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  • MonkeyMadness

    That shit cray!

    • Kanye

      Ain't it jay

      • Dantheman

        what she order?

  • Mike

    Rad… Impressive sir.

  • Derv

    I imagine he gives good head……

  • Err

    So he's a good looking, French speaking dude. Still no problem, I can compete with the girls…oh no wait, he does that with his lips and mouth.

  • Wut

    I wish he was beatboxing in English. I can't understand him

    • _loul_

      He doesn't say too much, first he says: I am going to challenge the Metronom today, then he set up the metronom to the following ppm 76, then 132, 176 finally he said I will set it up to 208!! And finally
      he says "thx for watching, it was a nice challenge vs the metronom and I am hoping this will motivate some of you guys…blabla follow me blabla subscribe "Hope it s more clear for you guy
      KCCO from France 😉

    • Magoo

      I wish he'd stop pointing his finger at me.

    • Mindi

      I see what you did there…

  • Connor Richards

    I feel out of breath just watching him

  • coop_a_loop

    If you turn the volume down and watch this, he looks like a seizure victim.

  • don

    Good job pierre dog

  • RusticTomcat

    Someone at theChive watches VSauce, who are you? REVEAL YOURSELF TO US.

  • susi

    I think he is veeery good at oral sex

  • Higgins

    le poisson le poisson, comment j'aime le poisson. j'ai d'abord couper la tête et puis je vous farcir avec du pain, il ne fait pas mal, car tu es mort

  • Buckethead

    Oui Oui le mec est génial, mais que signifie ce tout ?

  • Canucks_Rule

    he's good… i guess.

  • OhioChiver

    Up next on TMZ…man sent to hospital with tongue cramps.

  • ShadowChiver

    I think that is how he looks if he were screaming his head off at some one fast forward about 10 times.

  • TheVishual

    Steve-O is good at beat boxing.

  • Coltrane

    He's the Vice World champ for a reason!

  • Metronome

    I guess he's very good at beat boxing and certainly entertaining, but I don't get the whole "vs. metronome" thing… I mean, he's doing what every other decent musician in the world has been doing for the last 200 years…

  • Toest

    3:49 …whoa

  • dc Gorski

    that's called "Tourette's Syndrome"

  • Ikea

    Who doesn't have those mirrors?!

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