Well, that escalated quickly (42 Photos)

  • Tony

    Never. Going. To. McDonalds. Again.

    • AssClown

      Well now you're kinda screwed, cause I'm still at theChive.

    • JESSE

      Not one of the above was a complete sentence.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #6 The most hilariously gruesome thing I've ever seen

  • Scott

    Damn, you're hot!

    • SwampDonkey

      I see what you did there! Well played!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #13 for when you really, really have to kill something

    • Candy

      I could have used this last week when that spider was in my room.

    • bob

      It's a concept design to destroy Justin beber, Niki minage and other audio things on this planet.

      • bob

        Awful. Not audio.

    • Mark S Man

      The future of Formula 1 racing…

  • Mike

    Looks like something #41 would create….

  • Fun_ghoul

    #11. Ur hot as fuck. But ur twin is a little downsie

    • s to the p

      Hot + confidence + funny = fap fap fap fap……

    • bdg

      #11 Love it!!! Hot and funny!!!!! I want one!!!

  • Elorm

    1st!…now what do i do?

  • https://www.facebook.com/bryan.murillo.71 Bryan Murillo

    I love Chiven before going to bed.
    Time to hit the sack….
    Then go to bed.

  • Turd Ferguson

    #38 Thanks, Obama!

    • A tip o' the cap

      Comment of the day. Well played sir, well played indeed.

  • James G

    #25, If that's real; she's one hell of a mother. Not only does she ruin her eldest daughters great news, she's also clearly not the secure type her youngest would go to confess anything to.

    • TheBAMFinater

      And she's more concerned about how people will think about her. I hope that is one of those fakes.

    • jcruz23

      You would think the mother has her daughters' in her contact list, and the correct daughter's name would pop up when she texted right?

      • James G

        Well, that's why I suspect it to be a fake. Then again her level of ignorance is quite high (if it's real)

      • Leeks

        Well if she is anything like my mom, she doesn't know how to add numbers to her phone.

  • loled


    • Livin' Legend

      Surely you meant to caption this.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jordan.tunnicliff.1 Jordan Tunnicliff

    #25 Didn't happen. These "texts" are getting boring now, they're all fake.

  • mctrippa

    #18 At least he emptied the vacuum cleaner, I hate doing that.

  • Alex

    #3 People that retarded actually exist? *sigh*

  • Juk3sy

    #29 Not really my place to say this, but that's a big ass fire you might want to put out!

    • NotThatGuy

      I couldn't imagine why vollies catch attitude from career guys. It seems like hes doing such a good job!

    • F594

      #29 is called a basement saver

      • dude

        Dude that house is on fire, quick get my picture before it goes out!

    • James

      Yea its fully involved and im sure they have lines all over the house to contain it from spreading however more then Half the house is gone, theres nothing to save, Soooo i think hes doing a fine job! Maybe you should actually try to be a fireman and go through the schooling to actually learn what happens in these situations instead of assuming you know everything, Faggot.

      • StillNotThatGuy

        Take it easy James, we don't care if it's a picture of you. Some of us ARE firefighters and feel that posing for a picture of not doing your job while someone watches their house burn to the ground is unprofessional. The media doesn't care if it's career or volunteer but some of us care how the fire service looks in the public's eye. That is all, KCCO and happy posing. P.S. classy touch calling someone a bundle of sticks.

    • A Lazy Fireman

      Hey Cornelious. First off when you need help you are going to call those lazy prick firemen so it is probably best not to criticize the people that you are going to need to save you. Second, have you ever been a firefighter? Wearing all of the gear, in combination with the temperatures inside the fire, in addition to doing strenuous work inside, it gets hot fast so occasionally they need to take a break. I know taking a break is shocking right? How about you get off your lazy butt and volunteer or see if you can do a ride along and actually see what it is like instead of making inferences.

  • Pete

    #23 Is this the Techno Viking at 60?

    • _DoC_

      #nomakeup #justshowered #notposing #bedbeard

    • Livin' Legend

      Technoviking Sr. would be my guess. Good genes in the Technoviking family.

    • trl87

      Master Roshi

    • Chech

      From the neck up he looks likes he's 80 not 60.

    • kristen

      No, i think that's one of the guys from Mythbusters ..damn,guess that guy's been working out.

      • Juan

        He works out at my gym… He's a beast

    • TokugawaBakayasu

      It's clearly Heihachi trying to disguise himself in glasses and a fake beard

  • Ride

    #8 I hate when that happens!

  • A2_tha_MFK

    #23 Wow! Looks like Santa's had enough of fat & jolly.

  • Pvtdeth

    #23 That dude can take all the self pics he wants. He freaking earned it.

  • Not Me

    #21 Tech support: "Have you re-booted it yet?"

    • VoodooWillie

      or (my personal favorite from the IT folks) "We're not sure what's wrong with it, so we are going to have to re-image your laptop".

      • Tim

        Which means, "Ahh, way too much garbage installed for me to even bother, my time is better spent wiping it then listening to the tears fall.

    • Mark S Man

      Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

  • scjr

    #17 Scarface's grandman??

  • coop

    #18 Sums up my past 2 weekends perfectly

  • g3nXsLack3r

    #23 Off-season Santa…MMA fighter.

  • http://twitter.com/3WolfNight @3WolfNight

    #21 Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?

  • tv_paul

    #11 Jerry O'Connell?

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