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We gave some Chivettes the Irish KCCO…. (15 HQ Photos)

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This Thursday beginning at 12 Noon EST, we'll be putting the Irish KCCO's on sale for one day only on theCHIVERY.
We had a few Chivettes make special requests for the elusive shirts and we were happy to oblige... as long as they took photos for the Chivers of course.

Currently it's listed as a 12 hour presale *while supplies last. Pro tip: The earlier you order, the faster you'll get the shirt. There is still a limited supply of The Irish and we cannot guarantee a full 12 hour presale! Show up early and you'll be just fine!

  • freezer boy

    #6 & #8 ok

  • Tyler Williams

    Hot redhead…in HD? Chive you magnificent bastards, good on ya mates

  • MM3 Mighty Joe

    Alright, nuts to the shirt, I want the redhead!

  • @Allanations

    #8 convinced me to by the St. Patty's KCCO

  • DarthLoki

    I think I'm in love with…well…ALL of them!

  • Gaker

    #4 One of the best bars in vegas

  • chad

    This is my new favorite post. I love redheads

  • cjay

    #4 #14 FTW. Very … Very nice.

  • ElKyleVancouver

    #15 So happy you exist !

  • MattKL

    #6 #7 Damn hot, sirs, damn hot!

  • @SoCalChiver

    #3 #4 #12 absolutely nailed it!

  • guest guest guest

    The chick in pictures 6-11 went to amherst with me. She's not hot. Kinda bitchy. Nasal annoying voice

  • Will

    #11 more of this babe! In the same amount of clothing and in focus!

  • craig

    #12 I think I just found my future wife.

  • @iAmJakePowell

    Have mine from last year. Still want to try and get one this year. How do you make me lose all my money Chive? HOWWWW!?!?!?

  • Nick Sumpter

    She is a little slice of heaven!!!

  • Hoot15

    #9 wow there all some amazing pictures very pretty!!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    #6 #7 Alright, I'll say it, not an Irish KCCO. She looks like that one Nevada Chivette that has been killing it recently.

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