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  • COchiver

    chive: So sick of these ads that direct me away from your page. Every time I try to scroll a new gallery! Do something about this bullshit

    • Skill in

      Uninstall adobe flash. Reboot. Go get latest version, don't install toolbar. There is a problem with some flash updates that is letting attacks come in.

  • confirmed

    takes a while but how else do u realise your m8's are sad, tunnel visioned wastes

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #2 #6 #18 #32 #36 Holy fuck

  • nope

    pedo site………

  • Jules_23

    Sara Underwood completes my week all the time #60

  • monkeyv01

    #26 captured my heart with that smile.

  • kimoho

    Want #43

  • jimbob

    #1 I'd be Putin dat ass on my face later

  • TJ0351


    Andrea does it right.

  • Ben

    Moar of #26 #36 and #66 please.

  • Alfred

    #2 #6 #18 find her

  • Unimar

    Nice 🙂 More, something like that, here: 🙂

  • @DrewMoney05

    #47 needs to be in my life.

    • Kimber Miller

      aw, thank you!
      Loyal Chivette from Las Vegas Nevada

  • Eric

    #1 sends Pussy Riot to Siberia, is in fact a frigid pussy himself.

  • Pepper Brooks

    #2 Chive Hall of Fame. Come on Chive time for a Hall of Fame. Nominee #1 right here!!!

    • Pepper Brooks

      Ha ha woops! I meant she should be the first nominee. Damn keyboard! Get Putin outta there!

  • dbcooper

    #36 I love you!

  • geooffff

    #60 ya!

  • lost in time

    #21 unlimited possibilities

  • Kyle429

    #52 @Violaceousgirl on Twitter FTW

  • yoyoyo

    #6 and #10 damn son

  • tod

    How bad is it that I know the reflection in #1 is that pole vaulting girl?

  • Josh

    #2 #10 #43 OMFG. Wow they're beautiful. Definitely MOAR.

  • John Robert

    An obvious photoshop.
    Breasts? Yes. Stomach? Yes. Rear End? Probably.

  • toshy

    #59 you only sink once !!! lol

  • MEAT

    #43 epic ass is epic!

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