• Kilo

    Seeing as how he is playing in front of a music store, I'd say he probably working for them to bring in business.

  • Yes mam

    I wonder if he's still working on the G chord?

  • mpt

    he's fast and has as much soul as a block of cement

  • shortyellowbus

    sped up or not, it sounded cool.

  • Shea W

    i think i would had just thrown my entire "bad mother fucker" wallet at him and walked away clapping

  • Mad Dog

    all really in E minor – not that hard – sounds quicker too when ur speed picking – decent busker all the same.

    Listen to Paul Gilbert and Tony Macalpine for real guitar dominance.

  • Got Grit

    If I was a hamster I would run on my wheel to this song!

  • Fearghus Mahoney

    FAKE!!! Theres background music!!!

  • WilliamEBMM

    Nobody should ever use a pick on a classical acoustic. Especially with nylon strings. Sounds awful.

  • cmm

    stop at 3:54

  • Tristan Schweinbold

    wow, haters stop breathing please just for like ever. it jammed and it was catchy. so much music doesnt. like all the winers posting comments you already know they blow goats for cash

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