• tipp

    I think he stole his virginity

    • HimesMagic

      He's married. To a model. Both are lovely people.

  • Jack


    • Child Please

      What is this? Yahoo news?

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  • tv_paul

    I thought the best pick pocket was The Chivery …some of the prices, $130 for a cornhole game table.( just kidding or am I?)

  • sfb101

    One born every minute…

  • BigOxley

    so….where am i supposed to keep my wallet now?

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Wish I could do that with some Chivettes' bras.. Is it Thursday yet?

    • Dydy

      If you haven't learned this trick yet (the one arm hug/bra unhooking slide away), you might need to start practicing. G'ahead, find the nearest Victoria's Secret mannequin and practice away. People will be to wierded out to stop you and you might actually get assistance from the help. WIN/WIN.

  • Captain Obvious

    He stole almost 5 minutes of my time.. Wtf

  • Barrymackokener

    ….teach me

  • CD3

    i feel like if i kept my wallet in my boxer briefs i still wouldnt be safe

  • bigyawns

    This guy jerked me off 3 times and I haven't even finished the video

  • Skylar

    Does this work on women's clothing?

  • Tiber_Septim

    moves as smooth as a babies ass

  • dan

    I'm willing to bet when this guy started out, pickpocketing was not just "entertainment" for him.

    • Squadoosh

      Most likely. It's like the hackers that decide to stop hacking and become consultants to help companies become safer with better security online.

  • Nargon

    doesn't look like Apollo, more like lawn ornament, skills are good though

  • Sartrem

    They obsess about the watch but don't seem to notice the trick he pulled. The torn bill inside the pen… inside the wallet… on the guy he doesn't touch after he gets the bill and pen. He obviously had the pen setup from the start inside the wallet… but still no one seems to acknowledge what's actually more of a magic trick than pickpocketing.

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  • Zitronante

    Have a look at Bob Arno, he is equally good!

    • Himesmagic

      Arno is good with technique, but he is no where near the quality smooth talker as Apollo, though Arnos first language is not English, this probably has something to do with it.

      Somewhere I still have a copy of the Chappy Brazil tapes. He was incredible. Him and Borro. Amazing trade.

  • kenny

    His best pick up Line:
    "ahem, ladies I'm ganna pick pocket ur virginity without you even nowing

  • PayHeed

    Great article on him in the New Yorker a few weeks back.

  • Space Coyote

    Sorry, but what the hell is a "pickpocketer"? It's "pickpocket".

  • space roadrunner

    The "pickpocketer" is the person doing to act. "pickpocket" is the term to describe the action performed by the "pickpocketer".

  • jaydubery

    If I was the best pickpocket in the world, I wouldn't tell anyone.

  • Bruce

    He never went back over to that guy after he pulled the pen out of the dudes pocket. No way for it to get inside the wallet. Magic trick. Not pickpocketing. Although the pickpocketing he DID do were pretty swift.

  • jay

    Not impressed… who lets a random guy on the street put his hands all over them? Weak sauce

  • Canucks_Rule

    i'd put a kid pickpocket from india up against this dude any day.

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