What if I told you these weren’t photographs? (20 Photos)

That’s right, these are all amazing hyperreal paintings by various artists.

Via Simonhennessey
Via Denispeterson
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  • Popeye

    Omfg #8 is fanfreaggintastic.
    I am duly impressed.

  • Carl

    While the talent is impressive, in the end, they look like a photograph (which are very cheap). No reason to ever want one of these – look a painting that looks just like an Oreo – wow.

  • Marshal

    I think #11 is of Angelina Jolie…

  • Adam

    #3, #7, and #18 were the only ones I could tell were paintings. Rest fooled me.

  • ChiverPat

    Actually they are photographs..although they are photographs of paintings.

    • BigGreg

      If you want to be picky they are a digital rendering on your screen of a photograph of a painting.

  • Oklahoma

    Every one of these paintings was a photograph first. Not a single one of these paintings could be achieved without looking at a photograph for reference.

    • ISNBH

      Oh, well that makes it child's play then.

  • 神威

    #1 genius amazing coloring

  • Juanita

    All of them are photographs!!!!!!!! Photographs of a paints that looks like photographs!! Morones!! saludos desde Mèxico!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.huck.52 Matthew Huck

    It's not impossible to paint like this. One way is to start with a photo (8×10+) Project it onto your canvas. Trace it. Paint it.

    The HARD as HELL part is being an expert at color matching and mixing. That takes a lot of practice, and a great eye.

  • blue_bronco

    And now my camera is obsolete.

    • alex

      No it's not- these were painted from photos.

  • Crash

    HOLY. SHIT… I'm an artist and this gave me a hard on. Incredible talent.

  • chrisninety1

    If I had this ability, I'd commit crimes and then draw a picture to incriminate someone else.

  • A Loyal Chiver

    #8 – Wow, she is hot. Can't come to terms if that's a real painting or not. However, the pictures that has water in them is obvisouly paintings. #9, #11, #13 – I can tell these are paintings for sure. I mean, they are all photos to start out with but all you do is take a photo and project it on a canvas and trace it. However, the hard part is painting it to make it look as realalistic as possible and that is very difficult and takes a lot of patience. Overall, these people who painted these are very talented! Hats Off!!

  • alex

    Painting from photographs doesn't necessarily equal good artist. Granted this person(s?) is very talented but I'm sure they are very literally painted from an exact photo.

  • BroRadley

    i'd probably spend my days drawing awesome boobs

  • thwartme

    These are photographs. They may be photographs of paintings, but they are photographs.

  • bradk

    How the hell do you paint water?

  • alexk

    Its not super impressive because they are paintings that are just copies of photos. Takes a lot of work and a good eye to get it right, but its not difficult painting from a perfect source image that doesn't move. Painting from imagination or still life is a lot more interesting

  • https://www.facebook.com/kathleen.kelly.184881 Kathleen Kelly

    The one of Superman and the jelly, is a painting done by Doug Bloodworth, and he is on facebook, nice guy! I have seen the Oreo one and the Monopoly one in real life at a National Art Show. They are simply amazing to view. There's an artist who wasn't featured who does paper money that would blow your mind, and he also does items on a chalkboard, and you'd swear it was an actual chalkboard! He has what appears to be a piece of scotch tape on the chalkboard and you'd think you could pull it off. The paintings are fabulous. I'm an artist, and even I was impressed. Here are the names of a few artists you may want to look up. Roberto Bernardi, Luciano Ventrone, Glennray Tutor, Alyssa Monks (who did the painting of the girl behind the wet glass above) and one of my favorites, Ralph Goings. Enjoy!

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