That’s one helluva cigar (7 Photos)

  • Mn dude


    • Yann

      That's what I said to myself. $185,000 …JESUS. What a waist of money.

      • Jean K. Jean

        I doubt their waist is made of money, that would be absurd.

  • Jean K. Jean

    Now make it a blunt.

    • DJDoubleb

      I got 5 on it

      • Stephen

        Me too. How many people do you think we need with $5?

        • Baked

          I got this cousin that can get us pounds for $600.. So probably about $600,000. Is there 120,000 people on here trying to toss up?

          • prison_mike

            Come on guys we can do it I'll even toss up $10 if I have to. And I've got a box of dutches (grape flavored, ew) that I'mm willing to toss up.

          • whos.mike

            I have a 20 pack right now, and I don't even think that will fill it. BTW I paid 3300 for each. Quality over quantity.

          • Barrymackokener

            pounds for 600$? sounds like so low grade shwag my friend

            • Baked

              Oh it's straight grass alright. But it'll get you dizzy for a few minutes.

              • Barrymackokener


          • Rafael_RS

            c'mon, you don't want to do that in Mérica

            come to Brasil, Bolivia or Colombia, you can do that giant monster for 1/5 of the price with medium quality and still meet other culture while under the influence
            I reckon it's worth it


      Just don't Bogart it! 💨

  • elmo

    Some guys just want to watch the world burn

  • echogeo

    Monica Lewinsky just had an orgasm.

    • dill

      probably not big enough

  • sean m.

    i'd hate to see his ashtray

  • Bhodi

    #7 'Merica!

    • Derp Police

      WOW! Great reading skills. The first line in this post was "A cigar enthusiast living outside the United States commissioned the world’s largest cigar ever made to add to his own collection. " So it clearly is not 'Merica.

      • American Merican

        Shhh… hipsters think its awesome counter-cool to diss their own country. Don't break their little non-conformist hearts. Plus it's cheap chive linkbait.

        • Simon

          Does Bhodi come from America then?

          • Bhodi

            Bhodi does come from America, was just a joke because of the flag and our country's reputation for doing everything bigger and better. Sorry for rubbing some people the wrong way.

      • Canada!

        I think this reaction was more along the lines of "Look! Flag!"
        because we all know American cigars are terrible…

  • derp.

    Bill Clinton is already imagining a way to fit that somewhere it shouldn't go

  • sfb101

    Lungs!?! We don't need no stinking lungs…

    • gs425

      Cigars are not meant to be inhaled.

  • Captain

    Is Rosey Odonnel interning somewhere?

    • jawbone

      Yeah. In your Mom's mouth.

  • Greg

    Nothing but a novelty. But hell, if the guy can afford it, still kind of cool

  • noob


  • EriktheRed

    Thanks for creating all those long term jobs ToolBag!! what a fucking waste.

  • ChicO85T


  • No Justice

    He should be forced to sit in front off a stadium of under-served children and explain to them how happy his big useless cigar makes him.

    • Frank

      As any purchaser of art should?

      Do you not own anything that really has no function, but like it?

      Just wondering if you are a hypocrite or not.

      • I don't know

        They probably do, but it's not a giant cigar that costs $185000. Get off your high horse frank. This shit is stupid and pointless and there's really nothing you can say to counter that.

        • Frank

          Like all art?

        • Frank

          What do I have to counter?

          It's a piece of art obviously. If you think art is a stupid waste of money, that's fine. But just because you like a piece of art, doesn't make it useful. Likewise, just because you don't like it, doesn't make it any less useless than any other.

          But the last sentence you wrote speaks volumes about how much of a closed minded person you are, so I doubt you will bother to give it a second of thought.

          • I don't know

            Ah so you're one of those people who thinks anything and everything falls under the definition of "art" then? And that "art" is above reproach? Just because something may be art doesn't mean that it's not stupid and a waste of money. Just because one person likes it doesnt really justify its existence or its cost. You realize that much sooner than later that cigar is going to go bad right? And then the guy will have a $185k pile of extremely fragile unsmokeable rotten tobacco at best or a ton of tobacco beetles breeding and hatching and likely ruining his entire cigar supply right? What's that? You didn't actually put any thought into what you were defending and instead just went off because no one should talk shit about "art"? Yeah that makes more sense. Like I said, get over yourself. There are far more people who think this shit is stupid and a waste of money than those who appreciate it for its "artistic" quality.

    • Ryder

      Easy there bane don't want cha going all "take control of your city!!" on us just cause your unHappy with your life …

    • Big Poppa

      When cooking children it's easy to under-serve them. I find if you halve some onions add whole carrots and a few sticks of celery in a large roasting pot and slow cook in chicken stock for 6-8 hours your children will be perfect. You're welcome.

      I also cook troll.

  • BOB

    you SUCK Bob

  • Barrymackokener

    now all they have to do is split it own the middle and fill it with that stanky doe doe and then ill be impressed

  • Che sucked cock

    What a fucking waste of money. "Hey, I just spent $185,000 on a fucking CIGAR while children starve all across the damn planet! I'm such a fucking douchebag loser!"

    • Luke

      How much does your phone cost when you could have a cheaper one without Internet. You vehicle? Do you drive the most modest cost efficient one you could find? Do you even donate to charities at all? If so what percentage do you? People have yachts worth millions that they don't need. Don't hear any negativity about that. Grow up. Give everything that you have to starving kids and act on what you say. Then you will have an argument. Fucks for you, I do not give..

      • open minded

        Very well stated my good man.

    • gs425


  • bambam

    idiot – what a waste

    • fuckyou

      Bullshit to each his own jackass. Clearly it was worth it to this guy.

  • blue_bronco

    The Chive is hung over.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    That's a mighty fine looking Zuban you got there. $185,000? I'll just take this burglars kit. What time do you close?

  • Maxwell

    Not hand rolled

  • Hardo

    Every cigar man out there knows you don't use a torch or lighter…use a match or use a piece of tinder.

    • Lakeview

      Actually, you don't use a match because the sulfur tarnishes the flavor of the cigar.

      • SuperCigarExpertGuy

        Agreed, most people seem to do that cuz everybody days constantly that you never light a cigar with a lighter. But if you are going to light a match and then immediately light the cigar you might as well just throw the cigar away. Those sulfer fumes are absolutely nasty. Don't believe me inhale above a match just after you light it ans tell me how that tastes. Let the match burn for a while till you get past the match head and get to the wood alone. Or break a match head off of another one and use that as a piece of tinder.

    • Mat

      Only if your idea of being a "Cigar Man" is to purchase a 5-pack of Swishers at the local 7-11.

  • DannoTheManno88

    Stupid waste of time and resources. They didn't even make it a car.

    • SuperCigarExpertGuy

      When I win the lottery. Which I will, my fortune teller told me so. I will make a cigar filled with actual money and then burn it just to piss you people off. Oh and you know what the Cigar band will say? "It is my money, Fuck You, I do what I want".

      • DannoTheManno88

        Didn't the Joker do that? Oh wait…he forgot the cigar. Innovative

  • Sexual

    Oh MY FUCKING GOD !!! nOW THIS IS TO BE PRoud of.. !!! I mean WOW!! Absolutely AMazeBALLs!!! Can you sense the sarcasm?

    • JustSoYouKnow

      There is a key called "Caps Lock" on the left side of your keyboard. I think you keep hitting it accidentally and it is making you look like either an idiot or a teenage girl. Just an FYI.

  • usernamessuck

    quite possibly the most idiotic waste of money ever

    • Puns are funny

      The government funded a study to find out why wool is itchy once, that is still number 1 in my book. Close but no cigar.

    • Frank

      I dunno, $185,000 pales in comparison to the value of many other works of art.

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