What would Valentine’s Day be without Newly Single Chivettes? (56 Photos)

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  • Kyle

    #37 is that Avila beach? You look lovely sorry you're spending vday by your lonesome. Cheers to all the 805ers

  • Goose

    #52 cheers to Wisconsin! As well as Drink to the Pain Day

  • Eddie

    #18 you have a beautiful smile! If you're ever in Denver let me know!

  • cjay

    #46 What a F#CKTARD, his loss. You're gorgeous. KCCO.

  • Ben

    #30 Very nice. I feel like I'm always the last one to post in these threads…

  • p_rock


    Someone needs to coin a term for the phenomenon of scrolling a Girls post on TheChive, completely passing by a pic of a woman so fine that it takes a second to register but by then you've already scrolled past so you have to scroll back up. The e-equivalent of a double take on the street.

  • Matt

    #34 Jesus! where in Canada are you from?

  • eddie

    #4 unreal

  • shaker

    #46 I will be your boy friend

  • James

    #19, #23, #46, #47 if any of you want a new bf id love to be that lucky guy.

  • Kelsey

    All you Chivers are so sweet! Thanks for making me smile, you guys rock! KCCO 🙂

    • James

      are you one of the unlucky ladies?

      • Kelsey

        Unlucky? As in being single? Lol

  • Deadpool

    Just one word for #6: WOW!!!!!!!

  • KccoJ

    #44 Loving the Lambda Chi sweatshirt KCCO from a Cincy Chopper

  • 702 chiver

    #35 #15 Yes please… lol more
    Any single Vegas chivettes????

  • Reilly

    #9 Be mine!?

  • Kody

    #7 Moar Please

  • DBallz

    #8 and #37

    Love Love LOVE girls in ball hats.

    The Chivettes should totally have a Girls In Ball hats thread……totally

  • ggreggggg

    Jesus. What a mess.

  • Fal13n

    #46- Holy fuck he is an idiot, because you are gorgeous!

    • http://facebook.com/astalmage Ashley

      I agree he is an idiot. 🙂

  • josh

    #17 #40 #46

  • What_Tha

    #3o Wow… knockout.

  • http://twitter.com/Toemoss5 @Toemoss5

    #4 #5 #6 wow breath taking eyes I could stare into them for a long long time!

  • https://www.facebook.com/conor.kendrick Conor Kendrick

    #46…..wow. yea, he's an idiot.

    • http://facebook.com/astalmage Ashley

      well thanks! 🙂

  • bigboii

    #'s 20 and 32 need a hell of'va lot moar!!!

  • R. Barr

    All these white girls need a Hispanic man in their lives……challenge accepted

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