• Dano

    Tooootally could eat crackers in bed.



  • suzanne

    Geez people shes not fat, maybe they should put some bbw model or ssbbw model in the background you yall idiots are reminded what a big woman is! She is beautiful get over yourself pricks.

  • Eric Tucker

    She looks fat

  • Steve

    She's hot but homegirl is straight dead behind the eyes.

  • Lisa

    This is a bad look for SI. She's average. No way fit enough for this mag.

  • William Moreno

    For God's sake, somebody please photoshop the painted necklace OFF!!!


    OISCH!!! HOT!!!!

  • Doc Rasco

    BEST! POST! EVER!!!!!!

  • Barney

    The things I would do to that poor girl. The unforgivable things…

  • Krnn

    While there are much worse I've never found her that attractive. Plus the shop on this is horribly noticeable. By hollywoods standards she looks like a plus sized model (normal size for the rest of the planet). There are many more sexy chivettes we should be looking at in body paint!

  • Marvin

    Kate Upton is lovely and her bosom looks kind of pretty. In a perfect world everyone should have practiced the golden rule. Men embarrassed,humiliated,violated and harassed by womens lies about their compliments about their breasts,cleavage,rear,legs and because those mens photos were taken without their consent. Sexual hassling is about degrading and humiliating men. It doesn't work on women because women aren't hated on a large scale, as men are, and because womens bodies are not used against them, in order to punish them. Sharon Stone what a dumbbell carelessly saying she gets, what is it? "more" "power" over men? What a peabrain, but then everyone who still wants a womens movement to exist and for women to continue to wear pants and shorts and not skirts and dresses is a peabrain.

    • chivette

      I really hope you're kidding.

  • Arie

    I would like to see all the people talking shit wear nothing but body paint. Jeez , some people like a bag of bones and some like a little in the middle. Shit! So many assholes today.

  • omgwtfbbq

    To each their own but Kate Upton is fat to me. Unattractive droopy boobs. I'll take Alexandra Markina over her any day.

  • Marvin

    If nothing else their battle represents a new front in the war against the way the Internet a machine used by the devil to beguile stupid women,cops and our government is used to reinforce discrimination against men when they compliment them. But at least they can say they fought back. And their story offers lessons for the rest of us about the role we have in changing destructive online behaviour about the constant flow of misinformation about compliments,flirting,staring,etc. And the generalization that it's "unwanted" supposedly.

  • srt28

    would have been better naturally instead of airbrushed….but still great

  • Nice

    #8, definitely photoshopped. Or she has the ultimate "tucked and folded"

  • Lou

    I think everyone has seen videos of her and she always seems to be in a good mood and is laughing and I think that adds to her image.

  • hater

    overrated!!!!! with boobs, admittedly an 8…without, a 5…totally average

  • KCooperCO

    I mean she's smoking hot but I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I've seen way hotter chicks on The Chive

  • Amelia

    Good face, good boobs, weird body. I don't think "fat" is the right word, but she not skinny yet doesn't have curves. She's dense. She has no waist line and no booty. I think she's overrated.

  • Spencer
  • dbcooper

    #10 Today is a magical day!

  • BTEE

    Irene Nell is curvy… This girl is just shaped weird and soft…

  • Spaz

    Oh my lawwd.

    • MGT

      Same as my dog!

  • Kate

    I LOVE her body!! Finally a woman with a real one!

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