Canned “fresh air” for sale in China?! (16 Photos)


  • ston

    You know some troll has farted in one of them

  • Amigo

    Dr. Seuss' The Lorax comes to mind.

    • Dhoji

      Haha same here, if only we had a smug smiling mr ohare meme with the caption "I approve!" On it.

    • some-dude

      How old are you?

      Spaceballs did it first.

      • I don't know

        Do you realize the lorax is about the environment that came out in 1971 while space balls came out in 1984?

      • Mike

        Hahaha your an idiot.

        • White Devil


  • Tiber_Septim

    True story saw it on

    • Per

      That's not a good indication of if something's true…

    • LeO

      Yup. I saw it on Anderson live too

    • bigtommy2k1

      pffft, it was on the internet! has to be true!!!!

    • Anomanom Gotta be a hoax then.

      • Visitohr


    • lame

      thank you for your service

    • TCC

      That makes me believe it isn't true then

  • mrmostlymittens

    Spaceballs anyone? 🙂

  • AnItalianChiver

    "he sells canned fresh air to locals"… When your right to live in a healthy environment doesn't exist anymore..

    This is the Chinese fucked up logic not the American one about firearms.. period

    • guest

      Well at least China has that whole firearm problem solved.

      Oh wait…… .

      • just sayin

        no firearms were used in those attacks. … they DO have the firearm problem solved.

        not the country so oppressed and downtrodden that people frequently snap and murder children problem..nope … the US and China still have that problem.

  • APax

    I'm gonna 1-up the Chinese by selling cans of bacon scented air.

    • Silverstone

      7 cases to start, please! I'll order more after the next certificate of deposit matures at the bank in 4 months

  • savagecabbage

    Oh shit…. There goes the planet

  • Caleb

    Made in America

    • bigdeal

      how the fuck is this made in america? no ones forcing these idiots to destroy the air with the insane amts of manufacturing theyre doing combined with their shitty anti pollution laws
      or lack thereof

  • bones

    #16 is exactly what I thought when i saw this.

    • ZenTechnocrat

      Same here

      • PDiddily420

        haha, I should have scrolled down a little more before I posted the same picture…great minds.

    • Kodos

      President Skroob… .Salute!


  • RobDL

    Being China, there is probably some chemical used in the making of the cans or they found some cheap air substitute that is poisonous.

  • Bob

    This is kind of like the horrible future from that obscure Speed Racer cartoon remake on Telemundo.
    All I remember is that everyone wore oxygen tanks and gas masks because of all the pollution, and that clean air was a monopoly and people were overcharged for it.

  • Scroob

    Why didn't anyone tell me my ass was so big!?

  • raaaage

    hello hello nock nock hello its only chinese, listen go to where nurses train perticulery chinese students =reek of cooking oil, smog is quite liverbul

  • Brody

    Mega Maid has gone from suck to blow!

  • Takingbackcider

    Lost it at #16

  • Brian


    And the combination to unlock the fresh air is 1……2……3…….4

    • DomLogic


      • jim thorton

        so you are telling me the combination is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? That is the stupidest combination ever, like an idiot would have on his luggage.

        • Brian

          I have that same combination on my luggage!!

    • stephen

      Druidia will not be safe for long

  • epic ass is epic

    Or, you could just do something about the pollution

  • mike

    YES HAHA i was thinking about that scene from spaceballs before i even opened the gallery LOL!!!

  • Hank Hill

    Aloysius O'Hare?

  • ODB

    fucking communist.

    • fsu1jreed

      Actually it's called capitalism without any environmental regulations

    • Fryy

      Just like fsu1jreed said, you don't have to be a genius to realize China is the porno-capitalism

  • tjbennett69

    #13 My last shred of hope for man kind just died. This is our downfall.

  • rubberbunsnliquor

    #1 Why the hell would you tip a can of air like it's a Pepsi? Communists these days…

  • bee

    just happy to live in the country…fresh air , clear skies. nearest city is only 150,000 and when we are going there, we say "we are going to the smog" , and i'm from saskatchewan …there is no smog 🙂

    • Hank Hill

      You ever heard of Saskatchatoon?!

    • Expat Canuck

      and I am enjoying the same fresh air in the Turks and Caicos, where it is not -37 today …

    • Euroranger

      Yeah, but on the downside…yer in effing Saskatchewan.

  • Anomanom

    Well, They actually sell that in america too. I've seen it at Wallyworld for 10 USD a can.

  • boredatwork

    They should sell some sort of gas mask / filter. I guess then they wouldn't make as much money and they could no longer use gas against the citizens.

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