Hot Right Now: Fit girls whose new year’s resolutions had nothing to do with working out more (36 Photos)

Let’s hear it for the First Time Chivettes (76 Photos)

  • @JuanPaBackPack

    #8 #15 #29 #37 #65 I know now God doesn't completely hate me!

  • ChuckyChed

    #8 Be still my beating heart! MOAR!!!

    • brosephine

      god damn, couldn't agree more!!!!!!

  • OKChiver

    #6 and #65 are gorgeous!

  • Ariel


  • Jass

    #74 you seriously had to take off your clothes? For strangers??? Easy much?

  • Twatwaffler

    #20 Find her from a loyal Texas Chiver!!!

  • Sweet_Lew

    #74 gets all my "yeps"

  • JC11

    #69 This GB chiver has gotta get moar!

    • Jedediah


  • Cody

    #25 KCCO From Farmington New Mexico!! Its about time we have a girl from NM!

  • Henner

    Welcome all. 😀

    #27 MOAR

  • Dr. Chive
  • Frank

    First time Chivettes, long time attention whores.

  • wasinnc

    #6 beautiful eyes and a great smile welcome please come back often

  • HappyMeal

    #20 is the best. Incredible body!!!!! You you know she is awesome because she is from Texas. She is why the CHIVE is awesome

  • D_Mouse

    Wow! Thanks for sharing!

    Don't be shy.

  • Mark

    #36 is just absolutely gorgeous. I call dibs.

  • The Dude

    Thank you all, new girls. Come back next time with less clothing!

  • Twatwaffler

    #20 Find her from a loyal Texas Chiver!!!_#53 Nice need MOAR!_#60 & #67 MOAR!_#73 More Ass Please!_#70 Very Sexy!_#73 Oh The things I'd do to you!

  • Yegbiker

    Need moar of 14!!! Oh my oh my oh my! So nice!

  • JC11

    This GB chiver has gotta have moar!

  • Tbikes

    #14 moar please!

  • Yegbiker

    #22 and #30 these beautiful ladies need to be found and begged for Moar!!!!

  • Yegbiker

    #37 please find this beautiful Albertan chivette for this loyal Albertan chiver

    • Chuck


  • AHoL

    #12 is out of control HOT, need MOAR!!!

  • Spence

    this NM chivette #25 hot damn!! 505 or 575?

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