• CapnMFingPlanet

    wow, that is a lot of photoshop. im sure the internet would be greatful for the before pics if you know what i mean.

  • John Boy

    Kate is lovely and her breasts seem to look pretty even with paint on them, and her nipples show a little bit even though they are covered in spray paint. Baruch Obama and other presidents should think about why we should get rid of that false teaching of theirs they passed as a law called sexual harassment, it has extremist feminist dogma about it. That law is a demon it needs to be exorcised. Anyone ought there who reads my comment tell Obama get rid of the sexual harassment law and learn forgiveness and love and compassion instead turning everyone into a malefactor.

  • JP1

    Don't care about the weight etc. Seems like a cute enough chick when interviewed and everything…BUT, see hotter on here weekly! Real (unshopped, uncropped and unfixed) is just better looking to me. But that's just me. I'd be here to provide comfort for her if this is too much for her to hear though….

  • scary69

    fuck me id paint her with my brush

  • advnturetime101

    1. She's beautiful and duchelords need to quit hating on her 2. Yes there's a TON of photoshopping but she looks odd because of the photography and the fact that she is fully naked without a bikini to "hold anything up"

  • CanadianPiper

    #12 Unfuckingbelieveable

  • @oreese12

    I mean sure, she's beautiful but how abou the intangibles? Can she clean? How good are her sandwiches? Does she know her way around a kitchen?

  • KyleGamgee

    #5 #14 OH MY GOD

  • Alan

    Shopped the Toe, But all is good

  • leon

    I can't believe people are critizing her about her weight. She is practically naked, what else do you guys want?? It's fucking Kate Upton and she is gorgeous!

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  • sub

    wow so many haters

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  • solrac zemog

    All you photoshop experts out there get to fu***ng work and take the paint off. NOW!…Please and thank you.

  • Ttt

    Absolute shite! Not a real fucking genuine photograph in the whole set!! Kiss my painted balls!!

  • Summer

    She has the weirdest body….her bell button is so high up on her baby belly.

  • Uptonne

    Im going to be fapping for days

  • jenna

    I'm going to come across as some jealous, bitchy girl but I can tell you right now.. I have NEVER said anything bad about any model. I can admire a gorgeous woman when I see them.. BUT kate Upton… seriously? ? should not be a bikini model. she's pushing plus size. not saying she's ugly.. just not all that she's made out to be.. average face… ditzy personality… chicken legs.. no hips…. and not to mention no muscle definition.. oh and nice tits? so? i know there has to be other people who can agree with me.

  • doug

    Reality: someone got to paint her awesome body while it was naked. Life is not fair.

  • Bajiroo Quotes

    Amazing !

  • @karleenvalachov

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