• Dana

    God Bless these kids…

  • Michael Cecil

    Great video. Shows there is still hope. Glad Mitchell kept calm.

  • Ben

    Thanks for posting this, I'm one of the fans holding Mitchell up from the croud, he goes to my school and he is one of the most caring and heartwarming people I know. I've known him my whole life and me and the rest of El Paso are so gratefull y'all shared our story. KCCO and god bless.

  • Thomas

    Jonathan, your are parents must be very proud! They taught you well and you made a middle aged guy in Toronto cry! I loved everything about this story! I tip my hat to you!

  • shawn

    well done #22, well done

  • BEN

    thank you so much for posting this, I'm one of the students who stormed the court and picked up Mitchell, i grew up with him my whole life and if you only knew how much this means to him… though hes struggled throughout his life hes always managed to have a smile on his face. I'm so glad we were able to finally share his wonderful story across the nation. He is truely an inspiration to all of us. thank you chive, KCCO and god bless.

  • betty

    This was great. Two beautiful kids. One wanting so much to play and the other helping him to achieve his goal. Glad it was put on video so many can see the kids in our future are something to be very proud of .

  • Cryztalsky

    chive on young sir.. chive on

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  • Joni Michel


    but you can clearly see that the coach was banging his mom!

  • adam

    Teary eyed awesomeness

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  • dave

    basket doesn't count. he traveled. but good on you kid, made that kids year

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  • Steve

    Great Story. That's the true meaning of sportsmanship. Awesome job by the coaches, players and the students who ran on to the court to make that moment even more memorable for this young man. KCCO.

  • eric

    the manliest of tears has just been shed

  • eric

    never mind a free t shirt… someone get that kid an NBA contract,If for no other reason than we need pro athletes with his level of awesome

  • Mickey

    Faith in Humanity Restored

  • Jose Guadalupe Garcia

    So…. Motivational!

  • raul

    And now I'm crying

  • Pom Pelepee

    Give Jonathan Montanez a medal!!!

  • Dennis

    a little faith in the younger generation restored.

    Also, great coach and great school.

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