$3.9 million, 750hp and a bonafide crazy design: Lamborghini Veneno (22 Photos)

  • Jimmy Jam

    Somewhere underneath is a beautiful Aventador….

  • David

    I busted a nut in my shorts while looking at this!

  • Anomanom

    For 3.9 million, i'm pretty sure you could actually just buy a larger penis.

  • boylightning

    Talk about the car being stopped by speed bumps!

  • https://www.facebook.com/Eder.Paz Eder Paz

    Just reminds me of how poor I am….

  • zackgonick

    I'd also like to give a big shout out to the Ferrari LaFerrari (yeah – hopefully they change the name)… a 950 HP hybrid monster!

  • Try2k

    Let's take a shit load of resources, some of the smartest engineers and a butt load of money and build something that benefits 3 people. This is what's wrong with the world. How bout a cure for Cancer. Maybe new energy options. Nope, let's just be super assholes. FUCK THE WORLD!!!

  • Martin

    I'm sorry but is just ugly as sin… it has no style what so ever… looks like a stealth bomber
    the aventador or gallardo had style and drama … this thing should be in some japanese anime.

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