Well played, sir. Very well played indeed. (31 Photos)

  • Jay



    • http://tomisclever.blogspot.com tom g


    • HickoryHeel01

      "I meant to do that."

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'd rather see you hurry and comment "lol" on the last picture just so you can be first instead of just posting FIRST! Well played. Well played indeed.

  • JBVC

    I agree with #23

  • DirtBag

    #8 how do you explain hookers then?

    • DDD

      Easy beaver GETS more wood…

  • Yeahhh

    #26 god she is hot. Seems cool as hell too.

    • sam

      plus busted that dumbass balls

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    #12 Tony Romo is a cruel prankster

  • Yuppp

    #24 hahaahah, that's fucked up.

    • Truth Hurts

      Looks fake as hell.

      /s/ Jules

    • Interneter

      Take it easy… There's a beverage here man!!

      • bIGnAWTY

        The dude abides…

  • Oh, right

    #29 The whole time I was thinking, "with handwriting like that, they have to already know he's gay." ….red herring.

    • hickchick

      thats a girl…….

    • Cracka_ass_cracka

      Laurel is a girl name last I checked

    • TruDat

      And you should look up the meaning of a red herring.

      • Oh, right

        sorry, a red herring reversal, from my perspective at least. I like how they didn't understood that I knew it was a girl though.

    • iamsofaking

      A gay man would have made a nicer cake.

      • Lester S. Moore

        A gay man would have used nice stationary, printed much better and spelled "tears" correctly.

        • ajvz

          Tiers was a pun? Not sure if srs though…

  • chiver

    #3 looks like he missed one

    • Peerless

      You had one job to do…!!!

    • David

      Made me look!!!!!

      Good job seeing that!

    • Jay

      My OCD went over 9000. Make it stop!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Well played man, well played.

    • Pedro

      they did it to f*ck with you… especially you.

  • Mak

    #29 gayfer

    • davo

      shhe all gays jokes get thumbs down! Boohoo America!

  • Reservoir_Dog

    #3 HE MISSED ONE! …… ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DannoTheManno88

    #10 Yeah fuck Wal-Mart.

  • Self Righteous poop


  • Spelling Police

    #10 is stupid. They ship it from a distribution point to the store you want to pick it up from, regardless if the store has it in stock or not. They don't take it from the actual store's inventory.

    • Bob Barker

      Then how is it you can get a pick-up confirmation in less than 10 minutes with a ready time of less than an hour, be at the store in 20 and walk out with the item you ordered?

      • cdlind


    • Simple

      Site to store vs. In store pickup.

      • WildCardBitches

        Who. Gives. A. Single. Fuck.

        • Troy

          Second that.

  • Lunchbox

    I worked in the kitchen in pic 22

  • Hrdwood

    #27 but at least they don't lie about it.

  • Quinn

    #18 – but then he would be out of wishes!

    • Catalystika

      Heh, most definitely. You now have the ability to wish for more wishes. About that, however…

    • TrainDr101

      The only time it doesn't work out is if that's the last wish. Take care of it on wish 1 or 2 & you're in business.

  • Kyle429

    #30 Is it me you're looking for?

    • Jack o' lantern

      Yep, that's the joke.

  • Turrebo

    Those are yellow bikes. You can rent them ( http://www.yellowbike.nl/en/ )
    Those people are tourists. And yes, they're all on drugs.

    Your turn.

    • Hrdwood

      Are you implying that it's my turn to visit Amsterdam, rent a bike and take drugs? Hell, I can ride my own bike for free here in the States and do drugs whenever I want and save the plane fare…. screw that!

      • Turrebo

        @Hrdwood I'm implying that Amsterdam isn't "just a lot of people taking drugs riding bikes".

        If you see someone in the street smoking pot, he is usually wearing the expression of a toddler doing something naughty. Whooooo! I'm smoking pot and there's nothing you can do about it! (giggle giggle giggle). Those people mostly are tourists.

        It's just that I'm fed up with the fact that Americans in general see Amsterdam as the drug capital of the world, and that there's nothing more to this amazing city than drugs, the red light district, windmills, tulips, oh- and some art (appreciated while sober for maximum effect).

        Not all Americans are fat. Not all Dutch people are high and/or riding a bike with a tulip in their ass.

    • You are useless

      Where is the question asking where to rent the bike…I certainly do not see one.

  • dreez

    #15 Had me fooled

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Fortunately my obsession with penis-shaped shadows allowed me to see reason

    • eryche420

      had my finger tip bit off by a pit bull and that pic looked just like it. Brought back a few chills

  • @lackofabetter

    #23 MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Almoney13

    #21 A walken freezer… Well played indeed

    • Bob

      Holy…how did I not get the joke? I just thought it was because it looks like he's being fish-hooked by the door handle.

      2 thumbs, moron? This guy.

  • curmudgeon

    #21 why i no can give more than one 'up' thumb? very well played, indeed.
    #10 doesn't work that way, but don't we wish it did?
    #20 the force is strong with this one.

  • curmudgeon

    #1 very ingenious. need a patent and a business manager?

    • Guest

      Please explain what's going on here for the scientifically challenged

      • credible hulk

        The idea is to draw from both containers and then chill as it goes through the cup of ice, resulting in a cold, mixed drink. The liquid would have to be at the same level in each container tho' or you would only draw from the fuller one. To chill you would have to sip slowly but it would work.

  • Forsak3n90

    All of these are pretty funny but I'm going to go see if I can buy #1 online somewhere

  • boneher

    #15 you"re doing it wrong. The last cherry I had wasn't on my thumb…..then again it looked way worse.

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