• WannaBeNAVYbutMechE

    Someone give this man a contract!

    • WhatTheDuece

      agreed, this amazing talent is busking and we get stuck with fucking bieber

      • bekkison

        We get stuck with Bieber because people watch this and think it's good guitar playing. It's sloppy, his rhythm is off, and he's playing off key in places. The link is what real musicians sound like.

        • guest

          because you could sit on the sidewalk and crank out what this guy did with your eyes closed. why does everybody have to be a critic? just stop whining and enjoy the music. it's a lot better than JB even if he might be a little sloppy. at least he's trying

          • bekkison

            My ability to play has no bearing on by ability to understand the difference in musicianship and a guy who bangs out sloppy scales. If critics are so bad, then why criticize me? Or are you exempt from the all critics are bad clause? Speaking of which, all the positive comments are criticisms too. I hope you plan to complain to them as well.

            • chriscruz77

              Wow, so touchy. so the guy could use a little help on some chords. He is not in a recording studio. The bottom line is that the guy has talent. NOBODY is perfect, especially not recording artists. They have hundreds of takes sometimes to get one song right. Someone patches them together to make them as perfect as possible. Get over yourself.

  • drhodesws

    I thought that was in fast forward! Impressive.

    • bigyawns

      it is so obviously in fast forward. still sick though

  • Canucks_Rule

    ok, that was a lil bit of awesome. i love how thrilled the audience was. lol.

    • jfjf

      Sedins are satans spawn and will burn

  • Wet_tosti

    He once tried to finger his girlfriend and set her vagina on fire! ~true story~

  • dan

    Dave Mustaine, eat your heart out!

  • dan

    Immediately following this, he was arrested by some concerned police officers for disturbing the peace.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mihai.sorohan Mihai Sorohan

      No, he was just fined, and that was for exceeding the speed limit.

  • Bunnykiller


  • Bob

    It's nothing amazing. And it does annoy me when he puts his hand the other way on the fretboard to show off. Nah, he's a dick and an average dick on the guitar.

    • Not Bob

      But he is out there playing. You're writing about it on the Internet. Go Bob.

    • Done son

      Bob must be jealous because all he plays is the skin flute. Fuck you Bob.

    • PokingBears

      Whatch out everyone we have a badazz guitar man here, back up so he can spout his expert wisdom from his soapbox of righteous indignation.

    • http://tomisclever.blogspot.com tom g

      this is why i hate comments and boards on the internet. what happened to just appreciating cool interesting things for the sake of appreciation? there is a reason 61 people down voted your comment. all those people understand, if you have nothing nice to say, dont be a dick.

      • bill

        post a vid of yourself or stfu

        • bill

          meant that for bob

      • pete

        Hate to say it but Bob's kind of right. This guy knows a little tremelo and a couple of scales.
        Also he's playing a classical with a pick..instead of5 fingers. This isn't impressive at all..not to someone who plays.

    • steve

      then sit down, make your own video of you playing and post it.

    • Rob G

      If you have your guitar case open on the sidewalk and expect people to throw money in it, it is probably appropriate to show off.

  • ZachSmash

    The video is sped up…. That isn't the speed he was originally playing at. Easily noticeable when you see the speed at which people are walking in reflections on the window.

    • smashzach

      Watch closer people are running and walking

    • Anon

      You sir…are a moron…

    • https://www.facebook.com/michael.m.kappel.5 Mike

      You and the people in your town must be slow fucking walkers if you think that was sped up walking…

    • will

      are you fucking retarded?

      • https://www.facebook.com/marcus.fisher.96 Marcus Fisher

        I do believe he is lol

    • Troy Oh

      Lol yea that Grandma who tips him at the end really zooms in and out of there!

    • Ken

      Lots of death metal bands play that fast in sync.

  • Razz

    He is from Poland and his name is Mariusz Goli. On YT you can find some more videos of him.

  • cyberfunk

    Spawn of the Deliverance kid.

  • Neckies rule

    Best video of a neck beard I've ever seen

  • Random

    Bet this guy beats off like a champ

  • khous655

    I can't see his legs

  • Abe Froman

    Dude is so fucking metal.

  • RichMahogany

    That is one wicked wispy neck beard.

  • Blacth

    He's a Wizard

  • Salt

    Let me play you the song of my people.

  • RUhigh

    Somebody give this boy a mandolin, then watch music happen.

  • Ranyore

    I………*sets guitar down*….*sets guitar on fire* …yeah that's about all I got -.- I'm going to go sit in this corner for a while now.

  • Felcus

    Yeah, but can he play Dragon Force on Guitar Hero?

    • Swaff

      you mean can dragon force play like this in real life?

  • jaydubery

    At the end of that I was expecting a crowd of thousands to give a standing ovation. Then I was reminded (by applause) he was on a street corner playing for change with about 7 people listening. It's a shame. I wish the guy all the success in the world.

  • bloobloo

    This isn't that impressive… Just a lot of tremolo picking…

    • socket2me

      This. I dont think any half-decent guitarist will find this impressive. Yawn

    • HUH?

      its amazing how he can play the bass line at the same time, oh wait, that is part of the recording that is playing at the same time.

    • dirty_toenail

      word. and not even clean trem picking at that.

  • Mcpoyle

    This guy plays on a street corner, and Justin Bieber is a millionaire.

  • Ryana

    If I didn't see the people walking at a normal pace in the reflection behind him, I would've thought for sure the video was on high speed! WOW!

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