An unbelievable Zoe update (6 HQ Photos)

Last year I was introduced to a fragile little girl with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (aka Brittle Bone Disorder) named Zoe Lush. Her fragile frame was contorted from the constant fracturing of her bones.

Given the severity of her condition, it seemed unlikely Zoe would ever leave the surly bonds of her wheelchair and walk. Even still, through all the fractures and pain, Zoe never stopped smiling. Zoe's spirit, it seems, is unbreakable.

Then theCHIVERS and Chive Charities gathered together to raise $100,000 for Zoe in a few hours flat. Suddenly, Zoe seemed destined for a better life. And the road to something better begins today.

At this very moment, Zoe is headed in for a rodding surgery on her right leg in Omaha, Nebraska. She's in the capable hands of one of the best Pediatric Orthopedic surgeons in the county. The telescoping rod will expand as her little bones grow and reinforce her delicate frame. What was once a dying glimmer of hope she would ever walk may become a reality. With with surgery, ankle foot orthotics for stability, and a little luck, Zoe may take her first steps this summer.

I'm told by the Lush family that so many people recognize Zoe now when she's out. No longer do people stare in disdain but rather with understanding and familiarity. In more ways than one, theCHIVERS have changed Zoe's life.

Soon what doctors believed would take a miracle, will become Zoe's first steps. On behalf of all of us in theCHIVE community, good luck today, Zoe!

Good luck today, Zoe.

UPDATE: Zoe has been is surgery for about 30 minutes. The rodding on her right lower leg is the only scheduled rodding today but Dr. Esposito is taking further X-Rays to see if other bones need adjustments while she’s under anesthesia.

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