• http://www.facebook.com/rafferty.christopher Chris Rafferty

    Screw you Chive. Made me cry all over myself like a little bitch

    • Pete

      Yeah, me too

  • Canucks_Rule

    damn onions got me again.

  • EveryTime

    I always manage to get something in my eyes when I watch videos like this..

  • AnItalianChiver

    This is so sweet. Dust in my eyes.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Damn onions…. *sniff*

  • Visitohr

    I better chop some firewood before my gf comes home.

  • joe

    WOW that is true love. you made me cry…..now i have to redo my makeup.

  • N8orius

    Seriously!? Just had an awesome Valentines, put the little lady to bed, and then I literally had to wipe the tears away from my eyes. Chive, I love you and I hate you. One can only hope their significant other will be this committed when/if the day comes.

  • Edge

    Ladies and Gentlemen – a real man in true love. Perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world.

    And yes, I thought of Jim Carrey when spelling b-e-a-utiful.

  • Hank Hill

    I was in Kroger the other day and saw something similar to this. A very frail, old gentleman was struggling to push his wife in a wheelchair as he drug a buggy behind them with his cane hanging from the handle. It really was quite beautiful. Then, on the next aisle, I saw this big, fat woman too lazy to walk riding on a damn electric cart. I know she was just too lazy to walk and not incapacitated, because she had absolutely no problem jumping off the cart and grabbing cookies off the top shelf before she jumped on and rode off toward the beer aisle. Sad times.

    • Mike


  • explorataur

    gah cut the umbilical cord already

    • Mike

      Your kind aren't welcome here.

    • Chiver,Houston

      I hate that I just laughed at this…. it does help get rid of the dust in my eyes tho

      • explorataur

        so few appreciate the darker side of comedy.

        Just kiddin' mike, don't get your angry bird panties in a wad.

        • JAFitC

          You confuse "the darker side of comedy" with repulsiveness. Sorry, but effectively saying "Just kidding!" doesn't make it comedic.

          • explorataur

            And you confuse my response for caring. See, we all make mistakes! Good talk.

  • TheBetterMan

    Heartwarming, thank you for sharing

  • Dirk Diggler

    A true man right there…

  • MylesofStyles

    And here I thought true love was the reach-around-scrotum-tickle.

    • Hrdwood

      your cat waking you up in the morning doesn't count…

      • MylesofStyles

        Seriously? Well there goes the bulk of my sex life.

  • David

    I feel like I need to "man up" now and watch some porn or something, but the screen just got so damned blurry for some reason.

  • heresincethestart

    reminds me of UP.

  • Michael W

    Great video! Send this guy everything w/ KCCO on it. I'm sure it takes a lot to stay calm to deal with someone that has alzheimer's disease. This man is champion and it shows.

  • rae

    Lovely. Just lovely ty chive ❤

  • Impeng

    Damn you Chive! Now I gotta go out, find a big rock and throw it as far as I can ten times just to feel like a man again!

  • csor1120

    Wow that was beautiful! I can't say I didn't shed a tear watching this one

  • http://Chive.com No one

    Now who the fuck is cutting onions at 5:24 am, does any one have 4 tisseu boxes

  • Charles

    Gotta stop mixing spices when cooking and watching videos. Damn sinuses acting up

  • Magi More

    <img src="http://am.apparelbookstore.info/I.jpg"/&gt; Awesome, Always love thechive

  • canadianchiver

    this is beautiful! definition of a true man in love.

  • Tim

    I wish I loved someone enough to do all that. Heck.

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