$3.9 million, 750hp and a bonafide crazy design: Lamborghini Veneno (22 Photos)

  • adonisallan

    Too bad it doesn't come in yellow.

    Apparently they will only make 3. One each for White, Red, Green.

    What will they do with this model? Repaint it?

    Video is here: http://youtu.be/3tYrd4tPVXs

  • Tiber_Septim

    looks like another batmobile

    • https://www.facebook.com/wrnopper Bill Nopper

      …or a recycled Countach. #21 was a good one however!

    • lolwut

      more like optimus primes' sperm.

  • Horus

    I feel like I can grate cheese really fast on that thing.

  • medicmoe

    But will it blend?

  • Gobbby

    #22 It looks awesome, it really looks amazing but Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are going to buy one so fuck that bitch.

    • mime

      no chance, sold out

      • Anomanom

        They may have already bought one.

        • Gary

          If they only make three Lambo will invite potential purchasers, and Chris Brown and Bieber will certainly not be one of them

  • khalid


  • Bruce

    Does it come in black? I need it to go spelunking…

  • Aaron

    I love Lamborghinis but meh… bit wanky

  • Derek

    Would take the chick over the car….interior is nice but the exterior is just too much

    • joe

      ur a gay.

      • _DoC_

        Got bad news for you bro

    • lolwut

      Oh Derek.. Owning that car would bring many chicks as opposed to one.

  • Doug

    Isn't that Megatron's dick?

    • savagecabbage

      congrats on comment of the day

      • zackgonick


  • Dexter

    It's a Cylon interceptor on which Lambo put some wheels ….so no big deal . If it can fly, it can be driven on a road .One question remains …Where are the guns ? the lasers ? let's put some missile on it please .
    A beer fountain is also missing.

  • Fuck N Right

    that is ugly as hell!

  • Mikerhinos

    Nice, except for the wheels…wth were they thinking ?

    • Da wheels

      They're called tron-tons. To support the evil villain from video game. Check your facts before you just "don't like wheels" it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/sklinkmueller Stephan Klinkmüller

    It's sold out. Thats mad.

  • McBaconator

    I'd still rather have a "Spaceballs The Flamethrower."

    • http://facebook.com/kccohockey kcco hockey

      Its a real hit with the kids!

  • randy marsh

    most of you sound like idiots; this car is downright sexy. automotive marvel.

  • Meeemeeee

    Another super car to rot in the Dubia sun …

  • betamaxbandit

    Edges! We need more edges!!

  • AlanCartoon

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  • therealguy

    $3.9 million dollars worth of F.U.G.L.Y.

  • Fariq

    New Batmobile for the next Batman movie. Bam.

    • ashton

      first thing i thought

  • casperlicious

    Rosanne Barr FUGLY!

  • le' bla!

    the only place where i can drive that is when someone makes a mod of it on GTA IV

  • peaches and cream

    HQ photos?

  • thesauceboss

    #21 – so ok, is the chick not a big deal?

    • Dizzle

      Who is she?

      • _DoC_

        Jennie June

    • _DoC_

      I was so relieved to hit the bottom and find her. My eyes were starting to bleed from the car. Here is moar of her http://therapup.net/2010/12/eye-candy-jennie-june

      • david

        thanks bud

    • SOhioChiver

      I knew (hoped) there would be some hot girl in there somewhere! #21

    • Red dead remption

      Her hair is gross. Her skin looks like bad cream cheese. I see hundreds of girls weekly that look better than this. She just needs to dive head first into a tackle box and complete the punk look. Firecrotch r.i.p.

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