You missed it, didn’t you? (31 Photos)

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #15 Oh I see, neighborhood is spelled wrong… Just kidding I know that's the British spelling

    • Andy Valentine


      (let the debate begin)

    • Nick

      Might b the exhaust pipe location.

      • dee

        it is the exhaust pipe looks like his (_)_) ==D

        • videologic

          ah yeah, thanks

    • MikeOverHere

      It is the only photo I don't see the point of. Anyone?

      • Wildcat

        They're not actually real police, they are just pictures printed on the back of a bus. YW.

        • StevieB

          I think it's because the sleeve of the officer on the right looks like she's pointing at you with a white glove on?

          Also, why don't we have a different discussion about how America is wrong about everything? Metric system ftw!

          • Stick

            Cheer on the Metric system all you want, but you lot still use 'stones', and that's pantsonhead retarded.

            • Bob Épine

              Uh, if anybody's wondering, one UK stone is around 15 pounds.

              • Parallendicular

                Nobody was wondering.

          • Big Poppa

            ha we can use both, why? I do what I want.

    • 5280Blazin

      Its his itty bitty exhaust pipe there on the left. This is from Top Gear a few years back like season 8 or something.

    • Irish-Man

      I could only think of distracted driving?

  • Andy Valentine

    #1 – Before anyone asks, there's a cat "lying" on the cat.

    You're welcome.

    • jackofseveraltrades

      Eh I don't get it… it's prob something super obvious or Im just a moron, there are two cats in this?

      • Andy Valentine

        Yes. The obvious cat, and the cat made from cat markings cat

      • TheDude1321

        The cat's fur has a pattern that looks like another cat. That's all. So yeah, it looks like 2.

    • Otter

      Thanks. That's what I first thought as well but didn't think it looked like it -enough- to be right.

  • PavlovsHotdog

    #31 Why having sex with black women is so difficult.

    • SnakemanDan85

      Just gota make em smile!!

    • RealZoo

      If you can't handle a black women just say so…

      • ps86


    • Notknowing

      You're doing it wrong.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 All I can seee is massive cleavage

    • Andy Valentine

      And a fucking lizard cat dinosaur thing.

      And boobs.

      • Jeffstar

        what lizard cat dinosaur thing.

    • SnakemanDan85

      Them eggs haven't hatched yet!! Lol

    • lfgd1978

      In that case you pass the gay test….. or din't pass it (depends how you look at it)

    • General_Tulius

      Up-voted because your name was Tiber Septim lol

  • bitcheslovepoems

    #5 the things I would do to that couch if I were 12 again…

    • pufffdragon

      I'm 35. I'd still hit it!

    • AnItalianChiver

      A "training" couch

    • FunKiller

      Mind the gap?

    • Herod

      Don't call Dr. Quentin in here! He'll make that couch his bitch!


      Doesnt matter, had sex

    • and

      F*ck yo couch!

    • Mack

      I've woken up next to worse.

  • boob_cuddler

    #24 that's creepy dude.

    • salmon berry

      don't get it 😦 help?

      • BigOkie

        Between the pillars about the girl wearing green…

  • Rich

    #25 – I'm assuming it's supposed to be the guy nailing someone on the right but those two look to be of the "two in the stink and one on the testicle" persuasion. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    • jeff

      Wow. Never thought I would end up on TheChive without submitting…
      The two guys standing there are me one of my best friends, this pic was about 6 years ago. The guy in the background of the photo isn't actually doing anything but picking her up off the couch, although I will admit it looks a little weird…

      • holyshit

        well sucks to be you. you are looking pretty homo-thugtastic.

        • Puresolid

          look at this hand…

      • Toto

        Were you born with 6 fingers, Jeff?

  • sony

    i dont see what's to llok for in 11 & 24

    • kenny

      look for faces in both

      i don't get #23

      • wilby

        Father has 3 arms

      • Dave

        check the dudes right arm…both of them.

      • Cheshire

        The dude has 3 arms…

      • Mr. Mackle

        Sweatshirt guy has one hand around his chick, one by his side, and one over his daughter.. 3 hands total

    • gemma

      the mom is sitting on a face

  • Jose_Ariel

    #28 Helloooooooooooooooo, ladies!

    • timbo

      Still not seeing it.

  • Fun_ghoul

    #5. Mind That Gappppppp!!!'

  • Chilbo B.

    #11 Oh i see his hand is wei-HOLYFUCK!

    • Thrifty

      I don't see it… ??

      • kcco hockey

        there are 7 people on the couch the 7th is just a face under the moms thigh on the right side of couch… A.D.D. ADHD wins again

        • Thrifty

          Holy shit that was freaky!
          Thanks kcco hockey!

    • McBeastie666

      When you see it you'll remember the bricks you shat in 2009 when you first saw this pic.

    • Justin

      That and theres no one in the reflection of the mirror behind the camera….

      • Froman

        because there haven't been cameras with timers on them for decades eh

    • Uber

      I thought they were referring to the general ugliness of his children….

  • MonkeyMadness

    #18 I guess they were playing the Pirates that day.

    • The_Dood

      I saw a guy dressed like that at an Alison Krauss and Union Station concert about two years ago.

  • Lyra

    Day 104 and the Johnsons still haven't noticed I'm in the couch

  • Tester

    whats #23 about?? I don't see it.

    • max

      he as 3 arms

    • cultivatingmass

      The guy has 3 arms; shoulder of the woman, between him and the woman, and around the shoulder of the girl.

    • ur3minutesrup

      the dad has two right hands. One at his side and one on the womans shoulder

    • katastrophe89

      Yeah I was gonna ask the same thing…

    • jodyforla

      Guys hand is on the shoulder and by his side.

    • Jeppe

      Count the hands in the photo 🙂

    • somestupidguy

      Why the hell do publications do this? Is it really easier to photoshop a couple pictures together than to take a new picture in the real world?

  • panda


    • William

      Right in the center is a man painted like the background. Took me a while.

      • panda

        Thanks…I tought it was like a "center fold"

      • Roggy

        Oh shit… I thought I was looking for the panda in the bottom left with the upside down paw. Makes sense now.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #2 Predator! His target don't have time to bleed!

  • seanster77

    Kitty kitty
    I'm thinking stepping out of the show will cause a very loud cat scream.

  • Chasan

    23 how many hands does that guy have?

    • ricardo

      #23…put a # infront

      😉 kcco

  • Danalli

    #23 has an extra hand on the women sholder

  • Huh

    #24 ????

    • Huh

      Got it

      • please

        be a friend and share mr huh

        • open minded

          Look between the pillars.

  • Hmm

    #4 ??

    • Joey

      The cloud looks like an airplane

    • Doobiedoo

      the cloud is shaped like an airplane

    • jarule

      airplane cloud

    • Bob

      Presumably the pareidolia of an airplane-shaped cloud.

    • carter

      Just above the horizon the cloud looks like a plane.

    • Anon

      Cloud looks like an airplane?

    • Rob

      im pretty sure theres an airplane shaped cloud

      • meyouher

        I´m only seeing a plane in the sky… What´s wrong?

    • fish

      It looks like a guy lying on his back with a giant 45 degree erection…

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 – suspicious house is… suspicious.

    • d-train

      beat me to it

  • phred


    • Jesus Christ

      #28 I don't see it either.

      • runswithbeer

        Snowman looking thing in the window is all I got

        • Jesus Christ

          I ain't found shit. I'm looking for extra limbs, patterns in the fur, random black dudes chillin. Nothing. Somebody figure this one out.

          • phil

            the dog looks like samuel l jackson

            • Jesus Christ

              Indeed he does. If you put your fingers over his ears you'll see it. Thank you.

  • Im old

    #25 I dont think that means what you think it means.

    • J.C.

      The right side of the picture most likely does though.

  • Tim

    #7 looks like peewee hermans house…

    • canemike


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