I don't go to it. You can show pictures of guns there.

      • Whoopi_G

        Fuck you Porkins. Go eat your sister's shit.

        • boywonder513

          And these two comments represent what is known as "The Internet"

          By the way Porkins, I understand that you weren't attacking the 2nd amendment, just voicing your concern about the particular image in regards to recent violence. I appreciate that, and am glad to see you're taking what is said in these comments in stride. KCCO brother.

      • MylesofStyles

        No offense dude, but if you just stuck to checking out Chivettes, awesome pictures, and laughing, you wouldn't be getting all this backlash. Just saying.

      • whyme1973

        Are you trying to attack theChive's 1st amendment right of free speech now as well? Telling them what they should be posting and where? You really have problems with that whole Bill of Rights, don't you?

    • Jeff

      There are obviously a lot of people with strong opinions on this issue, this a video that makes a lot of sense. Granted this is a long video, but take your time and hear him out, it is well worth it. http://youtu.be/1-nVlXQGMGE

    • Jeff

      There are obviously a lot of people with strong opinions on this issue, this a video that makes a lot of sense. Granted this is a long video, but take your time and hear him out, it is well worth it.

    • darkelemental1

      Despite all this mud slinging and name calling, I am happy and proud to live in a country where we can have such an argument/ discussion/ heated debate over issues people feel strongly about.

      • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

        Its a heated topic because some fuckhead killed a bunch of people in a movie theater, and some kid shot a bunch of children in an elementary school. Not because of your patriotism

    • savagecabbage

      FUCK!! I clicked on the chive but somehow ended up on a youtube video. You're all idiots. Seriously. Arguing over a load of bullshit. Good luck.

    • AT&T user

      All that just put me over on my data plan

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      You have runaway gun crime and your answer is to have more guns.

      Because the olde Wild West, when everyone also had a gun, was a chilled-out place, wasn't it.

      And I bet bar fights, street fights and road rage will all be resolved calmly when at least one of the belligerents has a gun.

      And having armed guards outside every school, cinema, shopping complex etc. is such a wonderful society to live in.

      Guns are outlawed in the UK, a country 0f 60m – 18 people died from shootings in the entire country, all year.

      In London, a city the size of NYC, 6 (SIX!) people were shot dead last year.

      And the American solution is "More guns"?!

      The world laughs at America. Just to let you know.

      • Daniel

        The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And the bad guys always can find ways to get them… So yes, everyone should be armed, trained, and prepared to defend themselves and other innocent people on the rare occasion that some guy comes to your town… And the UK probably has less gun related deaths because the people can't see down the sights past their horrible teeth.

        • sandy astroglide

          63 mass shootings in the US since 1992. Total number stopped by "a good guy with a gun" = 5. Total number stopped by a civilian = 0. The 37 armed guards at Virginia Tech stopped nothing. The 80,000 "good guys with guns" at Ft. Hood took 12 minutes to stop the "bad guy with a gun". The Sheriff's Officer at Columbine who exchanged gunfire with the killers BEFORE they even entered the school accomplished nothing. The 4 individual SWAT teams, 200 cops, and 1000 first responders in total that responded to Columbine accomplished nothing, the killers committed suicide, which is the way a mass shooting almost always ends. Can we at least try to make it more difficult to get a gun than it is to get Sudafed?

      • Team America

        Anyfor coffee, you are a ignorant duesche! You are categorizing all Americans as the same. Take your weak British policies elsewhere. That's why you were defeated the first time. Oh yeah, Mercia doesn't care if you're laughing cause it's Mercia, fuck yeah!! You wouldn't understand duesche!

        • OZEd

          i want to meet this mercia person, he/she sounds great.

    • Shay

      Porkins. I think you have the whole KCCO thing wrong. RELAX man. Don't take everything so literally. I've seen a couple posts from you complaining about things. In my eyes, thats not being a true Chiver. Just Keep Calm and Chive on man. If it bugs you, keep scrolling. What good has come of your post, just try getting along and being happy. One of the original meanings of KCCO. Think bout it man.

      – A Canadian Chivette, who's progun ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Luke

      At the end of the day, the 2nd amendment was intended to defend the citizenship against tyrannical leaders. At the time it was written, it was the King of England. Now, those leaders could come from within. I'm not saying it is likely, but it is possible that a rebellion could occur in the United States. For that reason, I will exercise my right to bear arms, up to and including an assault rifle, to defend myself, my family, and my friends.
      Thomas Jefferson said "the second amendment is not important until someone tries to take it away"

    • Marc

      Gun control is just another way of the government ruling over you and taking your freedoms away. Planes kill a shit ton amount of people…we should probably ban them too.

    • its_forge

      << Is a screaming liberal hippie, still thumbs-downed this response

    • sean

      I find the irony is in the fact the US goes around telling the world that their political system is better than communism/dictatorships/oppressive military rule, however its citizens feel they need to heavily arm themselves in case the government decides for some reason to attack them.

    • Dave

      Uhhh, the picture is a joke / fake, right?

      • MissVega84

        whoa…98 comments of this??? welp, now there are 99 ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Methos

      The utter stupidity displayed by a majority of the replies on both sides of this issue is depressing. I weep for our society.

    • williamwallace

      Why don't you go cry us all a river Porkins

    • Handgunner

      Man up you pussy.

    • Chris

      Just enjoy the pic dic

    • Texan

      I'm just happy it was only a picture of a gun, and not something truly dangerous like a spoon or a fork. Everybody knows the biggest killer is obesity. Utensils are terrible. They make you fat. We should forget about guns and regulate flatware…

      • StevieB

        What's the accepted length of time between someone shooting someone in America and someone else posting a picture of a gun on the Internet?

    • Gabe

      The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a by a good guy with a gun. Shouldnt touch the constitution you Liberal Douche!!

    • Imzkid

      You guys playing cards?

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Her, yes!

    • MrCoffee

      Seconded. What I want from that picture has nothing to do with electronics.

    • DaddyD

      Trying to decide whether "yes" refers to "want" or "need." Maybe both?

  • RealZoo

    #9 #10 #14 #30

    • drewplp

      I got #10 for Christmas. It's just as awesome as you'd imagine.

      • OPM1805

        hoboninja usually has these

    • twodogs

      What make is # 9??

  • Da Nig nagga

    #7 I want dat tv, but I need dat bitch

    • Preach

      Your post say what I think, and most likely what everyone else thinks.. But for some reason they hate. Bunch a no good hypocrites

    • ps86
    • ps86
    • saltygary

      Got that TV the other month in the 46" model and can't recommend it enough. And the thing only weights like 20lbs

      • animal

        Ohhhhh that…..THAT…..THAT

  • jimmy

    #29 Yes please

    • Rusty Saueblyde

      you want someone elses glass of champagne?

    • savanath

      thats a doll

  • ps86

    #1 who the fuck wants 2 tons of nutella?

    • Chuck Schick

      Or even one regular size jar?

    • LeftFlasherOn

      #29 and Nutella wrestling…

    • heywood jablowme

      that fat fuck you call your wife, thats who.

      • ps86

        don't talk about my hand that way

    • UWChivette

      i would fill my tub and bathe in it

    • Jesus Christ

      Not I, that shit's gross.


    #32.. Way to be original Taco Bell…

    • Jawbone

      Yeah, who do they think they are, copying something successful that they came up with that customers have asked for?!?!?

      • https://www.facebook.com/michael.m.kappel.5 Mike

        am I the only one that thinks a cool ranch one would be disgusting? just stay with the nacho cheese one, maybe a spicy nacho one too.

        • TC

          Cool ranch for the Ranchero taco would be awesome.

        • Chris

          The cool ranch one is AMAZING. We have them here in Toledo

    • Sam

      For the love of god, bring back the greatest dorito flavour EVER. Taco Supreme flavour (people over 27 will understand this)

  • Michael

    #26 Dude might be a tad insecure.

  • SnakemanDan85

    #7. Want on the right
    Need on the left!!

  • sfb101

    #2 Dick Tracy gun!?!
    #3 Need
    #7 Want
    #30 I could use this….

  • ricardo

    #26 yahoo, that explains everything

  • dinnerfat

    #20 is how you get peanut butter at a well known grocery store here in nashville. it is definitely a need.

  • chris

    #7 WTF TV is this???!?!?!?!

    • ps86

      samsung of course

    • repoman86

      Samsung 8000 series. The 9000 series is bigger and has a rose-gold trim.

      • Caity

        I have the TV. It's pretty awesome but navigating the apps suck.

  • http://twitter.com/beagleracing @beagleracing

    I love these posts because I like to see how far I can get on the "want/need" until I see something I don't "want/need"

    This time I stopped at #7 well…because….i stopped at #7 and never continued scrolling

  • Scott

    #2 'Merica

    • drewplp

      As if there wasn't enough talk of guns being phallic…

      • Jawbone

        I get the feeling you just crave penis and imagine them everywhere.

    • Idk

      'stria since its a glock and made in Austria.

      • Chicago

        he just want to shoot things because of his small penis

    • ZachBob


  • crustybubblechunks

    #28 Tacocat

    • Swaff

      spelled backwards is tacocat

      • Dave

        Are we not drawn onward, tacocat, drawn onward to a new era?

        • Dave

          Trying again:

          Are we not drawn onward, tacocat, drawn onward to new era?

    • Dave

      Really Chive? I don't think I've ever complained about a picture, but with all that is going on in this country about cat tacos, spaying a neutering, and the abuse of poor helpless animals you post this #28.

  • mmmhmmmChivette

    Yeah, not really a fan of all the gun posts. Too soon…

    • ThePatriot

      too soon for what? people are killed all over the world everyday. Should they not have posted the pic of the batman knife because some poor kids in Africa had their throats slit today? Give me a freakin break

      • mmmhmmmChivette


      • Jawbone

        You must love the Brigade then.

    • Rusty Shackleford


      • mmmhmmmChivette

        If you look above, I agreed with the fact that my comment was a bit closed minded. No need to be mean.

  • jmonster

    I want and NEED that cutie on the left #7

  • Rob

    If anyone actually wants #28 we sell it at Hot Topic!

    • darkelemental1

      Of course you do. Stay classy Hot Topic.

  • ChicO85T

    with #30 I can get everything else in this post no problem

    • Grant

      Unless it turns out to simply be chocolate bars in gold colored foil.

      • Jesus Christ

        Still want it either way.

  • Jeff

    #17 isn't even showing up for me… definitely do not need. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Derpin

    Apparently "dumbass" gets your post auto deleted but being called a piece of trash does not???

  • dollybakerton

    #3 MOAR of both please ๐Ÿ™‚

    • http://twitter.com/phopho10 @phopho10

      I'm with you MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!

    • Matt Knight

      Might that photo have been taken in Plymouth, MN?

      • Thomas

        Sobelman's Milwaukee

    • SomethingClever

      There is this site called TheBerry you might be interested in…

      • dollybakerton

        you think this is my first time? aww
        joking man; been there, done that. I discovered theBerry through theChive

      • dollybakerton

        you think this is my first time? awww

        joking; i discovered the berry thru the chive actually ๐Ÿ™‚

        but can't we all just so our appreciation for the good lookings?

  • ...

    #2 Better get one today, before the sheep ban it tomorrow.

    • Jawbone

      Quit being a cunt and using "sheep" to describe people. It's as bad as "swag".

      • Kasey

        A few months ago, I drove by a high school that posted "Swag" as being their SAT word of the week. Faith in the education system, gone.

        • von Mises

          You faith should have disappeared after November 6th, 2012. America chose to commit suicide. Schadenfreude. That's what my next four years is going to be all about.

          • Tankus

            You had the choice between corporate america's pawn or corporate america's pawn with bad and crazy religious morals… You didn't had much of a choice there pal!

      • von Mises

        Yes, use sheeple, it's more appropriate.

        • Jesse

          Good luck finding one! $379.95, but currently all sold out.

          • Idk

            Please link me a site that has a fully automatic glock 18 for $379.95?

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