• Schmieman

    Wow… – 1 for humanity.


      More people than I would have guessed tried to help. I don't feel as bad as I thought I would for humanity.

    • Skermitt

      Man… if this had happened to someone who was concealed carrying a firearm that could have ended very badly for someone.

    • KeepinCalm

      Looks like a viral advertising attempt by Hollywood for the movie "dead man down". I wouldn't be shocked if they were ALL actors.

      If it was real…

      There are many 2nd amendment fans who would have gladly "eliminated the threat" making it a risky experiment. Hat's off to the lady with the flowers and the fat guy who took the pic should trade places with the guy getting strangled.

    • Miller0700

      How? Most of them are scared and confused at the situation as they should. And you even see some people coming to his aid as well.

  • marie

    The chick beating the guy with her flowers is m,y hero!

    I would fight for that guys life! So sad no one else did really….. 😦

    People suck. The guy who took pics needs his balls dipped in hot grease… idiot

    • Anon

      I'm shocked that not one of the younger guys kicked or hit that guy in the head. If I determined that he didn't have a gun/knife handy I'd probably go for a kick to the head. I can understand their reactions though as they don't know whats happening but yah.. that guy was risking a good beating.

      • 2Dogs

        Totally…Can anyone say "Field Goal "?

    • golfn9

      Yep, that was a super douche, total lack of a sac, get one buddy- don't just watch your fellow man get killed. Sad. Real sad.

    • OmahaDude

      Undoubtedly in Europe. If they did that experiment here, specifically in the Midwest, you risk getting shot by someone carrying concealed.

    • j-z

      you say that now but you have no idea what you would actually do if you were in that situation.

      and also dipping his balls in hot grease is to good for that dip shit, he deserves to be strangled with his own intestines

  • pufffdragon

    Got no time to help but wait.. let me take a pic and a video so I can post it on facebook.

  • alf

    They're lucky that one lady didn't let her dogs go.

  • Ismar Mujkanovic

    I feel like I should be shocked that most people didnt do anything but I'm really not.. Which is depressing. Btw I leave for Air Force basic training tomorrow. Wish me luck, ill definitely miss the Chive.

    • SATXChiver

      Good Luck! Enjoy your time in basic and SATX. The Chive will still be here when you are done.

    • Dapper_Dave

      Just think off all the Hump Days, FLBP, and Gap Mondays you'll get to catch up on when you get out. It will be like Christmas!

      Good luck and God bless.

    • Soniko Errol

      best of luck!

    • ilm

      Good luck! thank you for your service

    • the_mike

      Good luck!! KCCO!!

    • IKIR

      Good luck and thank you for your service

  • Jake

    Concealed carry? or call the cops so the can arrive after the crime is over.

    • Bob25

      With thousands getting their CHL every week, doing shit like this is a little risky. Of course you don't shoot right away for this exact reason. Hoax, undercover cop, mob hit (he had it commin)… Just yell stop I'll take you down and they will stop, admit to the prank, say I'm a cop, etc.
      If they keep going , boot to the head if you have the opportunity then back the fuck up and cover yourself!

      • techno_viking

        You play too many video games…

    • Richie Rich

      Exactly. You do that and i see it you will have my gun pointed at your dome and potentially dead if you dont stop.

  • SATXChiver

    I'm interested to know if this was filmed in a State that allows for a CHL (Concealed Handgun License.)

    • @xipher

      The accents sounded Aussie.

    • Naggert

      The elderly black guy is clearly American. Sounds a lot like Samuel L. Jackson

      • Child Please

        Well that escalated quickly

  • Horus

    Bystander effect for a lot of people especially the last guy who probably thought if he posted it on FB someone would tweet the police.

    Honestly I'd be shocked at first then probably rage on the assailant then drag the guy out. Props to the girl with the shopping bag knocking at him. She has balls.

    • Sean W

      I don't think you understand how the bystander effect works.

  • Paradox

    filmed at a liberal bastion for sure.

  • Chicago Sean

    Take a fire extinguisher to the attacker. But don't hit him with it. No. Shoot its contents at him. Yeah, this will cool him off from killing. He'll calm down now for sure.

    • Child Please

      Hey man, it's a distraction haha. At least he wasn't taking a picture

    • Sean W

      Well, technically it could work because enough of the CO2 released into that small space would cause them to suffocate and pass out.

  • yermon

    For HIPSTER – Post Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, msn , google chat n Skype all frds n fams, then take 300 pics n 300 more with himself in the pic, and wait til the guy dies then post facebook n do all that again.

    For me – Kick that shit head right in the face.

    • hara

      Yep… first thing I thought was a boot to the nose. Two steps and bam.

  • RobTalk

    Neat! :snapshot:

  • Christopher P. Eeann Blackwell

    i feel like this experiment would go horribly wrong in states like PA. Someone would end up being shot.

  • AnItalianChiver

    The last dude is a huge life mistake..

    • Dhary Hamed

      I want the picture you have in your profile, now! 🙂

  • Nbree

    I've run into a situation before (not a murder, of course, but an attack) and it truly surprises me that people's most base instincts are *not* to help. I am horribly surprised at the people that literally just stood there. Wth?

  • HiddenLevel

    It's an interesting sociological experiment, that's for sure. And after watching it, we can all become Captain Hindsight as to what we would do.

    I think everyones reaction is probably linked to their general Fight/Flight response. And that's how they would react in most unpredictable situations like the one they encountered

    I think it's a valid point how the outcome may be diff in a conceal/carry state though.

    • Euroranger

      I had the same thought watching this. I carry fairly regularly (and if I'm in the city, it's automatic) and all I know is that while these guys thought they'd make an edgy and provocative video, they're damned lucky they didn't end up shot to death for their troubles.

      The video would have been much more entertaining (and perhaps more educational) had one of those people encountering them been armed. We could have watched how quickly a dude could fill up his drawers.

    • fact checker

      So here is what I was thinking: Oh look guy getting murdered, let me whip out my phone. Look he doesn't seem to care… is this real? If he was really murdering someone wouldn't he try to take my phone or something… hmmmm maybe this is one of those stupid elevator things where they try to scare people… FALCON PUNCH

      • kidn

        want to know how i can tell that you've never been in a stressful situation?

        also, why would he stop choking a guy (who would then start trying to kill him) just to grab your phone? it'd make no sense for him to do so.

    • kidn

      agreed. i hope i'd have the resolve to step in.. i believe i would, but there's no way to know for sure until i'm in a such a situation.

      it's easy to convince yourself that you're tough shit when you're sitting at your computer.

  • Arod529

    These idiots are lucky… If that happened in front of me, the attacker would be dead… I would have shot him… all for some dumb ass prank… of course most people wouldn't bother to help, all the more reason to hate people…

    • dunk7

      Were you the guy with the cell phone at the end?

    • CaptainInsano

      Shoot first, ask questions later… and people wonder why there is gun legislation…

      • tim

        There's gun legislation because the government wants to disarm its citizens and thus secure its rule indefinitely. That's completely different than the issue at hand here: someone else is in the act of murdering another person. In a free state, law-abiding citizens would be allowed to shoot until the attacker ceases aggressive action. I know the idea of a citizen defending themselves scares the liberals, but the victim here doesn't have time for the police to arrive. Feel free to move to the ultra-safe anti-gun country of your choice if you don't like it.

    • Tom Bombadil

      You Yanks and your damn guns. Hopeless.

    • Miller0700

      A warning shot would've been sufficient.

      "of course most people wouldn't bother to help, all the more reason to hate people"

      You don't know that for sure, so stop taking it out on us for some imaginary scenario in your head.

  • Mats Paasche

    I don't know, that's got to be fake right? I mean what happens if a big guy comes across them and kicks the attackers head in before anyone has time to stop him?

    • hara

      Wondered the same thing. EXACTLY the same thing. Two steps and POW.

  • Chris Longo

    The number of people who saw and did nothing or just walked away…

    Kind of kills my faith in society and people in general.

    Still, the old man trying his best kind of helps negate a bit of that.

    Aaaaand now I can't sleep.

  • Nobody

    Why be surprised at all? Nothing to do with humanity. Everything to do with training.

    It's not the peoples fault for behaving this way. Don't forget that 'Bravery' is shunned in society. To act
    out, or lash out physically ( in any way ) regardless of situation is met with dire consequences.

    Sure… Some of us would help, but most of us will not. It's our training; growing up under
    extreme passive regimes.

    Only Security or Law Enforcement professionals can respond properly, but even then "society"
    questions, and often prosecutes them for such a "violent" response which is often touted as physical abuse.

    • Euroranger

      Why does your post look like it was copypasta from somewhere else?

      • Miller0700

        If you were not going to reply to his post constructively, why reply at all?

  • anervusguy

    I carry, the event would stop pretty quickly when my laser site landed between the assailants eyes. This, like the little girl in the elevator, is a really bad idea and a great way for someone to get seriously hurt.

  • Hrdwood

    Thank Obama for not putting plain clothes marshals in every elevator…

  • Justin

    Did we just get tricked into watching another movie advertisement disguised as a prank?

  • 2Dogs

    1. Who has a weapon? (guy with cord)
    2.Kick said cord guy so hard in the face you kill his whole family.
    3.Call Cops
    4.Ask questions, take pics
    5.Simples *shisshtk*

    • David

      "2.Kick said cord guy so hard in the face you kill his whole family. "


      My first thought was to kick him in the face (just to get his attention) and then show him the working end of the pistol I have a CHL for!

  • 2Dogs

    Why Shoot the guy instantly..if your packing…? I am sure one or two shots in an Elevator at the roof would let the attacker know the son of Odin has arrived

    • concealed carry

      Yeah, just discharge your weapon in the air… that couldn't go wrong. You never pull your weapon unless you intend to use lethal force. What if this were real and the warning shots gave the attacker time to turn on you and take your weapon?

      • CptnObvious

        A gun can be used to exert your power over the attacker just by pointing it at him. You don't have to shoot him to do that. He has a rope, you have a gun, you really think you won't be charged and convicted of murder if you shoot him?

        • CCW

          If he refuses to stop trying to kill the victim then in my state yes you do have the right to use whatever force necessary to stop him. The law reads that you must be in fear of your life or of another persons life to use deadly force so regardless of what object the attacker has, if they can kill you with it, and you believe they are going to kill you or someone else you can shoot them as long as they are continuing the attack. Firing warning shots in the air is the stupidest thing you can do, especially in a occupied building, you've just put everyone including yourself in danger of a ricochet and you just wasted ammunition that you may need to ward off the attacker. People don't suddenly fall down and die after a single shot like in the movies, especially if their hyped up on drugs.

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